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Gemstones for Manifestation

9 Powerful Gemstones for Manifesting your Desires

Gemstone Power Color




Green Aventurine






Rose Quartz



Black Tourmaline






Tiger's Eye


Honey Brown


New Beginnings

Yellow / Pink / Cream


All Powerful

Black / Gold

Gemstones for Manifestation
Gemstones for Manifestation

Manifestation Gemstones - Detailed Guide

First of all, what is 'manifestation'?

There are many definitions in the dictionary but for our purposes it simply means turning all of your ambitions and dreams into reality. The word has origins in the religious and spiritual world as in the past any spirit or deity that became real was a manifestation.

Your ambition could be anything from visiting Paris to getting a promotion, writing a novel or buying a home, finding true love or the determination to change your lifestyle.

These ambitions can be broken down into categories such as travel, love, creativity, wealth and so on. Certain crystals are known to be particularly helpful in specific situations so we have come up with a list of ideal gemstones to help you accomplish your goals.

Citrine - Wealth

Citrine is the 'Merchant's Stone' and has been used as an amulet by shopkeepers and traders for centuries – they were often kept in the cash drawer for good luck. This gemstone will help you gain financial independence in running your own successful business or enterprise. As a bonus, citrine is also known as a gemstone of optimism and hope.

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Green Aventurine - Wealth

Green Aventurine is another gemstone for wealth but this one is more of a 'lucky stone' that inspires hard work and industry. It is often thought of as the gambler's best friend and is called the 'Stone of Opportunity'.

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See our detailed article on Gemstones for Wealth here

Carnelian - Creativity

If your ambition lies in the creative field – acting, singing, the arts, writing, advertizing and so on, then carnelian is the gemstone for you. Its nicknames include the 'Stone of Creativity' and 'Motivation' so you know you are in good hands.

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See our detailed article on Gemstones for Creative Professions here

Rose Quartz - Love

If your dreams have anything to do with love, whether it is romantic or self love, for finding a new partner or confirming a steady relationship then Rose Quartz is the one for you. The 'Stone of Unconditional Love' has no equal in matters of the heart.

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Black Tourmaline - Protection

In order to achieve your goals you need to feel safe and secure and that is where Black Tourmaline can help. It is a grounding gemstone that will protect you from negative energy and give you a solid base from which you can reach new heights.

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Before you can aim for your objectives you need the imagination to picture what you want from life. If you can create your desires in your mind you are one step closer to making them happen in reality. Iolite is the gemstone to stimulate your imagination and it can rid you of any fears of the unknown.

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Tiger's Eye

Whatever your ambition may be, you need the self-confidence to go out and get it. With this in mind, Tiger's Eye is a perfect manifestation gemstone. It will give you all the will-power, courage and the focus that is required. It is a gemstone for taking action and making decisions.

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Moonstone is the 'Stone of New Beginnings'. It will help you embrace the challenges of a new start in life, filled with hope and positive energy. This gemstone comes to life at night time, enhancing your dreams and imaginings.

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Our final gemstone is one that does it all! The 'Stone of Manifestation', Obsidian, is protective and repels bad energy. It cleanses you of negativity and pessimism so that nothing can stand in the way of your spiritual and individual growth. Ancient people used obsidian as a sharp cutting tool and, symbolically, it can be used to cut through all the obstacles in the way of your dreams coming true.

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Okay, now that we have one in mind, how do we use gemstones for manifesting our deepest desires?

  • First cleanse the gemstone. Simply put the stone under running water - either the faucet or better still a waterfall or spring.
  • Charge your crystal with a night out under the full moon or an hour or two in the sunlight.
  • Give your gemstone an intention. Hold your crystal and tell it clearly and simply what you want.
  • Wear your gemstone as jewelry or keep it in your pocket or purse throughout the day.

Human beings like to have goals to achieve, it gives us purpose in life and stops us getting bored. And when I say goals, I mean goals, more than just one. Make a list of what you would like to do over the next few years and make a list. Positive thoughts, visualization and yes, gemstones can all play their part in attaining your ambitions.

In a few years check your list to see how you have done – lets us know how you got on, we would love to hear about them.

  • First Published: December-17-2020
  • Last Updated: December-25-2020
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