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Gemstones to cure Insomnia

7 Gemstones for Insomnia

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Stress Relief






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Stops Nightmares


Smoky Quartz


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Rose Quartz



Gemstones to cure insomnia
Gemstones to cure insomnia

Detailed Answer

Insomnia is a sleep disorder which can affect up to 35% of all adults. Basically, insomnia is when you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up far too early in the morning. This disorder can result in feeling sleepy throughout the day, irritability, lack of energy and even depression, all of which can be very detrimental to your work and family life.

There are many possible causes for insomnia such as stress and anxiety, a bedroom that is too hot or too cold, overuse of drugs or alcohol, an uncomfortable bed, jet lag and unusual working hours. Physical ailments and pain can also lead to sleeplessness.

A new bed, a chat with your doctor or even an air conditioner may be the answer but many of us have turned to the world of crystals for help. So, which gemstones are the secret to a good night's sleep?


This gemstone is not always at the top of the list of gemstone to help you sleep but I feel it ticks all the boxes. In or out of the bedroom, scolecite is a great reliever of stress and anxiety - both major causes of insomnia. It is also an excellent meditation aid, a practice that, performed before bedtime, can set you up for a peaceful night.

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Scolecite is also a great influence on the Crown Chakra which in turn affects sleep. A blocked crown chakra will impact the circadian rhythm that regulates sleep and scolecite can re-align the crown chakra.

- Finally to the bedroom itself, scolecite will help you get a restful night of slumber, its calming and soothing energy permeating the room. This stone can also encourage lucid dreams which studies have shown lead to a decrease in insomnia, anxiety and depression.


Amethyst is probably the most popular gemstone used to aid sleep. Its calming properties relieve the mind of anxious thoughts allowing the relaxed consciousness to drift off to sleep. Amethyst is a very protective stone which removes negative energy and lets us feel safe and secure.

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Amethyst can actually be too powerful for some people so if you find you have a very restless night with this stone in the room you may have to slowly introduce it to your nightly regime or switch to an alternative crystal.

Amethyst is relatively easy to program which gives it an edge as a cure for insomnia. You can ask this crystal for specific help in getting you to sleep.


Howlite is a great help to those suffering from insomnia, especially those who find themselves lying awake with what seems to be a million thoughts running through their minds - howlite will calm an overactive mind.

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In addition to being a very relaxing stone, howlite is said to be very good at calming anger and resentment - this white stone can encourage patience and restraint.


Charoite is a lovely purple gemstone sourced in the desolate and icy mountains of Siberia. It reduces stress and worry and can regulate blood pressure and the pulse rate - all of which can stimulate good sleeping patterns.

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It is another gemstone that opens the Crown Chakra which helps with insomnia and it also is known to alleviate nightmares, too. It is one of the top gemstones recommended for the treatment of talking in your sleep and for those in the habit of sleep walking.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a protective gemstone like many of the darker toned crystals. It can help you let go of painful memories and bitter experiences which often plague our night times and keep us tossing and turning throughout the wee small hours.

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Again like many deeply colored gemstones, Smoky Quartz has grounding properties that will make you feel safe and balanced even during the most troubling of times - and this can only help get a tranquil night of sleep.

Bonus Gemstones - Citrine and Rose Quartz

There is no doubt that the most common psychological cause of insomnia is stress, anxiety and depression. Both citrine and rose quartz can help you deal with these issues whether they are affecting your sleep or not.

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The natural sunny disposition and optimistic outlook of citrine will help in the darkest times and the ability of rose quartz to restore trust and harmony in troubled relationships can only bring happiness.

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How to use gemstones for a good night's sleep

Once you have selected the gemstone that you feel is right for you it is time to put it to work.

First I would suggest a quick cleaning and recharging ritual for your new crystal. This can be as simple as running it under water - a tap or a stream is fine - or a night under the moonlight or an hour in the sun. An intention procedure can help too. Hold the gemstone in your hand and tell it what you need.

The easiest way for your gemstone to influence your sleep is to put one or two on the nightstand next to your bed or on a shelf on the headboard if you have one - not too many stones as this may be too powerful.

Or you can put one under your pillow although in the pillowcase may be better as it cannot escape and wander around the bed. This only works with small polished or tumbled stones - big pointy crystals can be a painful problem.

You can put the crystal or crystals under the bed, perhaps in a little bowl, right below where your head is.

Before bed time, a session of meditation with a gemstone on the mat next to you or in the palm of your hand will work wonders.

See our article on meditation gemstones here

If you have a stress filled day, keep a gemstone with you, either as an item of jewelry or in your pocket or purse so it can fill you with positivity and protection all day.

There you have it, gemstones to cure insomnia. Good night and sweet dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite!

  • First Published: December-16-2020
  • Last Updated: December-16-2020
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