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Gemstones for Monday

Gemstones for Monday
Monday Gemstones

We have all heard about the birthstones and many will be aware of gemstones linked to the zodiac but did you know there are gemstones for each day of the week as well?

If you know the day of the week you were born, this can provide a link to a special stone or you can wear a gemstone on a particular day for extra luck or confidence.

Ancient philosophers and astrologers from east to west and throughout time have linked the days to planets, gods and special festivals.

Across the world, Monday is linked to the moon – in English it goes back to the word Monandag meaning the Moon’s day. The Latin languages such as French, Spanish and Italian trace the day of the week to Luna meaning moon for lundi, lunes and lunedi respectively.

Here in Thailand it is Wan Chan – Day Moon and our offices happen to be in Chanthaburi – Moon City!

There is quite a mix of choices for gemstones for Monday depending on the source of your information but with a bit of research and a chat with local experts we feel we have come up with an excellent couple of stone.

For a personalized gemstone for your individual hour, day, zodiac and more, enter your specifics here

Monday – almost universally named after the Moon


Pearls have a history of being used as jewelry that stretches back at least 7500 years and are what we call organic gemstones as they are created by a biological rather than mineral process. In the case of pearls, they are formed by layers of nacre secretions within a mollusk shell – usually an oyster.

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Completely natural pearls are extremely rare so techniques have evolved to culture pearls allowing for bigger sizes, regular shapes and a consistent supply at more reasonable prices.

Pearls have been sought after and cherished all over the world for centuries and many legends or links to spiritual powers have grown around them. Wisdom, protection, good luck and wealth are just some of their strengths and they are said to represent sincerity, purity and loyalty.


Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans thought that this gemstone with an almost liquid-like shimmer, originated in the rays of the moon? When you see a perfectly cut moonstone with its celestial glow and an aura of color that hovers above its pearly surface you can understand why.

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The moonstone's association with the moon has lead it to be seen as possessing feminine powers such as intuition, creativity, nurture and unconditional love. They are said to have calming properties that reduce stress and anxiety.

It is also a gemstone of transformation and can be very useful to those going through any change or upheaval in their lifestyle. Bring one or two to the workplace to encourage communication, team work and dedication.

Did You Know?

Monday is the worst day of the week. Studies have shown that the average person in Britain does not smile until 11.15 on a Monday morning. I was born in England and I think smiling by 11.15 is doing well!

Take the day off. Statistics show that Monday is the least rainy day of the week. Something to do with less pollution produced over the weekend.

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