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Gemstones for Fertility

Gemstones for Fertility
Gemstones for Fertility

Fertility is the natural ability to produce offspring. There are a number of factors which can affect this natural capability in both partners. Eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, quitting smoking and cutting down on drugs and alcohol and avoiding stress are some of the day to day activities that can increase fertility.

Of course, there is the major, and usually fun, part of making babies so increased libido and potency can be very important.

A study by the British Medical Journal indicated that fertility in males has dramatically decreased over the past 50 years – sperm counts down by almost 60%! What has caused this startling fall is not fully understood but we can guess that environmental factors such as industrial chemicals, hormones in food, pesticides and herbicides, electromagnetic fields must play some part.

Ever since humankind first started collecting, shaping and wearing gemstones they have been connected with sexuality, potency and fertility but which gemstones are best for fertility?

We have collected together a few we think will give you the best boost. Some are for virility, some for receptivity and others to get you both in the mood.


Garnets are known as both the Stone of Health and the Stone of Commitment. They have long been renowned for their stimulation of positive sexuality in both men and women. Red garnets are associated with Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Fertility.

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Garnets will give you a positive and confident attitude as well as the motivation to cement your relationship by bringing a new life into the world. Most garnets are linked to the Root Chakra which, when it is balanced, makes us feel safe and secure and ready for the responsibilities of parenthood.


Carnelian is the Stone of Action and is particularly recommended to boost male virility and libido. It is probably the gemstone most often suggested for boosting fertility. Carnelian is a reddish orange gemstone that is connected to the Sacral Chakra.

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The Sacral Chakra is located just below the navel and has specific links with the well-being of all the reproductive and sexual organs of both men and women. Carnelian increases endurance and creativity as well as promoting impromptu and instinctive lovemaking.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate is a passionate gemstone that will boost sexual desire, stimulate energy and creativity and build a strong emotional bond with your partner.

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It is physically beneficial to the reproductive system for male and female and can be of great emotional help to anyone with traumatic memories of past abuse or suffering.


At the risk of sounding sexist, Moonstone is definitely a gemstone to boost women’s fertility. This almost other-worldly looking gemstone has an affinity with the feminine energies of the moon.

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Moonstone will balance women’s cycles and hormonal changes, helping increase the chances of pregnancy. Wear the Stone of New Beginnings during the full moon to maximize fertility.

Ruby Zoisite

This green and purple gemstone combines the sexual power of ruby and the abundance and fertility of the color green.

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Ruby Zoisite is a slow energy booster, working quietly over time to increase vitality, stamina and power. It will calm any fears and anxieties which can often subdue and lessen the chances of pregnancy.


Hematite has a particular physical connection to blood flow and to help oxygen circulate the body, both vital for fertility. It is often used to treat anemia which often affect pregnant women. It was used as an amulet to staunch bleeding.

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It is a grounding gemstone which makes us feel safe and secure, especially within relationships, and ready to expand the home and family.


This lovely mint or apple green gemstone has been revered for thousands of years for its looks and its spiritual power. It has a special association with balancing the yin and the yang energies which is vital for conception.

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Chrysoprase is thought to be very beneficial in physically strengthening the male and female reproductive organs including boosting sperm production.

There we have seven magical gemstones but how can use them to boost fertility?

Of course just wearing them as jewelry or carrying one or two in your pocket or purse is the easiest way to allow the gemstones to influence you throughout the day.

Take a relaxing bath with a gemstone or two in the water with you. Some gemstones can dissolve in water so check before hand but all the ones recommended in this article will be fine.

Put a crystal on the bedside table or under the pillow for a bedtime boost.

Place a gemstone on the Sacral Chakra and lie down for meditation or relaxation.

Quick Guide to Fertility Gemstones

Gemstone Attribute


Stimulates Sexuality


Influences Sacral Chakra

Fire Agate

Traumatic Memory Relief


Feminine Energy

Ruby Zoisite

Increases Stamina


Boosts Blood Flow


Balances Yin and Yang

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  • Last Updated: March-22-2021
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