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5 Great Reasons to Buy a Citrine right now

Citrine Gemstones
Citrine Gemstones

Citrine is probably the most popular yellow gemstone in the world today but what makes citrine so special and why should you buy one? We have five fantastic reasons why you should get a citrine gemstone today.

  1. Gorgeous Yellow Colors
  2. Wide Range of Sizes
  3. Great value for money
  4. Spiritual Power
  5. Birthstone


The first thing that will strike you when looking at a citrine gemstone is the stunning color. They are known as a yellow stone but this can range from a bright lemony yellow through a few golden hues all the way to some deep burnt oranges.

Citrine Colors


Citrine is available in virtually any size you could wish for. From stunning 'bling' type giant sparklers of a 100 carats or more down to tiny stones of a millimeter or two across, citrine has them all.

The versatile citrine is perfect if you are looking for jewelry items with matching gemstones as matching colors are easily found for citrine. Large sizes suitable for eye-catching cocktail rings, pendants or brooches can be quickly obtained, as well as smaller sizes for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, even pave or side stones.

Citrine Colors

Value for Money

For a gemstone that has such a great color and comes in a wide variety of cuts and sizes, citrine is very affordable. It has often been an excellent alternative to the more expensive Imperial topaz as they share a similar color and durability.

Value for Money

Spiritual Power

For centuries people have thought that Citrine has possessed magical powers. It was used for treatment of the plague, snake and spider bites and depression. It has been called the "Merchant's Stone" as it has the power to boost business and profits, helping to acquire wealth and to keep hold of it!

Citrine is a yellow crystal so it has long been associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of power in your body. It can strengthen your will, creativity and imagination, attract prosperity and success and protect you from negativity.

Citrine is the vitamin C of the soul because it fills you with joy and positivity. It gives you the feelings of a warm sunny day, letting you feel optimistic about life.

Spiritual Power


Citrine is the birthstone for November making it the perfect present for anyone born in that month. The earthy yellow tones are ideal for the harvest or autumnal colors found at that time of year.

It is also the Zodiac stone for Libra and the traditional gift for the 13th wedding anniversary.

Bonus - Durability

With its hardness at 7 on the Mohs scale, citrine can be cut to almost any shape including some very interesting fancy cuts. With the high durability rating, citrine can stand up to most of the daily knocks and bumps that jewelry items can take without the risk of chipping or cracking.

So, there we have it, 5 excellent reasons why you should add citrine gemstones to your collection today (plus an extra bonus reason for free!).

Take a look at our range of citrine gemstones, we are sure you will find at least one you must have.

Citrine Checklist


Yellow / Orange








Solar Plexus

Price Range

$4 - $40/ct


None or Heat

Jewelry Items use

All Types



  • First Published: December-09-2020
  • Last Updated: December-28-2020
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