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By Reviewed By Thomas Dahlberg

Gemstones for Cancer

Gemstones for Cancer
Gemstones for Cancer

A starry, starry night is a wonder to behold and our ancestors thought the same. Without modern day distractions, ancient cultures would observe the movements of the stars and planets night after night.

They would eventually notice familiar patterns and the links between the stars and the coming of the seasons or the length of the days.

Some groups of stars or constellations would become well known for their bright stars and were given names such as the goat, the ram or the fish to reflect the arrangement of these stars. Ancient astrologers would spot that the sun seemed to pass through each constellation for about one lunar month each year and so divided the year into 12 signs of the zodiac.

Clever stargazers could predict forthcoming natural phenomenon such as spring or floods and began to develop fortune telling for rulers and rich people willing to pay for a wealthy future.

Along with planets, stars and moons, the signs of the zodiac were associated with colors, gods, and gemstones and we have selected two gemstones to represent the sign of the crab - emerald and moonstone.

Cancer Gemstone Guide


June 21 - July 22


Caring and Emotional




Growth and fertility




Compassion and kindness

Emerald for Sale

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Moonstone for Sale

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We have created an easy-to-follow guide to let you know which gemstones traditionally match your sign as well as their color and spiritual attributes.

Read about Zodiac Gemstones here

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