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By Reviewed By Andreas Zabczyk

Large Gemstones

Over the last few years we've noticed a growing interest in very large gemstones. Our huge gemstones page is one of the most visited pages on the GemSelect website, and we usually have more than 2,500 gems weighing over 10 carats in our inventory.

81-Carat Chrysocolla Gemstone
81-Carat Chrysocolla Gemstone

Collectors are constantly seeking out impressive specimens of large gemstones, while recent trends in jewelry fashion have further fueled the demand for big stones. Designers are incorporating large gems not just in pendants, but also in rings and earrings, showcasing their beauty and elegance.

Huge Gemstones at GemSelect Big Lapis Lazuli Gems Huge Cushion Smoky Quartz

So what's available in larger gems? What are your choices and how much will it cost for these big stones?

Our largest pieces are usually in the quartz family. Recently we've faceted some pieces of rose quartz weighing as much as 300 carats. That's 60 grams (or about 2.1 ounces for those who haven't yet joined the metric world). We also stock some unusual star rose quartz cabochons from South Africa, with some pieces that are over 200 carats.

Other members of the quartz family can also be found in huge sizes, including lemon quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst and citrine. One of the attractions of quartz varieties is that prices per carat remain constant as the gems increase in size. The finer quartz - amethyst, citrine and ametrine - can often be found for as little as $5-$6 per carat at wholesale price, while the other quartz varieties are even more affordable.

Many Huge Gemstones from GemSelect Big Blue Topaz at GemSelect Nice Big Natural Jasper Huge Concave Cut Fluorite Rare Star Rose Quartz

Among the brilliant faceted gems, blue topaz can often be found in sizes weighing as much as 30 or 40 carats. There are a range of stunning hues, from the light sky blue to the bright Swiss blue and the deep London blue. Wholesale prices are generally in the $7-$8 per carat range for the larger pieces.

Some patterned stones make wonderful pendants. You can find agate and jasper in impressively large sizes, with many pieces over 50 carats. We've had some jasper from India that has been carved and drilled, so that it justs needs a chain to make it into a unique piece of jewelry. Agate and jasper are very affordable; sometimes as little as $1 per carat.

Fine Orange Moonstone in Big SizeSome of the classic gems of antiquity can often be found in the larger sizes. Lapis lazuli, the vivid blue stone of truth and friendship, can be found in a variety of interesting shapes in large sizes with weights approaching 100 carats, at wholesale prices well under $2 per carat. Moonstone, the unique gem with the unusual shimmering light, is usually available as gemstones of up to 80 carats, at wholesale prices around $3 per carat.

Fluorite is a gem loved by collectors for its brilliant colors that include purple, blue, green, yellow, colorless, brown, pink, black and reddish-orange. Most of the fluorite we see is under 20 carats, but we have bought a number of pieces that weigh over 40 carats. Fluorite is quite inexpensive, often selling for around $4 per carat even in the large sizes.

There are many other interesting gems that can be found in big sizes, including tourmaline, peridot, spodumene varieties (kunzite and hiddenite), fire opal from Mexico, chalcedony and some members of the garnet family. It is even possible to find large cabochon rubies and sapphires of over 10 carats.

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