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The Top Ten Most Spiritually Powerful Blue Gemstones

Spiritually Powerful Blue Gemstones
Spiritually Powerful Blue Gemstones

Blue gemstones are the biggest selling colored jewelry in the world with Sapphire, Topaz and Tanzanite regularly listed as best sellers. This is primarily because blue is the world’s favorite color but blue gemstones are coveted for their spiritual meaning and healing abilities too.

Blue gemstones as a whole have some similarities in looks and spiritual strengths - for example the color blue represents freedom, wisdom, understanding and loyalty and this is present in all blue stones. Plus, just seeing the color blue conjures up thoughts of promising clear skies or welcoming tropical seas and arouses feelings of calmness and serenity.

All blue gemstones can assert an influence on the Throat Chakra which deals with emotional aspects such as communication and creativity and physical issues like sore throats and thyroid problems.

However each individual blue gemstone species has its own crystal structure, mineral and chemical ingredients plus its distinctive vibration frequency so they have a wide range of different spiritual meanings and health benefits.

We have gathered together the top ten most influential blue gemstones for you. Join us as we explore each blue gemstone's special meaning and healing powers as we count down to the number one.

Let us know if you agree with our choices or not and we would love to hear about your experiences with spiritual blue gemstones.

No 10. Tanzanite

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Tanzanite would be much higher in the table but it is the 'new kid on the block' so has not built up the stature to equal our other choices yet. It is a newcomer to the world of colored gemstones as it was only discovered in the 1960s and introduced through Tiffany jewelers in the 1970s.

However its birth and formation are so otherworldly that it must take its place in the list of spiritually powerful gemstones. First, Tanzanite was created through the movements of the earth's plates that also created the sacred Mt. Kilimanjaro 3 million years ago. Then it was discovered after a bolt of lightning lit a fire on the nearby hillsides which caused the usually brown rocks to glow a stunning blue.

The local Maasai tribes people believe that tanzanite gemstones are a gift from the gods as the color blue has always been sacred to them. This gift from the fires has led to a tradition where tanzanite is given to a woman after the birth of a child to bring good fortune.

With its purple and violet flashes within the blue color range, tanzanite can actually influence three Chakra points – the Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Physical health wise, tanzanite is great for the immune system, arthritis, headaches and migraines, skin conditions, baldness and post-surgery recovery.

Tanzanite Gemstone Information

No 9. Chalcedony

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Chalcedony is the perfect stone to bring balance to all the energies of body, mind and spirit. It can restore feelings of kindness, generosity, friendliness and charity to even the most cynical of people. It is also a very protective gemstones that can absorb negative energies.

On a physical level, chalcedony strengthens stamina and endurance, boost vitality and can help fight dementia and senility. It is thought to be especially effective in improving the eyes, spleen, gall bladder, bones and blood circulation.

Chalcedony Gemstone Information

No 8. Kyanite

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It was once believed that a kyanite gemstone, suspended from a string made from human hair, could track the Earth's magnetic force just like the needle of a compass. They were taken on long journeys or in explorations of new and unmapped territories. This has evolved into them being linked symbolically with guidance through the mysteries and surprises of life.

Likewise it is an excellent gemstone for meditation where the mind can leave the body and travel to new planes of consciousness.

Like citrine quartz, kyanite is one of the few gemstones said to never accumulate or retain negative energies, so does not require regular cleansing.

Kyanite Gemstone Information

No 7. Sodalite

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Sodalite has been called 'the Poet's Stone' because it is thought to be especially helpful to writers – aiding creativity, imagination and preventing writer's block. This can expand into many of the other creative arts such as musicians, copywriters, bloggers, script writers and so on.

Athletes both professional and amateur can benefit from sodalite as it can improve stamina and endurance as well as bringing logic, optimism and calming energy to those less active

Physically, sodalite is supposed to be beneficial for the thyroid gland and helpful for insomnia, weight loss, calcium deficiencies and sinus problems.

Sodalite Gemstone Information

No 6. Blue Apatite

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Blue Apatite is the ideal stone if you are about to do a presentation or chair a meeting – it inspires creativity and enhances communication skills to the maximum. It is also a motivational and manifesting gemstone that will get you on the road to achieving your goals in no time.

Apatite is mostly composed of phosphate - the same mineral that makes up the teeth, bones, horns, tusks, antlers and hooves of animals around the world including us so this gemstone has become aligned with efforts towards animal conservation and humanitarian causes.

Physically, apatite is good for anything to do with bones and teeth - dental issues, arthritis, joints – as well as helping the immune system.

Apatite Meaning and Healing Powers

No 5. Blue Zircon

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Blue Zircon can help with a good night's sleep, keeping bad dreams at bay and bringing relaxed and calm feelings. Zircon is also known to help deal with feelings of loss through the death of a close relative or friend as well as the heartache of a broken relationship.

