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ID: 3506421 pcs
32.66ct Star Sapphire
18.76mm x 14.98mm x 9.42mm
USD 890.31
Item in Stock
ID: 3155201 pcs
13.78ct Star Moonstone
16.40mm x 14.12mm x 8.34mm
USD 55.12
Item in Stock
ID: 3885381 pcs
6.32ct Star Sapphire
14.65mm x 11.58mm x 3.20mm
USD 150.54
Item in Stock
ID: 4030761 pcs
21.25ct Star Moonstone
16.76mm x 11.18mm
USD 75.01
Item in Stock
ID: 3858561 pcs
12.80ct Star Sapphire
14.20mm x 11.89mm x 6.25mm
USD 192.00
Item in Stock
ID: 3875261 pcs
8.31ct Star Sapphire
13.25mm x 9.94mm x 5.87mm
USD 166.20
Item in Stock
ID: 4139751 pcs
11.25ct Star Moonstone
17.29mm x 11.44mm x 7.34mm
USD 45.00
Item in Stock
ID: 3884531 pcs
8.67ct Star Sapphire
12.57mm x 9.58mm x 6.97mm
USD 140.80
Item in Stock
ID: 3883991 pcs
9.60ct Star Sapphire
13.18mm x 9.80mm x 6.50mm
USD 155.90
Item in Stock
ID: 3734551 pcs
89.17ct Star Lemon Quartz
25.23mm x 23.98mm x 19.62mm
USD 267.51
Item in Stock
ID: 4141031 pcs
7.70ct Star Moonstone
16.70mm x 9.98mm x 5.99mm
USD 30.80
Item in Stock
ID: 4040051 pcs
71.36ct Star Garnet
26.99mm x 21.20mm x 11.97mm
USD 214.08
Item in Stock
ID: 3906521 pcs
10.43ct Star Sapphire
13.19mm x 10.44mm x 6.57mm
USD 156.45
Item in Stock
ID: 4029601 pcs
20.61ct Star Moonstone
16.75mm x 14.98mm x 11.38mm
USD 72.75
Item in Stock
ID: 4141351 pcs
29.16ct Star Garnet
20.73mm x 17.19mm x 7.24mm
USD 87.48
Item in Stock
ID: 3861101 pcs
8.96ct Star Sapphire
12.85mm x 10.42mm x 5.81mm
USD 86.37
Item in Stock
ID: 3906451 pcs
10.09ct Star Sapphire
13.67mm x 11.33mm x 5.47mm
USD 151.35
Item in Stock
ID: 3444341 pcs
83.38ct Star Rose Quartz
27.87mm x 23.98mm x 17.02mm
USD 208.45
Item in Stock
ID: 4141951 pcs
9.07ct Star Moonstone
14.19mm x 9.91mm x 8.59mm
USD 36.28
Item in Stock
ID: 3508931 pcs
27.17ct Star Sapphire
17.94mm x 14.68mm x 8.44mm
USD 740.65
Item in Stock
ID: 4318841 pcs
31.96ct Star Garnet
18.43mm x 12.52mm x 11.61mm
USD 71.59
Item in Stock
Star Cabochon Gemstones
In the world of gemstones, there is a small but special group of gems known to exhibit chatoyancy, either in the form of 'simple' chatoyancy, cat's eye chatoyancy or asterism (star chatoyancy). Gems that display the star effect are rare and fascinating. Chatoyancy is one of several forms of optical phenomena; other forms of optical phenomena include (but are not limited to) color-change, iridescence (the rainbow effect) and adularescence (shimmering light). Gems which display chatoyancy are known as 'phenomenal gemstones' and are heavily prized by jewelers and collectors for their rare and unique visible traits. The star phenomena is known to occur in only a handful of different gem types, such as star sapphire, star ruby, star garnet, star quartz, star moonstone and star diopside.

The value of star gemstones usually depends on the clarity of the 'star'. Gems which display sharp, clear and well-centered stars are generally considered to be of higher quality. In addition, gems which show stars from wider angles and under all different types of lighting are valued the most. Most star gemstones will often show their chatoyancy only when viewed under a single strong and focused light source; it is usually very difficult to see any asterism under diffused light. When viewing a star gemstone, it is best to use a flashlight or penlight while tilting the gem and light back and forth. This should cause the star to appear to glide across the stone's surface. Star gemstones are always cut en cabochon, as this is the best way to maximize chatoyancy. Gem cutters must be careful when working with star gemstones, as it requires great skill to properly shape and orient the stones.
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