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By Reviewed By Andreas Zabczyk May 11, 2016 Updated Jan 22, 2019

Gemstones, Jewelry and Crystals in Games

Colored Gemstone Matching Grid
Colored Gemstone Matching Grid

Gemstones have been prized for centuries in real life, so it is not surprising that they appear in virtual worlds too. There are various online games and apps featuring gems and jewels. In some, the gemstones are sought-after treasure to be collected; and in others, the gems are simply color matched in rows. Several games also feature jewels that allow players to acquire special skills. Other games have players destroy gems.

There are many gem matching games, such as "Jewels World", "Jewels Pro" and "Bejeweled". Most of these types of games require players to match three gemstones of various colors and shapes, and most challenge players to race against the clock. Those who achieve the highest scores or collect the most treasure can have their names proudly displayed on leaderboards. The advantage of games such as these is that people of any age and from any culture can easily understand and play. Also, such games can usually be played on any device. One disadvantage is that these games tend to be addictive.

Amethyst Crystals in a Treasure Chest
Amethyst Crystals in a Treasure Chest

One of the most popular social network games on iOS, Android and Facebook is "Dragon City", in which players breed dragons. One of the ways in which to summon dragons in the game is by building mines to get "crystals", which are topaz, sapphire, ruby, onyx, emerald and diamond. These all have levels of "purity" from "raw" to "perfect". Gems are also used as currency in this game. The reason why this game is so popular may be due to the whole world of building and dragon breeding within it. Once players begin to set themselves up, more aspects are added and it is easy to become absorbed in the game. This can lead players to lose track of time and spend increasingly long periods playing. Adventure games allow players to live in an exciting fantasy world where they are on a quest to find and collect jewels to complete each level. Examples of such games are "Gem Hunter", "Jewel Quest" and "Diamonds and Dragons". Another style is where the crystals have special powers, for example, in "Crystal Saga", the crystals emit energy and crystal materials are collected along with gold as currency used to develop and enhance the player's avatar and equipment.

Other games with gems and jewelry are aimed at little girls who love dressing up and experimenting with fashion. One such game is "Jewellery Show" which invites girls to dress the fashion editor ready for the show, from hairstyle and clothes to jewelry and accessories. Similar games are "Wedding Dress Up" and "Fashion School". A variation on this is where two players can race to finish a piece of jewelry in "Jewelry Design Race". These are dressing up games that do not require a boxful of costumes, only an Internet connection and a device.

Finally, there are a few educational games, through which it is possible to learn a little about gemstones or other topics. One of these is the "Know Your Jewels" quiz, which is a simple game requiring players to match each picture with the correct gemstone name. Another game is a gem matching game along with a word game known as "Spell Gems". A more unique gem matching game called "Biochem Gems" teaches players about the molecules that are vital to life on Earth. Such games are a must for any gamer who wishes to spend time wisely acquiring or improving their knowledge rather than points. After all, it is said that knowledge is power and time is money.

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