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Gemstones for a new Beginning

Gemstones for a new Beginning
Gemstones for a new Beginning

There are various reasons for deciding that you need to reset or reboot your life. Some may be tragic and sad such as losing a loved one, the break-up of a long term relationship or a serious health issue. Others reasons might include losing a job, children moving out of the home, a loss or a gain in wealth.

It could be out of your control or a carefully considered decision.

Whatever the reason, it is best to look upon a new beginning as an opportunity for positive change rather than a terrible misfortune.

Aspects of a new beginning can be finding new friends, a new career, a change of diet and a new healthy lifestyle, joining an activist movement, a new hobby, setting a new goal or simply deciding to be happy.

Whether by choice or by circumstances, a new beginning will involve a few actions and a number of emotions to deal with including:

  • Reflection - what went wrong in the past, what mistakes have I made, how can I improve?
  • Reassessment - what in life is truly important?
  • Decisions - what am I going to do next?
  • Courage - the determination and daring to change your life for the better.
  • Positivity - be optimistic about your future.
  • Anxiety - learn to cope with the stress of change
  • Creativity - your dreams are only limited by your imagination
  • Closure - it is time to say goodbye to the old you and embrace the new

How can gemstones bring about a new beginning?

Gemstones are known to bolster emotions and influence surrounding energies. They cannot work by themselves - you need to want a fresh new beginning - but keeping some gemstones close will act as a reinforcement to your own desires and ambitions.

We have collected together a selection of stones and crystals that we feel will help your new start in life.

Gemstones for a new beginning - Reflection - Aquamarine

This stunning gemstone with the cool blue and sea green colors is an ideal gemstone for new beginnings. First of all it is an ideal crystal for reflection and self-exploration allowing you to examine your potential and unrealized capabilities.

Imagine yourself staring at the clear waters on a tropical beach as they lap the white sandy shore, a time for calm self-analysis and decision making.

Aquamarine is also very helpful in treating persistent procrastination and will make you bolder and more willing to make those life-changing decisions.

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Gemstones for a new beginning - Reassessment - Carnelian

Carnelian can help deal with any past trauma such as losing a loved one or children or close friends moving away - this gemstone lets you accept the natural circle of life.

In addition it will boost your enthusiasm and bring positivity for any future plans you may have. It encourages you to stop hesitating and get on with achieving your ambitions and goals. Used as a manifestation aid, it can create a new situation or change of lifestyle.

Carnelian also happens to be the 'Stone of Creativity' and every new beginning needs imagination - if you cannot picture it in your head how can you make it come about?

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Gemstones for a new beginning - Decision Making - Cat's Eye Scapolite

Sooner or later you will have to make the important life changing decisions in order to make that new start and cat's eye scapolite is just the stone to help. It is known as the 'Stone of Problem Solving' and can provide the inspiration to make the adjustments needed for a new and fruitful lifestyle.

In general, cat's eye gemstones have a great reputation for their spiritual strengths with a historical use as a talisman to ward off evil and the ability for protection against unforeseen dangers.

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Gemstones for a new beginning - Courage - Tiger's Eye

Giving up your old life will not be easy - change never is - but Tiger's Eye will be a great help. It triggers taking action, aids decision making and will give you the self-confidence and courage to meet any challenge.

The decision making factor could be the most important. Tiger's Eye will let you approach any life changing choice with a clear and perceptive mind, enabling you to select the correct path and not the impulsive or hot-blooded route.

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Gemstones for a new beginning - Optimism - Citrine

Every new beginning or change in lifestyle is more likely to be successful with a healthy dose of optimism - if you feel positive about something it will prevail more often than not.

With nick names like 'the light maker', 'vitamin C for the soul', 'the Merchant's Stone' and 'the Success Stone', it will come as no surprise that Citrine is the first gemstone that comes to mind when in need of one to boost optimism.

Citrine's positive, bright and sunny energy will get you through the most difficult times turning dreams and ambitions into reality and giving you the confidence and motivation to achieve anything.

