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Gemstones for Phobias

Gemstones for Jewelers
Gemstones for Phobias

What is your phobia? What is your greatest fear? We all have at least one, some of us seem to have several and some are more unusual than others.

I once read somewhere that more people in England are afraid of public speaking than anything else - including death. I was a teacher a long time ago so I do not suffer from that fear but I am not too keen on spiders or centipedes and that can be a problem in the tropics.

Here are some of the most common phobias in the world:

  • Acrophobia - The fear of heights
  • Astraphobia - The fear of thunder and lightning
  • Ophidiophobia - The fear of snakes
  • Cynophobia - The fear of dogs
  • Trypanophobia - The fear of injections
  • Pteromerhanophobia - The fear of flying
  • Claustrophobia - The fear of confined spaces

There are also a few more unusual though no less rational fears such as:

  • Trypophobia - The fear of holes
  • Pogonophobia - The fear of beards

That last one may force you to avoid baristas and hipsters and I think I may have developed Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (the fear of long words) just writing this article but these phobias are no laughing matter to the people who suffer with them.

Gemstones can be a great source of comfort to anyone coping with any sort of stress or anxiety so we have come up with a selection of great stones to help with phobias. Wearing one as jewelry or keeping one or two in a pocket or purse is a great way to keep these stones nearby for easy access when feeling stressed or fearful.

Decorating your home with a gemstone display can help alleviate many phobias - they will be a constant source of comfort.

Our selections can give relief for many different phobias as most fears develop in similar ways - negative experiences, learned behavior or genetics. Some stones have specific spheres of influence that will be especially helpful for certain sufferers but most can assist with any phobia.


Malachite is a great gemstone for all anxieties but is particularly useful for all forms of travel stress including a fear of flying or just worries about leaving familiar surroundings. In a slightly related way it also helps with vertigo and a fear of heights.

In ancient times, Malachite was used to ward of the evil eye - bad luck coming as a result of malignant or malevolent look or stare. This could be because of the interesting swirls and circular patterns on the surface of the gemstone that can often resemble an eye and were made into amulets for protection.

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Amazonite is the perfect stone if you have to combat our greatest fear, public speaking. As a stone of communication, it will give you all the self-confidence you need to face a crowd whether it is a large audience in a hall or a presentation in a small meeting room.

Amazonite is known to soothe stress and calm anxieties in all sorts of difficult situations and has the added bonus of being a good luck gemstone - 'Stone of Success and Abundance' - and a great influence on controlled decision making.

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Labradorite will act as a protective shield against negative energy and deflect fears and insecurities especially those that come about through past experiences and difficulties.

Labradorite will calm an overactive imagination and boost rational thoughts and clear insight allowing balanced and deliberate actions. I particularly like labradorite for help with agoraphobia where the need to escape from a situation can become overwhelming.

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Smoky Quartz

The fear of flying, of heights or a general fear of losing one's balance and falling is very common indeed and I like to recommend a grounding gemstones such as Smoky Quartz to help cope with this worrying condition.

Smoky Quartz is also a general all round stress relieving crystal that can lift depression and feelings of negativity.

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Charoite is a Stone of Transformation and that includes turning negativity to positivity, sickness to health, and fragility to strength. It can help ease deep seated, irrational fears and is excellent in calming compulsive and obsessive behavior.

One of Charoite's real benefits is in social situations where you may be meeting strangers for the first time. This lovely violet gemstone will give you the confidence to quickly and easily make friends.

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Iolite is the 'Intuition Stone'. This crystal will boost visions and perception as well as communication with your inner wisdom. This will help you recognize and differentiate between real fears and imaginary fears

Iolite is connected to the Third Eye Chakra which also influences intuition. When this chakra is aligned or balanced, it will help you to make well judged decisions with complete confidence.

Iolite is also excellent for stress relief, meditation and communication.

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Both Amethyst and Citrine are excellent gemstones for phobias. Amethyst is well known for its abilities to relieve stress and anxiety while Citrine is a gemstone of happiness, optimism and enthusiasm and it is more difficult for fear to take its grip on you when you feel so good.

Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine in one beautiful crystal and you get the positive influence of both stones at the same time!

Phobias and anxieties are unfortunately linked to various forms of addiction - either to cope with the fears or the stresses are the result of drug or drink abuse. Ametrine is a stone of sobriety which can help steer you clear of harmful dependencies.

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Black Tourmaline

Our final choice is the king of protective gemstones and was used in ancient rituals by shamans to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Black Tourmaline is excellent for preventing panic attacks - especially those brought on by confined places, a fear of the dark or anxiety as you enter the doctor or dentist surgery.

It is connected to the Root Chakra which governs security and survival instincts - a well aligned root chakra will let you feel safe in your environment.

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Gemstones for Phobias Guide

Gemstone Phobia / Benefit Color


Flying / Travel



Public Speaking



Agoraphobia / Travel


Smoky Quartz

Heights / Flying



Social Gatherings



Boosts Intuition



All Phobias / Addictions

Violet / Yellow

Black Tourmaline

Claustrophobia / Darkness / Dentist


  • First Published: June-04-2021
  • Last Updated: June-04-2021
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