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ID: 40217310 pcs
1.47ctw Ruby
3.10mm x 2.00mm
USD 204.18
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ID: 40225015 pcs
1.95ctw Ruby
3.03mm x 1.70mm
USD 270.86
Item in Stock
ID: 33672750 pcs
1.17ctw Ruby
1.78mm x 1.28mm
USD 154.79
Item in Stock
ID: 41554715 pcs
4.83ctw Ruby
3.62mm x 2.78mm
USD 676.20
Item in Stock
ID: 40219610 pcs
2.12ctw Ruby
3.45mm x 2.34mm
USD 294.47
Item in Stock
ID: 374802150 pcs
1.41ctw Ruby
1.18mm x 0.91mm
USD 124.21
Item in Stock
ID: 373593150 pcs
1.48ctw Ruby
1.18mm x 0.75mm
USD 130.20
Item in Stock
ID: 33674550 pcs
1.50ctw Ruby
1.88mm x 1.05mm
USD 198.45
Item in Stock
ID: 40219210 pcs
1.77ctw Ruby
3.36mm x 1.97mm
USD 245.85
Item in Stock
ID: 40215310 pcs
1.24ctw Ruby
3.00mm x 1.81mm
USD 172.24
Item in Stock
ID: 33827650 pcs
1.19ctw Ruby
1.73mm x 1.13mm
USD 141.31
Item in Stock
ID: 40211610 pcs
1.30ctw Ruby
3.08mm x 1.76mm
USD 180.57
Item in Stock
ID: 37979815 pcs
3.89ctw Ruby
4.54mm x 2.58mm x 2.08mm
USD 542.62
Item in Stock
ID: 375180150 pcs
1.40ctw Ruby
1.19mm x 0.78mm
USD 123.27
Item in Stock
ID: 40203310 pcs
1.90ctw Ruby
3.31mm x 2.21mm
USD 263.91
Item in Stock
ID: 40217210 pcs
1.35ctw Ruby
3.08mm x 1.78mm
USD 187.52
Item in Stock
ID: 39951110 pcs
2.79ctw Ruby
3.66mm x 2.32mm
USD 474.22
Item in Stock
ID: 375446150 pcs
1.40ctw Ruby
1.22mm x 0.90mm
USD 123.27
Item in Stock
ID: 4058841 pcs
1.07ct Ruby
9.24mm x 4.54mm x 3.12mm
USD 749.00
Item in Stock
ID: 40224612 pcs
2.56ctw Ruby
3.53mm x 2.48mm
USD 355.58
Item in Stock
ID: 33674150 pcs
1.60ctw Ruby
1.83mm x 1.20mm
USD 211.68
Item in Stock
Ruby Gems Non Fracture-Filled
With so many fracture-filled rubies on the market, rubies that are untreated or have only been heat treated are increasingly rare. Famed for their remarkable brilliance, silky to vitreous luster, and excellent durability combined with versatility, ruby has historically been classed as one of the most important gemstones of all time, and for very good reason. In fact, for most of time, all red gemstones were believed to be ruby. Ruby is composed of corundum, the same material which makes up that of sapphire. The name 'corundum' originates from the ancient Sanskrit word 'kuruvindam'. Ruby is the red gem-quality variety of corundum, while all other colors are referred to as 'sapphire'; both gem types are ranked 9 on the Mohs scale, making them the second hardest natural known substances on earth. Red ruby, along with sapphire, emerald and diamond, is grouped as one of the 'precious four' gems, although the use 'precious' and 'semi-precious' is no longer recognized by most gem and jewelry professional.

Nowadays, nearly all of the rubies on the market are treated to enhance color and clarity, although untreated rubies can still be found. For the most part, heated rubies are accepted by the general public, but a new treatment used to enhance rubies known as 'fracture-filling' is not quite as well-received. Although fracture-filled rubies are very affordable gems, sometimes offered for as little as $10-$20 USD per carat, many claim they should not be offered since they are heavily enhanced. However, without this type of treatment, most would never be able to afford ruby otherwise. The concept of fracture-filling is nothing new in the gem trade, with various filling techniques being used for hundreds of years. The filling of rubies has made them more affordable and readily available; actually owning a ruby was once almost unheard of before, but now it's become a real possibility for everyone. In the past, a 2-3 carat ruby was extremely rare, but owed to the advancement of gem treatment techniques, filled-rubies can be had in incredible sizes, even ruby gems weighing 10 carats or more.

The downside to buying filled ruby is that they are more fragile than heated-only or untreated rubies. They should not be recut, repolished or repaired, and they should not be heated or soldered with jeweler's tools. Harsh cleaners and chemicals should also be avoided. For those who can afford heated-only or untreated ruby, then we definitely recommend buying non-fracture-filled rubies, but for those on a tight budget, there is nothing wrong with buying filled-gems as long as they're priced accordingly. Non-filled rubies are excellent investments as they tend to gain value over time. Since sources and production for fine quality ruby are now becoming nearly worked-out, it may soon be very hard to find anything other than filled-rubies before we know it. Prices for fine quality natural red rubies can be very expensive, especially gemstones with top color, clarity and cut, but when buying direct from the source, consumers can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when compared to full retail prices for natural ruby gems at local shopping malls.
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