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Gemstones for a new beginning - Stress - Amethyst

A new beginning means change and usually this can mean stress and anxiety. No matter the circumstances and how much better your life can be we all get stressed when leaving the comfort of routine.

Amethyst is probably the number one choice for dealing with stress. It is known as a calming and soothing crystal that helps with getting a good night's rest and fighting negative energy. Its positive purple power will keep you going throughout the most stressful times.

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Gemstones for a new beginning - Transformation - Labradorite

With the nickname of 'The Stone of Transformation' we have to include this wonderful gemstone with the amazing play-of-color which has been described as the northern lights trapped in a stone.

Labradorite will help those going through changes in life whether it is by choice or circumstances. A new career or the loss of employment, moving home, a broken relationship or embarking on a healthy new lifestyle all involve anxieties and commitment and Labradorite will give you the strength to persevere and succeed.

Labradorite is also known for its protective powers that will shield you from unwanted negative energies. It will also give you the self-belief to ignore other people's jealousy or opinions which may deflect you from your new path.

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Gemstones for a new beginning - Transformation - Rainbow Moonstone

The science behind moonstones, labradorites and rainbow moonstones is a bit murky, technically although they are called moonstones, Rainbow Moonstones are really a type of labradorite.

Spiritually, rainbow moonstones will have all the attributes and benefits of normal labradorites - the Stone of Transformation - but the ghostly clarity and blue aura bring added strengths.

Rainbow moonstones will boost intuition and inspiration as well as ensuring success and good fortune in any new endeavor, be it personal or business.

Even if the changes in your life were not by choice and may seem devastating right now, rainbow moonstones will help you to see them as positive.

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Gemstones for a new beginning - Self-Belief - Kyanite

Very often, when trying to make a new start in life, you will find other people trying to draw you back into your old unhealthy habits and stagnant lifestyle. Kyanite lets you enter a new beginning with self belief and a clarity of mind that will keep you on your new pathway to success.

With a nod to its mythological use in the past as a primitive compass, Kyanite can help you navigate the new waters and territories of your fresh and unfamiliar change of circumstances.

Kyanite is a well-known gemstone of good luck, especially in the case of increased wealth and career advancement, keep one with you when looking for a new job.

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Gemstones for a new beginning - All-Rounder - Amazonite

Amazonite covers all the bases when it comes to new beginnings. First of all it is a calming gemstone so will help you deal with all the stresses of changing lifestyle.

It will clear and focus your mind on achieving your goals and dreams. It is an aid to your creative and imaginative side and is perfect for anyone with artistic ambitions.

Changing circumstances can lead to financial worries. Amazonite can assist on the money front - it is the 'Stone of Success and Abundance' - it attracts money and good fortune. This stone will allow cool heads to make decisions allowing you to keep control of your finances.

Finally, Amazonite is an encouraging gemstone which will increase your self-esteem and confidence and clear away any negative thoughts.

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How can I use gemstones to give myself a new beginning?

Gemstones will not magically give you a brand new life full of fun and satisfaction - you will need the desire for change within you. Gemstones can, however, act as a support system to make your new beginning a success.

For some practical uses of gemstones for a new beginning you could perform a manifestation ritual using one of the recommended gemstones. Visualize the new life in your mind while holding the gemstone in your hands - you could even say an affirmation out loud and ask for the gemstone's support.

If you are heading to an interview or meeting which may lead to a new start in life, wear the gemstone as jewelry or just pop one or two in your pocket - either way they can affect the outcome from there.

Place the gemstones around your home as decoration - not only will they look great but they can be a ever present influence on your daily life.

Use gemstones as a part of a meditation practice where you reaffirm your new beginning in a positive way.

Guide to Gemstones for a New Beginning

Gemstone Helps With


Reflection and Procrastination


Reassessment and Creativity

Cat's Eye Scapolite

Decision Making and Protection

Tiger's Eye

Courage and Confidence


Optimism and Success


Stress and Addiction


Transformation and Protection

Rainbow Moonstone

Transformation and Intuition


Self-Belief and Guidance



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  • Last Updated: May-11-2021
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