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By Reviewed By Thomas Dahlberg

Gemstones for Holi

Gemstones for the Holi Festival
Gemstones for the Holi Festival

The Indian festival of Holi is often called the Festival of Colors. The celebrations include throwing brightly colored powder on anyone and everyone nearby. These days, it also includes squirting water guns or throwing balloons full of colored water.

The festival is based on good winning over evil and the vivid colors help bring positivity and joy to the lives of people meaning this Holi festival is a time to rejoice.

This Hindu holiday is a huge occasion in India, of course, but is also celebrated around the world wherever Indian communities can be found - the UK, the US, Australia and Singapore all hold events.

And remember that, although it is a Hindu holy day, all religions and cultures are welcome to join in the fun and commemorate its purpose - the joy of life.

In olden times, the brilliant colors came from a variety of natural sources as turmeric, marigolds, neem, pomegranates and henna but food colorants are an easy to find alternative in the modern era.

Each hue has a special meaning and they help to create a spectacular explosion of color during the celebrations which usually occurs in March and marks the end of winter and the arrival of spring.

Other activities included in the two day revelries are bonfires, food, dancing and drinking but the main event is the kaleidoscope of color on the second day.

We have picked out a perfect gemstone to go with each color - both classic and modern - along with a meaning of the color according to Holi tradition. They can make excellent present for loved ones or great accessories to wear on the day itself.


The color blue represents Lord Krishna, the Hindu god of love, compassion and tenderness. It symbolizes the color of his face as well as the color of the sky and the sea. With its historic links to love and to India, there can be only one first choice - Blue Sapphire - the stone of love and loyalty.

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Blue gemstone alternative - Blue Topaz - a symbol of love and fidelity

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Red represents love and fertility. Red is the most powerful color in Hindu culture and is seen at all important and auspicious occasions such as births and weddings. As the gemstone that is most associated with India with a history stretching back thousands of years the might Ruby is our choice.

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Red gemstone alternative - Pyrope Garnet - a classic gemstone with deep scarlet tones.

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Yellow was traditionally created by mixing powered turmeric with water and is used in many religious ceremonies across Asia. It is symbolic of the sun, happiness, good luck, peace and knowledge. The classic color is a golden yellow so we have to go with Citrine gemstones - not only the perfect color but also the gemstone of prosperity and the joy of the sun - an ideal match.

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Yellow gemstone alternative - Yellow Agate - a historic yellow gemstone.

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Holi arrives at the start of spring so the color green represents this as well as new beginnings and new life. The delightful spring green colors of Peridots make this the perfect Holi gemstone. Sparkling and joyful, this stone represents growth and renewal and, like Holi itself, will ward off evil.

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Green gemstone alternative - Green Agate - a historic green gemstone.

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Pink is a relative newcomer to the Holi celebrations but has become extremely popular. It represents care and compassion and we have a few great choices for this color. One of the most beautiful pink gemstones is Pink Tourmaline which also happens to symbolize love and compassion - another great match.

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Pink gemstone alternative - Rose Quartz - a classic gemstone of universal love.

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Our final color is purple. This is a combination of passionate red and cool blue and according to Holi custom it stands for magic and mystery. The swirls of lilac, lavender and purple that decorate the surface of Charoite gemstones certainly look magical and they can be found in lovely big, eye-catching sizes.

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Purple gemstone alternative - Amethyst - an iconic gemstone.

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Quick Guide to Holi Festival Gemstones

Color Gemstone Alternative



Blue Topaz



Pyrope Garnet



Yellow Agate



Green Agate


Pink Tourmaline

Rose Quartz




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