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Gemstones for Summer - choosing the right gemstone for each season

Summer Gemstones
Gemstones for the Summer Season

Blue skies, a blazing sun, trips to the seaside and a cool dip in the ocean are just a few of the things that we associate with summer. But what are the best gemstones to wear on those glorious sunny days?

We have searched through our stock and found seven summertime stunners sure to look great at the beach, by the lake, at the poolside party or anywhere the sun is shining.

Here are our summer season gem recommendations.

There are a few gemstones that seem to have a natural affinity to the long hot days of summer - sometimes it just comes down to the color:

Blue Zircon

From a deep cornflower blue to a subtle baby blue, no gemstone encapsulates the clear skies of summer better than the zircon.

Blue Zircone Gemstones
Blue Zircon

Yellow Quartz

With colors that range from blond to amber, Yellow Quartz displays everything we love about summer, the beaming sun up high, the hot sands of the beach, the tropical fruits and the intensely colored flowers.

Yellow Quartz Gemstones
Yellow Quartz Gemstones

Pink Topaz

Pink is the color of ice cream, undersea coral, fruit smoothies, summer dresses, summer roses and the stunning Pink Topaz gemstones. Youthful, vibrant and feminine all in one. Natural Pink Topaz is incredibly rare and expensive so we have included Mystic Topaz which is real Topaz with a coating to create the vivid coloring.

Pink Topaz Gemstones
Pink Topaz Gemstones

We also have the summer birthstones which, in the northern hemisphere, arrive in June, July and August. From these birthstones we have chosen two which we feel are ideal for summer.


Rubies only come in red and inspire passion, seduction, romance, excitement and lust. Add a bit of danger, blood, power and violence and you have a very dynamic gemstone. Plus it is the July birthstone.

Ruby Gemstones
Ruby Gemstones


This lovely gemstone comes in a variety of colors but the violet to purple ones are gorgeous. This color’s royal and rock star roots belie a contemporary style perfect for the hot months of summer. One of three August birthstones.

Spinel Gemstones
Spinel Gemstones

Spirituality and gemstones have gone hand in hand since man first noticed their beauty and power thousands of years ago. Some gemstones have become linked with summertime.


This gemstone has a rich history and has been associated with the Egyptian sun god Ra and represented the Ancient Greek god of the sun, Helios. Sunstones are usually orange or red in color with glittering or shimmering inclusions.

Sunstone Gemstones
Sunstone Gemstones


If ever a gemstone just looked like a summer’s day, it would be Larimar. Its resemblance to a blue sky dappled with wispy clouds or a blue Caribbean seashore will soon bring a feeling of serenity and relaxation.

Larimar Gemstones
Larimar Gemstones

Gemstones for Summer - Summary

Gemstone Attribute

Blue Zircon

Bright Summer Color

Yellow Quartz

Sunny Summer Color

Pink Topaz

Fun Summer Color


Summertime Birthstone


Summertime Birthstone


Spiritual Heavenly Stone


Spiritual Calming Stone

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Gems are always measured in Millimeter (mm)

Dimensions are given as;
length x width x depth,
except for round stones which are;
diameter x depth

Select gems by size, not by weight!
Gem varieties vary in density, so carat weight is not a good indication of size

Note: 1ct = 0.2g

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