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By Aug 20, 2020 Updated Aug 20, 2020

The Best Gemstone Combinations

Gemstone Combinations
Gemstone Combinations

We all know that gemstones can help us spiritually and physically in a variety of ways but are there any crystal combinations that will work well together to increase their power?

The simple answer is, yes!

Generally all gemstones can work together with a very few exceptions. According to Jyotish or ancient Hindu astrology some gemstone should not be worn together depending on the person’s place and date of birth.
We go into more detail about Jyotish Astrology Gemstones in this article here.

Certain gemstones have opposite influences. For example Carnelian is very much a get-up-and-go motivational gemstone while Blue Agate is more of a calming and relaxing crystal. The gemstones will be confused by your intentions and could cancel out each other’s effectiveness.

There are a number of ways gemstones are connected and make great combinations.


Gemstones with a similar color can double up their power especially when addressing the Chakras.


Gemstones can be linked to the four elements, Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Gemstones sharing the same element work well together.

Crystal Structure

A bit scientific but all minerals have a certain crystal structure – cubic, hexagonal, triganol and so on – if they share the same structure they will make a good team.

Same Family

Many well known gemstones come from the same mineral family – amethyst, citrine, rose quartz are all types of quartz while emerald, morganite and aquamarine are all beryls.

Same Benefits

Gemstones have a variety of powers and benefits and it is best to find gemstones that have similar strengths rather than opposing forces.

As I mentioned before there are very few gemstones which cannot work together but we all react differently to their powers. Whichever gemstones speak to you will make a great combination but I have a few classic pairings you may want to try.

Before I get to the combinations, I want to make a quick mention of Clear or White Quartz. This colorless, clear or opaque crystal is sometimes called the Master Healer and can magnify the work of all other gemstones.

So our first union is White Quartz plus any other! No matter what you are seeking to gain from a gemstone, combining it with clear quartz will boosts its abilities.

White Quartz
White Quartz

Let’s get to our gemstone couples (I have kept it down to two gemstones for simplifications – you can combine three, four or more stones if you like).

Our Life Force Energy is exactly what it sounds like. Eastern cultures have called it Chi or Qi and Prana, it is part of the Chakra and Reiki philosophies and we could refer to it as ‘vitality’ – the joy of living healthily. The perfect gemstones for boosting our life force energy are the bright yellow Citrine which brings the spirit of the sun and the fresh green Aventurine which suggests nature, fertility and growth. Greenery flourishes under the rays of the sun.

Citrine Gemstones
Citrine Gemstones
Aventurine Gemstones
Aventurine Gemstones

Our next couple brings joy and happiness to our lives and who doesn’t need more of that? Let me present green Peridot and orange Spessartine Garnet. Just looking at these two brings a smile and their spiritual power is uplifting by themselves so together they are unbeatable.

Peridot Gemstones
Peridot Gemstones
Spessartine Garnet
Spessartine Garnet

Two gemstones to inspire all forms of love are next. Both are commonly used spiritual crystals, Rose Quartz, an obvious gemstone for love, and Pink Tourmaline, which will help find your perfect soul mate.

Rose Quartz Gemstones
Rose Quartz Gemstones
Pink Tourmaline Gemstones
Pink Tourmaline Gemstones

Stress and anxiety are bad enough by themselves but they also lead to physical ailments such as heart disease, a suppressed immune system and diabetes. Two great gemstones to help you deal with stress are Blue Agate and Lapis Lazuli – their shared blue color is a well known calming and soothing influence.

Blue Agate Gemstones
Blue Agate Gemstones
Lapis Lazuli Gemstones
Lapis Lazuli Gemstones

A big part of dealing with stress is a good night’s sleep and we have two gemstones almost guaranteed to have you snoozing in no time, Amethyst and Scolecite. The lovely amethyst is famous for its sleep inducing qualities while the milky white scolecite brings inner peace – between the two, the fight against insomnia will soon be won.

Amethyst Gemstones
Amethyst Gemstones
Scolecite Gemstones
Scolecite Gemstones

Two gemstones to motivate you to get up and go after your deep slumber are Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye. The golden-orange to crimson-red carnelian has been a crystal of motivation and endurance for centuries while the honeyed brown Tiger’s Eye brings even more courage and creativity to the mix.

Carnelian Gemstones
Carnelian Gemstones
Tiger's Eye Gemstones
Tiger's Eye Gemstones

There is no escaping the waves of radiation caused by the electronic equipment that has invaded our modern lives through smart phones, computers and wifi, but certain crystals can offer some protection. Black Tourmaline will protect you from the electro-magnetic field and Fluorite will help heal the harm it causes.

Read a more detailed article on EMF gemstones here

Black Tourmaline Gemstones
Black Tourmaline Gemstones
Fluorite Gemstones
Fluorite Gemstones

Gemstones for prosperity are detailed here in our recent article but as a good combination of two lucky gemstones working together for wealth, I suggest Pyrite and Jade.

Pyrite Gemstones
Pyrite Gemstones
Jade Gemstones
Jade Gemstones

Along with spiritual health it is important to look after our fitness and we have two gemstones that will work together to keep you going to the gym, completing those marathons and riding that bike. Agate will boost your speed and Bloodstone will improve endurance and determination.

Agate Gemstones
Agate Gemstones
Bloodstone Gemstones
Bloodstone Gemstones

So there we have ten great gemstone combinations to help you tackle a variety of common issues. On their own these gemstones are great but together they can work miracles.

I suggest a short gemstone intention ritual just to let your crystals know what you need from them. Hold the gemstones in your hand and steady your breathing – in through the nose, out through the mouth. Visualize or vocalize exactly how you want your gemstones to help you.

You can also meditate with your gemstones or place them on the appropriate Chakra points to get the most out of their strengths.
See our Chakra Gemstones article here for a more detailed look.
Here is a brief summary of gemstone pairings ideal to unblock or realign your chakras.

Gemstone Conbinations based on Chakra

Chakra Color Gemstone Combination



Bloodstone / Hematite



Carnelian / Orange Moonstone

Solar Plexus


Topaz / Citrine



Rose Quartz / Malachite


Light blue

Lapis Lazuli / Turquoise

Third eye


Charoite / Iolite



Amethyst / Clear Quartz

Quick Guide to Gemstone Combinations

Issue Gemstone Combination

Master Healer

Clear Quartz + Any Other Gemstone

Life Force Energy

Citrine + Aventurine


Peridot + Spessartine Garnet


Rose Quartz + Pink Tourmaline


Blue Agate + Lapis Lazuli


Amethyst + Scolecite


Carnelian + Tiger’s Eye

EMF Protection

Black Tourmaline + Fluorite


Pyrite + Jade


Agate + Bloodstone

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