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Gemstones for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical protection.

Gemstones for Psychic Protection
Gemstones for Psychic Protection

Quick Guide to Gemstones for Psychic Attack

Gemstone Power Color

Black Tourmaline



Green Aventurine




Aura Cleanse

Green / Blue







Tiger's Eye

Evil Eye

Honey Brown



Black / Gold




Do you need psychic protection?

  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
  • Are you psychic?
  • Do people often come to you with their troubles?
  • Do some people or places leave you feeling tired?
  • Do you suffer from nightmares and insomnia?
  • Have you ever felt different and not yourself?
  • Do you work closely with other people?
  • Do you over think issues, turning them over and over in your mind?
  • Do you seem to have more enemies than friends?
  • Are you sensitive to auras?
  • Have lots of things gone wrong lately?
  • Do you often misplace things?
  • Are you anxious all the time?

If these or something similar apply to you, then you may be in need of a protective gemstone to prevent other people's emotional energy affecting you, malevolent spirits attacking or to put a halt to a run of bad luck. Even a room or house can give off bad vibes which can infiltrate your psyche and body.

Gemstones have a long and illustrious history of being talismans and amulets to ward off these 'evil spirits' and prevent psychic attacks. But which gemstone offers the best protection?

After delving back through history and consulting with a few of our local mystic experts, we have come up with a few ideal gemstones to fight off curses and mental attacks.

Black Tourmaline

Usually the number one choice as a protective gemstone, Black Tourmaline will throw a protective shield over you guarding against negativity from both people and bad energy found in certain spaces.

As a bonus, Black Tourmaline can protect you from harmful EMF caused by all the electronic equipment that permeates our lives. It does not absorb these adverse energies but repels them back to the source.

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Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is an excellent gemstone for protection from those around you that seem to drain your energy. These psychic vampires feed off your powers but leave you feeling exhausted.

It is also a fortunate gemstone so if you are a bit down on your luck, some Green Aventurine can help.

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The aura is an energy field that surrounds your body which can pick up on the emotions, stresses and psychic matter around you. Fluorite cleanses and balances the aura. An unstable aura can bring feelings of anxiety, irritation and negativity. It can even affect your immune system.

Fluorite works well with soothing baths, smoke smudging rituals and visualizations.

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Labradorite produces a double protective whammy.

First it can help prevent 'energy leakage', which leads to lethargy, lack of motivation and even depression.

Secondly, it shields you against ill intentions and psychic attacks from hurtful people around you. If you are a victim of malicious gossip and rumor, backstabbing so-called friends, envy and hate then labradorite will send all those hostilities right back where they came from.

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Kyanite is well known for its ability to enhance spiritual and psychic abilities and promote clairvoyancy and telepathy. Once you have the power to make contact with higher realms and the spiritual world, keep kyanite close by to prevent psychic attack.

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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is considered a lucky talisman that can help change your fortune for the better.

This honey brown gemstone has been used for centuries as protection from the 'evil eye'. The evil eye is a malevolent force. If anyone stares at you with an envious eye, full of hatred and contempt, then you may fall victim to this curse. A Tiger's Eye gemstone will repel such hexes.

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Obsidian is a strong psychic protection stone that can cleanse your aura of the harmful psychic smog that can build up over time. This stone has powerful spiritual properties that will help to shield you against negativity.

Obsidian relieves mental stress and anxiety, absorbs negative energy and clears the mind of confusing clutter. Those who work in hospitals, veterinary clinics, emergency wards, or as first responders may benefit from its healing energy after exposure to dark energy.

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How can I use gemstones for protection against psychic attacks?

The easiest way to use protective gemstones is to carry them with you all day, every day, either as jewelry or just placed in a pocket or handbag.

Keep one or two on the bedside table or under your pillow so they can get to work over night.

Place protective gemstones near the entrance to your home to stop negative energy crossing the threshold and affecting your home.

Make a gemstone elixir and spray protective mist throughout your environment.

Take a long warm bath with protective gemstones in the water with you.

Place gemstones on your desk at work for protection against malicious co-workers and as a barrier to EMF pollution and damage.

Cleansing and recharging protective gemstones

  • First cleanse the gemstone. Simply put the stone under running water – either the tap or better still a waterfall or spring.
  • Charge your crystal by placing it under the full moon for a night or an hour or two in the sunlight.
  • Whenever you feel that your gemstone has had to work hard to protect you, cleanse again and recharge it. Do this every few weeks anyway. Some gemstones are said to not need cleansing, Kyanite for example, but you cannot do any harm so I suggest cleansing all gemstones.

Gemstone for Self-attack


Please be aware that you may not be under psychic attack from outside but perhaps you are overly suspicious or even unreasonably distrustful or people or places. This can create troubled thoughts so turning to the calming and soothing Amethyst can be of great peace of mind.

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  • Last Updated: December-18-2020
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