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ID: 35522710 pcs
7x4mm Hexagon Cut Amethyst 5ct
5.12ctw Amethyst
7.06mm x 4.06mm x 3.16mm
USD 25.60
Item in Stock
ID: 3548996 pcs
3 carat White Diamond-Cut Zircon 4.5mm
2.92ctw Zircon
4.55mm x 2.79mm
USD 29.20
Item in Stock
ID: 3794546 pcs
2.5 ct VVS Oval Facet Tourmaline 6mm x 4mm
2.59ctw Tourmaline
5.87mm x 4.04mm x 2.64mm
USD 117.51
Item in Stock
ID: 3792904 pcs
6mm x 4mm Oval Facet Tourmaline 2ct
1.85ctw Tourmaline
5.98mm x 4.09mm x 2.87mm
USD 83.93
Item in Stock
ID: 35424321 pcs
3 carat Multicolor Princess-Cut Sapphire 2.5mmx2.5mm
3.08ctw Sapphire
2.60mm x 2.59mm
USD 172.48
Item in Stock
ID: 3787984 pcs
6x4mm Tourmaline 1.5ct Oval Facet in Yellowish Green
1.73ctw Tourmaline
5.93mm x 4.10mm x 2.83mm
USD 78.72
Item in Stock
ID: 35407930 pcs
3 ct VVS-VS Princess-Cut Sapphire 2.5mm x 2.5
3.27ctw Sapphire
2.54mm x 2.52mm
USD 81.75
Item in Stock
ID: 35358710 pcs
5x4 Rhodolite Garnet 4ct Oval Facet in Raspberry Red
4.2ctw Rhodolite Garnet
4.93mm x 3.99mm x 2.75mm
USD 33.60
Item in Stock
ID: 3779785 pcs
8 ct VS Round Facet Topaz 7mm
7.92ctw Topaz
7.02mm x 4.30mm
USD 55.44
Item in Stock
ID: 2795949 pcs
2.5 carat Multicolor Round Facet Andalusite 4 mm
2.34ctw Andalusite
4.04mm x 2.65mm
USD 105.30
Item in Stock
ID: 4018774 pcs
2.5 ct VVS-VS Oval Facet Tourmaline 6.5mmx5mm
2.74ctw Tourmaline
6.54mm x 4.85mm x 3.29mm
USD 102.48
Item in Stock
ID: 4017135 pcs
6x4.5 Oval Facet Tourmaline 2.5ct
2.48ctw Tourmaline
6.04mm x 4.47mm x 2.79mm
USD 92.75
Item in Stock
ID: 3769944 pcs
7x5 Oval Cabochon Topaz 4ct
4.13ctw Topaz
7.02mm x 5.13mm x 3.08mm
USD 28.91
Item in Stock
ID: 37192310 pcs
13 carat Red Heart Facet Almandine Garnet 7mmx7mm
12.62ctw Almandine Garnet
7.18mm x 7.07mm x 3.60mm
USD 75.72
Item in Stock
ID: 3521114 pcs
10x5mm Amethyst 4ct Marquise Facet in Violet
3.85ctw Amethyst
9.93mm x 5.03mm x 3.69mm
USD 26.95
Item in Stock
ID: 3347724 pcs
3 carat Multicolor Briolette with Hole Tourmaline 6.5 mm
2.84ctw Tourmaline
6.64mm x 3.96mm
USD 51.12
Item in Stock
ID: 4067974 pcs
7mmx5mm Tourmaline 3ct Oval Facet in Greenish Golden
2.97ctw Tourmaline
6.84mm x 4.97mm x 3.34mm
USD 107.90
Item in Stock
ID: 4004014 pcs
2 carat Multicolor Pear Cabochon Opal Doublet 7x5mm
1.85ctw Opal Doublet
7.07mm x 4.88mm x 1.82mm
USD 33.80
Item in Stock
ID: 4000733 pcs
6x5mm Zircon 3ct Oval Facet in Peach
2.9ctw Zircon
6.11mm x 5.08mm x 2.94mm
USD 58.00
Item in Stock
ID: 3750265 pcs
5mm x 3mm Octagon / Scissor Cut Sapphire 2ct
1.92ctw Sapphire
4.94mm x 3.11mm x 2.24mm
USD 81.50
Item in Stock
ID: 32558815 pcs
5mm x 3 Pear Facet Sapphire 4ct
3.77ctw Sapphire
4.87mm x 3.04mm x 2.06mm
USD 245.43
Item in Stock
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