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By Reviewed By Thomas Dahlberg

November Zodiac and Birthstones: Topaz, Citrine and More!

November Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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What Gem-types connect with November?

The traditional Birthstones related to November are Topaz as the first stone and Citrine as a secondary stone. These stones are gorgeous, durable, and best of all very affordable. Both Topaz and Citrine are available in an abundance of shapes and colors plus large sizes are available too. But wait it gets better because there are many other stones which relate to the Zodiac signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius that connect to November. Best part you're more than welcome to wear all of them!
The additional gemstones connect to the Zodiac signs of those who have November birthdays.

Scorpio's Zodiac, Planetary, and Talismanic Stones

Scorpio Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image

Sagittarius's Zodiac, Planetary, and Talismanic Stones

Sagittarius Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image

What are Talismanic & Planetary-Stones?

Planetary Stones - In ancient times Gemstones were believed to be associated with different planets. Some of these planets were deemed to be ruling planets for the time in which individuals were born. A belief stemmed that wearing the stone of the 'ruling planet' at your time of birth would bring positive effects to your life!

Talismanic Stones - Talismans are amulets which have been cut or engraved as jewelry. Wearers of these stones are said to have protection by the magical powers the Talismans posses. These engraved Talismans are supposed to protect from evil, but they must have engravings on stones corresponding to the Zodiac sign of the barer.

Why are Topaz and Citrine the gemstones of November?

Citrine Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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The story behind Citrine and Topaz becoming the Birthstones for this cold month is exciting. Citrine is a stone which carries the power of the sun and Topaz's energy is from the sun too. These gemstones are said to have the ability to calm energy, bringing warmth, and fortune to their wearers. Citrine and Topaz both poses sunny qualities that are sure to make your chilly winter much warmer and brighter. Not to mention you will look stunning while wearing them.

Are different gems related to Scorpio and Sagittarius?

Topaz Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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While Topaz and Citrine gemstones are the traditional Birthstones for those with November birthdays individuals who are born to the Signs Scorpio and Sagittarius have additional stones that are significant to their signs.

Here is a list of all the stones both Birthstones and Zodiac stones one can wear depending on their date of birth in November. Heres a list to help find your Birthstone and Zodiac stones for those born in November.

  • 'November Born' Scorpio these are your unique Gems:
    • Topaz, Citrine, Beryl, Apache tear, Aquamarine, Coral, and Obsidian. Additionally, Garnet and Ruby are your planetary stones, and Amethyst is the Talismanic Stone which belongs to you.
  • 'November Born' Sagittarius these are your unique Gems:
    • Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, and Turquoise. Additionally, Topaz is your planetary stone and Beryl is the Talismanic Stone which belongs to you.
Citrine Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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Who are some famous people that have birthdays in November?

David Schwimmer - American Actor - born on November 2, 1966, in Flushing, New York City, New York, United States
Matthew McConaughey - Actor - born on November 4, 1969, in Uvalde, Texas, United States
Lou Ferrigno - Actor and Bodybuilder - born on November 9, 1951, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Leonardo DiCaprio - actor - born on November 11, 1974, in Los Angeles
Demi Moore - actress - born on November 11, 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico
Natalie Glebova - Miss Universe - born on November 11, 1981, in Tuapse, Russia
Owen Wilson - born on November 18, 1968, in Dallas, Texas, United States
Jodie Foster - born on November 19, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, United States
Georgia O'Keeffe- Artist - born on November 15, 1887, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Mark Twain - Author - born on November 30, 1835, Florida, Missouri

Topaz Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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Are there references to earth, fire, water, or Feng Shui?

has some connection to Fire Energy and the energy of the sun. This energy is believed to have positive effects when channeled through Feng Shui. Fire energy brings enthusiasm, brightness, warmth, movement, and life. Fire is Yang in nature and the strength of heat, emotion, ideas, concepts, and passion. Topaz stones should go to the south area of your home or the center of your room or dwelling. Bringing the fire energy to the center of your residence will benefit your living space by providing light, cheer, and power to your entire place.

has a subdued Fire Energy and is therefore used in the center of a home or room to brighten the space. By placing the gemstone into your living space, you can energize and revitalize the life in the room. Yellow is the color of the mid-year, the sun, and the light. Thus placement of this stone will bring the benefits of these elements to your living space.

How is November connected to October and December?

Being that the Zodiac signs do not align themselves with the traditional monthly Birthstones list individuals who are of either particular sign share Zodiac Stones but not Birthstones.

For example, someone who was born in early November and of the sign Scorpio will not have the same birthstones in common with an October born Scorpio. October born Scorpios will have separate Birthstones according to the month in which they were born, opal and tourmaline. The same situation occurs similarly to those who are born in November having the uniqueness of Topaz and Citrine to their particular birth month of November. Finally, the later you are born you will be under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and therefore share more stones with December born individuals.

Imperial Topaz Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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What do people wear November birthstones? Confidence, Luck?

I truly believe anyone who's lucky enough to own and bear one of our beautiful gems is truly blessed. Also, I think the stones we provide will make you look gorgeous which is always a great feeling; however, there are many beliefs some of which date back 1,000s of years and the tales they tell go far beyond the pure beauty the stones poses.

Topaz is said to be an attractive stone in that it will bring you good things; love and fortune, the correct people into your life whether it's your business or personal experience, will aid you in reaching your goals, and improve the quality of your future and existing relationships.

Topaz colors provide different benefits.

The Yellow Topaz and Golden Topaz are said to lift spirits and fight depression. Additionally, they said to help relieve tiredness and fatigue from long, repetitious days while also having the ability to place positive thoughts into one's mind. These stones are believed to increase one's positive traits and improve self-esteem. This stone is often worn by teachers, sellers, lecturers, and those who assist others.

Blue Topaz is said to inspire creativity and provide mental clarity, therefore, making it an excellent stone for anyone who enjoys working in a creative field. Blue Topaz also increases intuition and can make one more peaceful. Blue Topaz is believed to aid those who are struggling in social environments by allowing them to cope more effectively, intuitively, and calmly.

Clear or White Topaz channels positivity and confidence it is also used by psychics to connect their abilities, and by others to connect with their sacred animal or spirit animal, therefore, increasing communication.

Citrine Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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Citrine is said to be a stone of creation, imagination, and inner strength and will. This stone also carries the power of the sun and is therefore warm comforting and give life. This stone encourages new pursuits and is said to turn dreams to reality. It stimulates as well, consequently clearing your mind while awakening your creativity and imagination. Citrine is said to ground negative energy and has commonly been referred to as healing quartz for this reason. Citrine is believed to take negative thoughts and transform them into positive ones.

Citrine is said to be the merchant's stone as it aids individuals in their accumulation of wealth and their ability to maintain it. It is a stone that attracts abundance and prosperity, success and many other desirable things. While it seems Citrine will bring the bearer many beautiful things it may also have the ability to increase their generosity by increasing their willingness to share with others. This desirable power can be harnessed by merely placing this stone inside of your purse or wallet.

This stone is also believed to aid all working individuals and those who are seeking new relationships or looking to protect and strengthen existing ones. Citrine attracts love and happiness while also guarding against detrimental human emotion such as jealousy envy and greed.

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