Zircon can also help build current connections or friendships especially with children that can come under pressure within the family unit. This blue gemstone is an excellent confidence builder and is very motivational too.

It has been recommended for centuries as a cure for ailments such as stomach pains, lung problems, heart issues and menstrual cramps. It can also be used to boost libido and fertility.

Zircon Gemstone Information

No 4. Aquamarine

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Aquamarine is the sailor's best friend. Ancient mariners thought that they were gifts from mermaids to ensure calm seas and safe journeys. Aquamarine gemstones were worn to prevent sea sickness and for protection from drowning.

This link to smooth oceans led to aquamarines being linked metaphorically with tranquil marriages and were traditionally given by husbands to wives at the beginning of a marriage to ensure a happy stress free life together.

Physically, aquamarine boosts the immune system, heals sore throats, prevents thyroid problems and relieves allergic reactions. It is especially beneficial in all matters to do with the throat, liver and stomach.

Aquamarine Meaning and Healing Powers

No 3. Blue Topaz

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Cool blue topaz is a soothing and relaxing gemstone which brings friendship and romance into the life of anyone who possesses one. It symbolizes wisdom, harmony and loyalty and is especially effective in mending broken relationships through truth, openness and forgiveness.

Blue topaz will also bring great fortune, abundance and good health by showing you the right paths to take in life and giving you the ability to spot a golden opportunity when it comes knocking.

For health, blue topaz, can benefit the digestive system, boost the metabolism, protect the nervous system and help fight eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

Topaz Meaning and Healing Powers

No 2. Lapis Lazuli

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Approximately 6000 years of spiritual history is difficult to ignore and that is at least how long Lapis Lazuli has been used in sacred rituals in such ancient cultures as Sumeria and Assyria. Lapis Lazuli adorned the burial chambers of the Egyptian Pharaohs, was carved into protective amulets by the Greeks and Romans and used as an aphrodisiac through the ancient world.

The powers of Lapis Lazuli have not dwindled in modern times. Communication through social media has inhibited many of us when it comes to meeting people face to face. Lapis Lazuli will give you the confidence and the courage to overcome uncertainty and insecurity and help you make new friends in the real world.

Lapis Lazuli also has powers in the physical environment. It will benefit the respiratory and nervous systems, lower blood pressure, help the thyroid, larynx, and throat, and lessen inflammation.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Information

No 1. Blue Sapphire

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Sapphire has to be our number one choice, the history, prestige, hardness and power found in this gemstone really has no rival. There are even some 'star' versions to consider to double – up on the intensity rating.

The traditional blue sapphire symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, truth, sincerity and loyalty in both religious matters and in personal relationships which explains why they make such popular engagement rings.

It has been known as The Stone of Wisdom for centuries and has been considered the most powerful of all gemstones by many ancient mystics, astrologers and scholars from several historical cultures.

Perhaps it is sapphires stunning looks and physical durability that is behind is connection to royalty and nobility as well as prosperity and abundance but there is no doubt that no gemstone has a finer reputation than a deep blue sapphire.

Over the centuries, sapphire has built a reputation for curing many ailments including diseases of the eye, headaches, nosebleeds, stomach problems, fever as well as insomnia, stress and depression.

Sapphire Meaning and Healing Powers

Other blue gemstones such as Fluorite, Larimar, and Iolite could have made our top ten but have just missed out.

So that is our top ten most spiritual blue gemstones but how are they best used to give most benefit?

The simplest way for gemstones to influence you is to simply wear some as jewelry - most blue gemstones are beautiful objects as well as being spiritually powerful. As a gemstone for the Throat Chakra, ideal jewelry items include pendants, necklaces and earrings as they will rest close by the Chakra point where they can be most influential.

Or you can just carry them in your pocket or purse - you can use them as touchstones whenever you sense the need for their influence. As they are almost always a soothing and stress relieving gemstone take them along to any situation where you may feel anxiety.

Meditate or practice breathing techniques with a blue gemstone in your hand, do some yoga with one or two on the mat beside you.

Put a gemstone on the bedside table so it can work while you sleep. Create a gemstone cluster in your living area or work place.

Make some gemstone elixir for a soothing and calming spray of mist.

Top 10 most spiritual blue gemstones

Gemstone Nickname


Stone of Wisdom

Lapis Lazuli

Stone of Manifestation


Stone of Communication


Sailor's Stone


Relationship Stone


Stone of Manifestation


Poet's Stone


Stone of Guidance


Stone of Emotional Balance


Gift of the Gods

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  • Last Updated: May-13-2021
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