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ID: 4063954 pcs
1.75ctw Sapphire
4.63mm x 4.52mm x 2.32mm
USD 40.76
Item in Stock
ID: 4065374 pcs
1.84ctw Sapphire
4.53mm x 4.40mm x 2.73mm
USD 42.85
Item in Stock
ID: 4063244 pcs
2.27ctw Sapphire
4.74mm x 4.67mm x 2.97mm
USD 52.87
Item in Stock
ID: 4282825 pcs
2.51ctw Sapphire
4.68mm x 4.64mm x 2.88mm
USD 57.73
Item in Stock
ID: 4064744 pcs
1.99ctw Sapphire
4.58mm x 4.54mm x 2.78mm
USD 46.35
Item in Stock
ID: 4282845 pcs
2.38ctw Sapphire
4.40mm x 4.35mm x 2.96mm
USD 54.74
Item in Stock
ID: 4065664 pcs
2.30ctw Sapphire
4.65mm x 4.60mm x 3.24mm
USD 53.57
Item in Stock
ID: 4064234 pcs
1.74ctw Sapphire
4.24mm x 4.16mm x 2.89mm
USD 40.52
Item in Stock
ID: 4063355 pcs
1.88ctw Sapphire
4.35mm x 4.27mm x 2.22mm
USD 43.79
Item in Stock
ID: 4065232 pcs
0.96ctw Sapphire
4.24mm x 4.16mm x 3.11mm
USD 22.36
Item in Stock
ID: 4063454 pcs
2.12ctw Sapphire
4.63mm x 4.57mm x 2.86mm
USD 49.37
Item in Stock
ID: 4065864 pcs
1.55ctw Sapphire
4.10mm x 4.04mm x 2.79mm
USD 36.10
Item in Stock
ID: 4063965 pcs
1.81ctw Sapphire
4.26mm x 4.24mm x 2.48mm
USD 42.15
Item in Stock
ID: 2687894 pcs
1.80ctw Sapphire
4.50mm x 4.35mm x 2.49mm
USD 85.05
Item in Stock
ID: 3389535 pcs
1.74ctw Sapphire
4.22mm x 4.18mm x 2.34mm
USD 91.35
Item in Stock
ID: 4063395 pcs
2.11ctw Sapphire
4.35mm x 4.30mm x 2.57mm
USD 49.14
Item in Stock
ID: 4063424 pcs
1.54ctw Sapphire
4.28mm x 4.27mm x 2.39mm
USD 35.87
Item in Stock
ID: 4063434 pcs
1.72ctw Sapphire
4.31mm x 4.26mm x 2.67mm
USD 40.06
Item in Stock
ID: 4065817 pcs
1.61ctw Sapphire
3.50mm x 3.46mm x 2.45mm
USD 37.50
Item in Stock
ID: 4065404 pcs
1.35ctw Sapphire
4.36mm x 4.24mm x 2.06mm
USD 31.44
Item in Stock
ID: 4063544 pcs
1.73ctw Sapphire
4.33mm x 4.29mm x 2.62mm
USD 40.29
Item in Stock
Heart Shape Sapphire
Fine natural heart-shaped sapphires are ideal when it comes to making or designing a romantic gift. Heart-shaped gemstones are one of the most popular shapes for jewelry, especially when it comes to anniversaries and holidays, such as Valentine's Day. Natural sapphire hearts never go out of fashion. Sapphire gemstones can be found in a wide variety of colors and they are highly prized for their superior gemstone qualities, including excellent hardness and durability. With a ranking of 9 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, sapphire is the second hardest natural material on earth. Sapphire is made up of corundum, the same material responsible for that of fine red ruby. Sapphire is one of elite 'precious four' gems, along with ruby, emerald and diamond. Blue is the traditional sapphire color, while all other colors are referred to as 'fancy' color sapphire (except red). Sapphire is famed for its excellent brilliance and vitreous luster. Indeed, sapphire is considered to be one of the most valuable and wearable of all colored gemstones owed to its versatility and durability. The term 'corundum' originates from the ancient Sanskrit word 'kuruvindam'; while 'sapphire' comes from Persian 'safir'.

Sapphire gems can be found in a variety of shapes and cuts, including faceted gems, carvings and cabochons. Most sapphire is found in oval or round shapes, which can sometimes makes sourcing heart-shaped sapphires a bit of a challenge. Heart-shaped sapphires are rarely cut en cabochon. More often than not, most heart-shaped sapphires are faceted and rather small. Prices for fancy-cut sapphires can often be higher than those of more 'traditional' shapes as a result of loss in carat weight during cutting to obtain the fancy shape. Natural sapphires are quite rare, especially untreated sapphire. Most sapphire is enhanced through routine heating to improve color and clarity. Unlike oval sapphires and round sapphires, heart-shaped sapphires are not usually found in large sizes. In fact, most will find it difficult to source any heart-shaped sapphires over 1 carat. Sapphires are seen as the guardians of love and when given as gifts, sapphires are thought to enhance love and attune the spirits to one another. Throughout history, sapphire has symbolized truth, sincerity and loyalty, while bringing about peace, joy and wisdom to whom shall wear fine sapphire.

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