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Gemstones to boost Intuition

Gemstones to boost Intuition
Gems to boost Intuition

We all have it, a sixth sense, gut feeling, a hunch, basic instincts, call it what you will but intuition can be a major influence in our lives.

This innate knowledge is vitally important to our well-being and has been honed over thousands of years of evolution. Those same instincts that warned us of imminent danger from an approaching tiger or hidden snake can now be felt when taking an unfamiliar route home or going on a date with someone you have just met.

We use our intuition in many ways from accepting a job offer, buying a house, getting married to the more mundane, what to have for lunch or which movie to see.

However, our inner voice can be affected and drowned out by our surroundings and feelings. Anger, depression, blocked chakras, negative thoughts, tiredness, lack of confidence, energy zombies and stress are just a few factors that can inhibit your intuition.

What can we do to boost our sub-conscious early warning system? Trust your instincts, get plenty of rest and relaxation, meditate, take notice of your surroundings, pay attention to your dreams and nurture relationships.

The spiritual help of gemstones will maximize some or all of these elements.

After a bit of investigation, we have come up with six perfect crystals to strengthen your intuition.

Let's start with an old favorite.


I have written many articles about the health benefits of gemstones over the years and I am constantly struck by just how often Amethyst comes up for use in countless spiritual ways - it really is a master healer.

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Enhancing intuition is no different. Your dreams are a natural source of intuition and analyzing them can reveal hidden truths. Amethyst promotes lucid dreams and will help you recall them the following day. What happens in the dreams, which characters appear, what emotions are felt in the dream, interpreting all these aspects can boost your intuition.

Amethyst is also excellent for meditation, for calming stress, spiritual protection and psychic abilities - all of which will aid intuition.


A powerful rival to amethyst is Iolite - the so-called 'intuition stone'. This crystal stimulates visions and perception as well as communication with your inner wisdom.

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Iolite is connected to the Third Eye Chakra which in turn influences intuition. When this chakra is open or balanced, it will help you to make good decisions with deep-seated self-confidence.

Iolite is also excellent for stress relief, meditation and communication.


Labradorite is another all-round crystal for intuition. It is a well-known aid to all mental and psychological abilities helping to access the knowledge of your inner wisdom. Labradorite supports your psychic pathways - the internal communication routes to intuition.

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In addition, labradorite eases depression, relieves anxiety and stress, helps meditation, and boosts positivity, confidence and creativity - well known factors for smoothing the flow of intuition.


Negative emotions such as anger, depression and pessimism can inhibit your intuition and often lead to poor decision making. Research has found that people make better intuitive choices when they are in a positive state of mind compared to a negative state of mind.

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Citrine is a crystal of joy, happiness and enthusiasm filling you with the energy of the sun. Its nicknames include 'happy stone', 'success stone' and 'merchant's stone' so you know it will bring nothing but positivity to your life, laying the ground for your intuition to blossom.


Intuition may be a gut-feeling but your life experience will play a part in all your decisions. You may not remember everything that has happened in your life but this does not mean that your sub-conscious has not filed away that information for future use.

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Hematite is a 'stone of the mind' and as such will expand mental awareness, stimulate concentration and enhance memory retention. This gemstone can prevent absent-mindedness and organize your thoughts, freeing the mind to focus on intuition.

Black Tourmaline

Being surrounded by people who drain your energy and crush your dreams and ambitions are not only toxic but can seriously impact your intuitive abilities - leading you to make bad life style choices. Eliminate these energy vampires from your life and encourage positive people into your circle.

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Black tourmaline is the top protective crystal. It is the most powerful gemstone for defense against negative energy of all kinds banishing negative energy and negative souls from your aura. This protective shield will allow your intuition the freedom to do its work.

We feel these six gemstones will offer a general support of your own natural intuitive skills and abilities.

What is the best way to use gemstones for intuition?

The most obvious way is to wear these gemstones as jewelry, that way they will be with you throughout the day without having to think about them. Alternatively you can keep some loose gemstones in your pocket of in a bag to carry with you.

The gemstones can be placed by the bed to help with lucid dreams and placed on the floor beside you or in your hands while practicing meditation.

Further investigation can reveal even more specialized help. Information about crystals for the 6th or Third Eye Chakra which deals with intuition, gemstones that assist meditation and gemstones for a good night's sleep can all be found in the following articles.

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Black Tourmaline


  • First Published: January-20-2021
  • Last Updated: January-20-2021
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