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ID: 3446901 pc
92 ct Opaque Fancy Cabochon Charoite 36mm x 26
91.73ct Charoite
36.07mm x 26.19mm x 14.26mm
USD 275.19
Item in Stock
ID: 3514611 pc
13 mm Round Cabochon Quartz Cat's Eye 10ct
9.74ct Quartz Cat's Eye
12.95mm x 8.40mm
USD 38.96
Item in Stock
ID: 4050722 pcs
14mm x 10 Amethyst 14ct Oval Cabochon in Violet
13.62ctw Amethyst
13.79mm x 9.95mm x 6.99mm
USD 72.73
Item in Stock
ID: 3067702 pcs
4 ct Transparent/Translucent Heart Cabochon Chalcedony 8mmx8mm
3.57ctw Chalcedony
8.18mm x 7.85mm x 4.70mm
USD 6.43
Item in Stock
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ID: 2241621 pc
19.5mmx9.5mm Fire Agate 7ct Fancy Cabochon in Multicolor
6.66ct Fire Agate
19.65mm x 9.55mm x 3.69mm
USD 98.14
Item in Stock
ID: 3871411 pc
9 carat Light Green Oval Cabochon Jadeite 15mmx12.5mm
8.75ct Jadeite
15.11mm x 12.42mm x 4.54mm
USD 43.75
Item in Stock
ID: 3996291 pc
12 carat Multicolor Pear Cabochon Jasper 25mmx13.5mm
11.78ct Jasper
24.96mm x 13.36mm x 4.88mm
USD 17.08
Item in Stock
ID: 4049812 pcs
6 ct Opaque Round Cabochon Lapis Lazuli 9 mm
5.8ctw Lapis Lazuli
9.17mm x 4.27mm
USD 8.47
Item in Stock
ID: 3709941 pc
12.5mm x 10 Pear Cabochon Malachite 7ct
7.03ct Malachite
12.29mm x 10.17mm x 5.30mm
USD 7.52
Item in Stock
ID: 2369211 pc
9 ct Transparent/Translucent Cushion Cabochon Quartz 13x12.5
8.61ct Quartz
12.88mm x 12.54mm x 7.36mm
USD 10.76
Item in Stock
ID: 3870501 pc
13.5x9.5 Oval Cabochon Jadeite 6ct
5.97ct Jadeite
13.46mm x 9.55mm x 5.28mm
USD 29.85
Item in Stock
ID: 3924022 pcs
8 carat Violet Oval Cabochon Amethyst 11x9
7.7ctw Amethyst
10.98mm x 8.88mm x 5.45mm
USD 38.50
Item in Stock
ID: 4031061 pc
8 ct Transparent Round Cabochon Rutile Quartz 13mm
7.62ct Rutile Quartz
13.18mm x 5.93mm
USD 22.86
Item in Stock
ID: 3218371 pc
20.5mm x 15 Boulder Opal 17ct Pear Cabochon in Multicolor
16.89ct Boulder Opal
20.66mm x 14.77mm x 7.56mm
USD 456.03
Item in Stock
ID: 3923112 pcs
10mmx8mm Amethyst 6ct Oval Cabochon in Violet
5.88ctw Amethyst
10.15mm x 8.14mm x 4.41mm
USD 17.64
Item in Stock
ID: 3338211 pc
39 carat Multicolor Cushion Cabochon Pietersite 36mm x 23.5mm
38.93ct Pietersite
36.18mm x 23.74mm x 4.69mm
USD 155.72
Item in Stock
ID: 4030151 pc
10 carat Green Pear Cabochon Serpentine 23x13
9.54ct Serpentine
22.81mm x 13.03mm x 5.88mm
USD 19.08
Item in Stock
ID: 2582385 pcs
2 carat Deep Blue Oval Cabochon Sapphire 4.5mm x 4mm
2.03ctw Sapphire
4.66mm x 3.78mm x 2.45mm
USD 75.11
Item in Stock
ID: 3636764 pcs
2 carat Multicolor Oval Cabochon Opal Doublet 7mm x 5
2.02ctw Opal Doublet
7.02mm x 5.07mm x 1.88mm
USD 38.52
Item in Stock
ID: 3690281 pc
42 ct Opaque Marquise Cabochon Jasper 40x20
41.94ct Jasper
39.91mm x 19.92mm x 7.21mm
USD 62.91
Item in Stock
ID: 3805221 pc
22mm Round Cabochon Chalcedony 30ct
30.37ct Chalcedony
22.03mm x 8.62mm
USD 54.67
Item in Stock
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