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Gemstones for Essential Workers

Gemstones for Essential Workers
Gemstones for Essential Workers

First responders and front line workers have been in the news more than usual in the last few years as they have led the way in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. This crisis has shown us just how important they are in our lives and how tough it would be without their help.

Traditional first responders such as police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, doctors and nurses have always had to deal with the stresses of danger and life-or-death situations but they have been joined by teachers, pharmacists, care workers, postal workers, bus drivers even checkout staff at the local supermarket in facing possible peril to keep society ticking over.

It takes a special kind of person to be able to cope with the pressures of this type of work and unfortunately workers exposed to these dangerous situations are more likely than most to develop depression, PTSD, alcohol and drug problems and anxiety.

If a friend, husband, wife, daughter, son, brother, mother and so on is one of these workers facing daily danger we can offer any support we can, a hug, an encouraging word, some quiet time and space, love and understanding.

The first port-of-call for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the enormous burdens faced by being a first responder or a front line worker must always be a medical professional but gemstone crystals can offer everyday reinforcement in a variety of ways.

We have put together a collection of gemstones that can be a gift to yourself or to a worker you feel could benefit from their presence.

Any of these gemstones can help in a variety of ways in dealing with the many issues faced as a frontline worker or first responder but I have also picked out each gemstone’s main attribute.


In high pressure situations, all first responders and frontline workers need to remain calm and in control when all around them may be panicking. To keep a cool head there is no better gemstone than Amethyst, well known for its ability in dealing with stress. As a bonus it can help people have a good night’s sleep too.

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In order to serve the population the best they possibly can, those on the frontline have to be physically fit. Bloodstone was the favorite gemstone of gladiators as they prepared to fight in the Roman coliseum so it should be powerful enough to get you through a gym session or a cardio workout! This deep green gemstone with flecks of red has a long earned reputation for encouraging courage, confidence and motivation.

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With the long hours, enormous stress, isolation from friends and family and physical fatigue, it is not surprising that many first responders and frontline workers suffer from burnout. Feeling exhausted and emotionally drained is quite typical. Red or orange carnelian will boost vitality and fire up your enthusiasm to tackle yet another day. 

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The relentless effort put in day after day by essential workers will inevitably take its toll. The need for an optimistic and positive outlook is vital and citrine is the ideal crystal. The golden yellow vitamin C for the soul has a positive, sunny energy that will get anyone through the darkest times, giving all the confidence and motivation needed to achieve their goals.

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Rose Quartz

Dealing with hurt, distressed, angry and sometimes belligerent people at all times of the day or night in not easy. Empathy and compassion are vital in these situations and rose quartz is the gemstone to help. The ‘Stone of Unconditional Love’ will enhance tolerance and understanding.

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In worst case scenarios, the stresses of work on the frontline can lead to depression and PTSD. Rhodochrosite can help to prevent things getting this bad. Light red or pink with creamy swirls, this gemstone will help to gently release pent-up pain and trauma while at the same time encouraging feelings of self-worth.

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While everything around is in a state of confusion and panic, critical workers have to keep their heads. Orders will have to be given efficiently and coherently, tasks delegated quickly and movement organized with the minimum fuss. Blue sodalite is the gemstone of communication, objectivity and logical decision making ensuring the process continues as smoothly as possible.

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Clear Quartz

Unfortunately, many in the first responder and frontline worker community turn to drugs or alcohol in order to deal with the stresses that they endure. Clear Quartz, sometimes called the ‘Master Healer’, can help in multiple ways. It can cut down stress and help resist the temptations of substance abuse as well as aid in the recovery for those with a history of drug and alcohol use. It can even help with milder addictions such as sugar, coffee and cigarettes - not to say these are not all dangerous!

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Tiger's Eye

This honey to brown colored gemstone's attributes include courage, self-confidence, creativity and grounding and will soon have you feeling ready to take on the world. Tiger's Eye is especially effective when facing important decisions, allowing you to approach them with a clear and perceptive mind and total conviction that you are making the right call - all ideal on the battlefront. 

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Black Tourmaline

Being in dangerous situations and surrounded by possibly harmful people and a damaging atmosphere is not good for your spiritual well-being. Black tourmaline is the go-to gemstone for protection from this. With a protective shield around you keeping negative energy at bay, you will feel vitalized and ready to tackle any challenges life may throw at you. This gemstone will not only act as a barrier to other people's negativity and destructive auras but will also help prevent your own doubts from creeping in.

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A gift of one of these gemstones either as a loose stone or as jewelry to a friend, relation or to yourself would be a wonderful gesture. The gemstone could be tucked away in a pocket or purse and the jewelry worn when appropriate to offer protection throughout the day.

Black Tourmaline, Tiger's Eye and Bloodstone can be made into some outstanding jewelry for men such as bracelets, pendants or rings. They have a masculine look and a toughness to withstand a few knocks and bumps.

Quick Guide to Gemstones for Essential Workers

Gemstone Best Attribute


Stress Relief


Physical Fitness




Optimism and Positivity

Rose Quartz

Empathy and Compassion


Prevents Depression



Clear Quartz

Resists Addictions

Tiger's Eye

Decision Making

Black Tourmaline

Protection from Negativity

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