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By Jan 18, 2021 Updated Jan 18, 2021

Gemstones for Thursday

Gemstones for Thursday
Thursday Gemstones

The birthstones assigned to each month of the year have proved very popular when buying gemstones but did you know there are gemstones for each day of the week as well?

Receiving a gemstone that has a link to day and month that is special to you makes that gift all the more personalized and thoughtful.

Ancient philosophers and astrologers from east to west and throughout time have linked the days of the week to the planets of our solar system, the sun or the moon or to various gods and goddesses worshipped over the millennia.

Gemstones were also connected to the planets and the deities and with so many sources from every corner of the world it is not surprising that there are many gemstones to choose from.

In English speaking countries the word Thursday comes from the Norse god of thunder, Thor. Latin based countries named the day after the Roman god Jupiter. We have shortened this list to two gemstones we feel epitomize Thursday perfectly.

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Thursday - Norse God Thor/Roman God Jupiter/Planet Jupiter


Carnelian is a translucent to opaque orange form of chalcedony quartz although the colors can range from brown to red. It has a history going back thousands of years and an association with kings and rulers through its use as a royal seal.

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It is often found in ancient burial chambers as it was thought to protect the dead as they journeyed into the afterlife. Even now they can be of great comfort to those who have recently lost a loved one.

Carnelian is an energizing gemstone that can bring enthusiasm, positivity and creativity to any upcoming projects and will go a long way in helping you realize your dreams and ambitions.


The world's best loved colored gemstone is the blue sapphire, and this gemstone is also available in several other gorgeous colors, yellow, orange, green and pink. The only color you cannot find is a deep red then it is a ruby!

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Sapphires have always been associated with royalty, from the maharajahs and princes of India to the modern day Princesses, Diana and Kate.

Its virtues seem almost endless – wisdom, hope, faith, protection, abundance, fidelity and focus – and that does not include its many physical health benefits.

The sapphire is one of the world's rarest natural objects, formed by millions of years of heat and pressure then faceted by man into a work of art. It is the most expensive blue gemstone (not counting the almost priceless and ridiculously rare blue diamond) and coveted by the rich and royal for millennia for its outstanding hardness, luster and color.

Did You Know?

Here in Thailand, Thursday is considered teaching or learning day. Your first day at school should be a Thursday, graduation day is always Thursday and every year the first Thursday in June is Teacher's Day.

National elections in the UK always take place on Thursdays

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