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Gems In Dreams (2)

Dreams about gems are thought to have different meanings according to the situation. For example finding, losing or wearing a gem are subject to various interpretations. Specific types of gemstone also have their own particular meaning in dreams.

Diamonds are valuable gems that have been considered to be precious throughout history and across cultures. However, the meaning of a dream about diamonds is not so clear-cut.

Champagne Diamond Gemstone
Champagne Diamond Gemstone

For example, some believe that diamonds in dreams represent love and money, since a diamond is a much desired object and thus represents the things that are most valuable to us. According to some accounts, a diamond may symbolize universal truth and spiritual consciousness. In other cases, a diamond may foretell victory over enemies. Context is key to interpreting dreams involving diamonds. Where the diamond appears in your dream may provide a clue as to where you can find that elusive thing that can bring happiness to your life.

Gems in Dreams Natural Amethyst Gemstones Agate Gems at GemSelect Natural African Emerald

A dream about rhinestones may mean that you will encounter some short term pleasures or small favors. If a young woman dreams about a rhinestone that turns out to be to be a diamond, she may find that some insignificant act on her part will bring a disproportionate amount of good fortune.

Emeralds are valued for their powers of promoting spiritual or intuitive growth. Some believe that a dream of emeralds is a sign that you have much to look forward to, while others say it means that you will inherit property in circumstances that may cause disputes with others. If in a dream a lover sees his fianceé wearing an emerald, it is a warning that he may be about to be thrown over for a wealthier or more desirable suitor. If you dream that you buy an emerald, it signifies that you will engage in dealings with an undesirable outcome.

Emerald-Cut Emerald Gemstone
Emerald-Cut Emerald Gemstone

Agate is another gemstone that is thought to be meaningful in dreams. To see an agate in a dream may mean an improvement in business affairs, or else a journey. Some people use agates as protection from bad dreams, and in ancient times, banded agates were placed at one's head while sleeping to induce rich and varied dreams.

Dreams about amethyst are generally believed to bring good luck, especially in the area of business dealings. An amethyst in a dream may be a sign that you will receive a small but satisfying income, or be content with the outcome of a business deal. However, a dream of losing an amethyst might signify a material loss or personal problems. If you are married or engaged, an amethyst is a symbol of a serene and happy marriage, but for a young woman to dream of the loss of an amethyst, may be a sign of a broken engagement or unrequited love. Amethyst is also thought to help insomnia, and it is believed that an amethyst placed under your pillow can bring about sweet dreams.

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