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By Gavin Clarke Feb 22, 2021 Updated Feb 22, 2021

Gemstones for a Positive Outlook

Gemstones for Optimism
Gemstones for Optimism

'Choose to be optimistic - it feels better.' - The Dalai Lama

Optimism, a positive outlook, idealism, expectation, confidence, happiness, they are all birds of the same feather - a belief that good things are just over the horizon.

With what the world has been suffering over the past year, being optimistic has never been so important . . . or so difficult.

A little bit of encouragement and assistance from our friends in the crystal world would not go amiss so we have collected together a little list of the best gemstones for optimism.

How should you use your crystals to boost your optimism?

The first thing to do is cleanse your gemstone. Not ALL gemstones need cleansing but it cannot do any harm and it is not difficult. The easiest way to cleanse a gemstone is to place it under running water. A natural waterfall or a natural spring is best but a cool stream or even the tap at home will suffice.

You could give your gemstone a cleansing smudge by letting smoke from some burning sage pass over the stone (take care to not burn down the house) or rubbing the crystals between the palms of your hands.

Recharge the gemstone by letting it spend the night out under a full moon or buried in some loamy soil. Depending on the crystal (some can fade), an hour or two in the sunlight can also recharge the stone.

If you like, you can let your gemstone know exactly what you want from it by setting an intention. Hold the crystal in your hands and ask it for help in a specific way - 'please help me have a positive outlook' or 'let me feel confident about my future.' Say it out loud a number of times or in your head if you feel self-conscious.

After this you can wear your gemstone as jewelry, carry it in your pocket or purse, place it by the bed, put one in the bath (some gemstones can dissolve), make an elixir, meditate or place on Chakra points - the options are endless.

Okay, let's get to the gemstones, shall we?

Yellow gemstones are well known for their abilities to bring joy, optimism, vitality and the warmth of the sun so there is sure to be one or two yellow crystals in our list and let's start with the best of them all.


The 'light maker', vitamin C for the soul, the Merchant's Stone, the Success Stone, with nick names like this it will come as no surprise that Citrine is the first gemstone that comes to mind when needing one to boost optimism.

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Citrine's positive, sunny energy will get you through the darkest times turning dreams and ambitions into reality and giving you the confidence and motivation to achieve anything.

Tiger's Eye

This honey to brown colored gemstone counts courage, self-confidence, creativity and grounding amongst its many attributes and will soon have you feeling on top of the world.

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Tiger's Eye is especially effective when facing important decisions, allowing you to approach them with a clear and perceptive mind and total conviction that you are making the right call.


One look at a grass green Peridot gemstone and you will feel better about everything immediately. It brings happiness and joy, helps fight depression and anxiety and will encourage passion and enthusiasm in whatever undertaking you may have in mind.

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Keep one or two peridots in your work space to boost your self-esteem and motivation, reduce pressure and give you the energy needed to succeed.

Yellow Agate

This gemstone has all the benefits of Agate plus the positives that all yellow gemstones share. Yellow Agate is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra. If this chakra is blocked or out of alignment it can lead to low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.

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Yellow Agate can unblock the Solar Plexus Chakra, restoring confidence, positive self-image and optimism.


Pyrite is an all-action gemstone that will have you firing on all cylinders with confidence and a whole lot of optimism for the future.

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It is said to enhance self-confidence in men and help women overcome any feelings of inferiority. Both are caused by a sense of inadequacy which is soon dispelled by the presence of Pyrite.


Like the sun itself, Sunstone positively radiates happiness. Its energy shines on every aspect of your life increasing optimism and enthusiasm and will help you reach your maximum potential.

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Sunstone will enable you to say 'no' to needy people who can drain your energy and deprive you of the time to concentrate on yourself and your dreams.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is the go-to gemstone for protection. With a protective shield around you, keeping negative energy and pessimistic thoughts at bay, you will feel vitalized and ready to tackle any challenges life may throw at you.

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This gemstone will not only act as a barrier to other people's negativity but will also help prevent your own doubts from creeping in and undermining your full potential.

Lapis Lazuli

This gorgeous blue gemstone has been our constant companion for 1000s of year and is known as a stone of both Truth and Awareness.

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Shop Lapis Lazuli here

Lapis Lazuli allows us to be grateful what we do have and not be discontented about what we don't. Life may not be going according to plan but that does not mean it cannot be enjoyed.

Quick Guide to Gemstones for Optimism

Gemstone Color


Yellow / Orange

Tiger's Eye

Honey Brown



Yellow Agate



Gold Metallic



Black Tourmaline


Lapis Lazuli


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