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The best gemstones to improve your workout

Gemstones for Physical Fitness
Gemstones for Physical Fitness

We all know that eating well and doing some form of physical activity every week is vital to a long and healthy life but finding the stimulus to begin and the motivation to continue exercising is not easy.

It takes a combination of will power, determination and enthusiasm to get up early to do your sit ups and press ups, to spend your lunchtime walking in the park instead of eating, to do that run in the evening or dig out the kayak at the weekend.

This is where the power of gemstones can help but which ones will get you moving?

Let's take a look at some crystals that will have you up and off that couch in no time.


If bloodstone was good enough to stimulate gladiators to fight in the Roman coliseum then it should be powerful enough to get you through a gym session or a cardio workout! Since ancient times this deep green gemstone with flecks of red has encouraged courage, confidence and motivation.

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Tiger's Eye

Shaka, leader of the Zulus of southern Africa, was a mighty warrior, known for his strength, endurance and leadership skills. He and his fellow fighters - including fierce all-female units which fought on the front lines -- would wear Tiger's Eye into battle as they forged a huge and powerful empire. This gemstone will give you the energy, focus and passion to reach your fitness goals.

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Carnelian stimulates power and activity and symbolized life in Ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures. It is a stone of action, giving you the motivation and courage to progress in life and reach all your physical ambitions. Its orange color is connected especially with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras which encourage activity.

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Ancient Romans and Greeks believed Agate could make their soldiers strong and victorious in battle. One of the oldest carved gemstones ever found is a 3500 year piece of agate showing a warrior dispatching an opponent. Agate is known for improving speed in sprinters and endurance in marathon runners.

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Spinel is a gemstone of revitalization and replenishment. It helps fight fatigue and brings renewed energy when you are feeling uninspired. It is a great crystal for strengthening muscles and improving coordination and timing in your movements.

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Apatite is a motivational crystal that eliminates apathy and will get you up and moving towards achieving your health and fitness ambitions. It is excellent for focus and concentration as well as a can-do attitude.

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Some exercise is of a more gentle nature - yoga, tai chi, walking - and fluorite (The Genius Stone) is ideal as it balances physical and mental energy. It boosts thought, concentration and focus as well as calming a chaotic or randomly meandering mind.

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Beginning a healthy exercise regime is not just getting up and nipping out for a run, to be successful it means a whole change in your lifestyle. This is where obsidian can help - it allows us to let go of negative habits and grasp new opportunities.

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A lifetime of bad eating habits and poor lifestyle choices will not be put right overnight but exercise and a good diet will set you in the right direction. Seraphinite can help by eliminating toxins from the blood, kidneys and liver and purifying the body. It will help rebuild cells and assist in the delivery of nutrients to where they are most needed.

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Clear Quartz

Every now and then you will suffer a few aches and pains or feel a bit run down after embarking on a fitness program, this is where clear quartz, the Master Healer, comes into its own. It will help you recover from all your new-found exertions, ease muscle pains, boost your immune system and stimulate your energy flow.

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But how can I use gemstones to help my fitness routine?

There are several ways to use gemstones:

  • If it is not too intrusive just wear them as a jewelry item
  • Place one or two in a pocket or kit bag when you head out to exercise (I hear bra stones are becoming popular these days)
  • Place them next to you on the exercise or yoga mat
  • Motivational gemstones can be placed on the bedside table or shelves at home - they can encourage you to go out from there
  • You can give your gemstone an intention with a simple ritual. Hold your crystal in your hands and tell it to help you ‘run every evening', 'go to aerobics twice a week' and so on.
  • Make a crystal elixir and use the water for a refreshing and hydrating drink or cooling spray
  • If you prefer to exercise at home, keep some gemstones around the gym equipment

Obviously do not attempt any vigorous new exercise routine without checking with your doctor first and take care that any gemstones on your person do not have sharp edges in case you trip over. Also do not hang gemstones from any exercise equipment that may get tangled up in any moving parts.

Quick Guide to Gemstones for Exercise

Gemstone Type of Activity


Vigorous / Boxing /Martial Arts

Tiger's Eye

Vigorous / Boxing / Running


Vigorous / Running / Team Sports


Vigorous / Long distance running


Revitalization when tired




Yoga / Tai Chi / Chair Based


Change / Transformation


Detox and Purify

Clear Quartz

Master Healer / Recovery

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