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By Jan 19, 2021 Updated Aug 27, 2021

Gemstones for Sunday

Gemstones for Sunday
Sunday Gemstones

Having a particular gemstone to salute Sunday can be very useful. Much like birthstones, they can be used to celebrate the day of your birth or can be worn on that day to bring extra luck or spiritual strength.

Perhaps you are celebrating an anniversary or attending a special event, graduation, social function held on a Sunday. Wearing or carrying an associated gemstone will make it all the more memorable and significant.

There is quite a wealth of choices for such gemstones but with a bit of research and a talk with some local experts we feel we have come up with an excellent couple of picks for Sunday.

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Sunday - Day of the Sun


Sunstone gets its name from the orange to red inclusions that glitter like sunlight as the gemstone moves. This glittering phenomenon is called 'schiller' or 'aventurescence'.

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Native Americans who live in what is now Oregon have a legend about the origins of sunstone in which the blood of a great warrior, wounded by an arrow, fell onto a gemstone, giving it the red color and a sacred power.

In other parts of the world, sunstone is thought to bring the uplifting and encouraging energy of the sun. If combined with moonstone, you can benefit from the influences of both the sun and the moon.

Red Garnet

Garnet gemstones are one of the most varied and complicated families in the world of crystals and can appear in all colors, sizes and shapes but it was the red color that garnet was originally famous for. It was its similarity to the crimson seeds of the pomegranate fruit that gave this gemstone its name.

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Garnet is the 'Stone of Health' and has a beneficial influence on anything to do with the cardiovascular system including high blood pressure and blood flow.

It is a well known grounding crystal, connected to the Root Chakra, and renowned for its stimulation of healthy sexuality in both men and women.

Did You Know?

In 321AD, Emperor Constantine declared that Sunday was to be a day of rest - except for farmers - no need to tell me, I spend every Sunday digging and weeding on my farm!

In Polish, Ukrainian and Bulgarian the word for Sunday can be translated into 'No Work Day'.

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