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By Reviewed By Thomas Dahlberg

Gemstones for Carnival

Gemstones for Carnival
Gemstones for Carnival

Carnival season takes place around the middle of February to early March and celebrates the last chance to party and feast before fasting for Lent. The word ