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By Jan 20, 2021 Updated Jan 20, 2021

Gemstones to Relieve Stress

Gemstones to Relieve Stress
Stress Relieving Gemstones

Stress is a major problem for much of the world. Its symptoms include depression, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, lack of enthusiasm, irritability and an increased addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and illicit drugs.

The emotional and physical issues caused by stress are not limited to high powered businessmen. Teenagers suffering from pressure to do well at school, meet superficial standards of appearance and fashions, relationships and hormonal changes also experience stress.

Mums and Dads, worried that they do not possess all the right parenting skills, people who are unemployed, single parents, isolated senior citizens, anyone watching the news - no one is immune from the possibility of experiencing stress at one time in their lives.

There is a massive and profitable pharmaceutical industry based on the treatment of stress with drugs such as Prozac and Zoloft but many of us would prefer a more natural and holistic approach.

Music, herbs, breathing exercises, time outdoors, meditation, yoga, writing down your worries on paper, riding a bike, going fishing are just some of the activities people rely on to alleviate feelings of stress.

In addition, many of us are turning to the spiritual power of crystals for comfort. While we do say a medical professional is the first port of call if you ever feel stressed to the point where you are mentally or physically unwell, we have come up with the ideal gemstones for stress relief.

What is the best way to use gemstones for stress relief?

The simplest way for gemstones to influence you throughout the day is to simply wear some as jewelry - most crystals are beautiful objects as well as being spiritually powerful. Or you can just carry them in your pocket or purse - you can use them as touchstones whenever you sense the first inklings of stress.

Meditate or practice breathing techniques with a gemstone in your hand, do some yoga with one or two on the mat beside you. Put a gemstone on the bedside table so it can work while you sleep. Create a gemstone cluster in your living area or work place. Make some gemstone elixir for a soothing and calming spray of mist.

Now, to the gemstones themselves.

Clear Quartz

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Let's start with 'The Master Healer', Clear Quartz. This gemstone is probably the most powerful of all healing crystals and can be used to tackle any issue and works marvelously with other gemstones, too. Clear Quartz will bring peace to the most turbulent mind, calming distress and tension and bring mental clarity when you most need it.

Blue Agate

Sometimes talking about your problems and worries is all that is needed to get on the road to recovery from stress. Blue Agate is the perfect gemstone for communication, letting you express your feelings to those around you. The soothing blue color also brings calmness and releases tension.

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While Moonstone can work for everyone, these lovely gemstones are especially connected to divine feminine energy making them perfect for helping busy stressed out mums.

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Not just dealing with the day to day strains of raising children in this modern world - preparing healthy meals, making sure homework is done, monitoring social media use, driving to school and so on - but also for fertility issues, pregnancy concerns and fear of childbirth.


Amethyst is probably the best known gemstone for dealing with stress. It is known as a calming and soothing crystal that helps with getting a good night's sleep and combating negative energy. Its positive purple power will keep you going throughout the most stressful times.

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A dictionary will define the opposite of stress as happiness, confidence, peace, comfort, all of which are represented by the sunny yellow Citrine gemstone. With such nicknames as 'The success stone, 'the lucky merchant's stone' and 'the happy stone', we can see how this crystal can work to relieve all forms of stress and anxiety.

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Sodalite is 'the stone of peace'. It brings emotional balance and self-confidence while also calming any anxieties. It can help relax the mind and encourage levelheaded and reasonable thought processes leading to sensible and logical decisions.

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Particularly useful for those prone to panic attacks - keep one nearby to use as a touchstone if you feel one coming on.


This cool green or blue gemstone can help clear the mind of negative stress, distractions and disorder. It boosts concentration and confidence while aiding in the release of any emotional trauma. Sometimes called 'the Genius Stone', fluorite can help with all forms of learning and decision making as well as improving creativity.

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Fluorite is a great stone for dealing with addictions of any type which can form as a result of long term stress.

Pink Tourmaline

An excellent gemstone for self-love. When we are feeling depressed of stressed out, it is easy to feel negative about yourself - Pink Tourmaline will help you love yourself once again. This nurturing crystal will bring balance and calm as well as help heal a traumatized heart.

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These lovely spring green gemstones were forged in the fiery depths below the earth's crust before being brought to the surface by volcanic activity.

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Peridot has been referred to as a gemstone of illumination which can be understood to mean bringing light when you are feeling at your darkest. In this way it can bring relief from stress and anxiety. It can also be said to shine a light on the causes of this stress and thus help you overcome them.

Peridot can also halt the pessimistic actions, words and influence of those around you that can bring you down. Shielding you from this negative energy will allow you to reach your full potential.

Quick Guide to Gemstones for Stress

Gemstone Attribute Color

Clear Quartz

Master Healer

Clear / White

Blue Agate




Feminine Energy

Yellow / Orange / Cream


Calming and Soothing

Purple / Violet


Brings Joy



Emotional Balance



Thought Process

Blue / Green

Pink Tourmaline






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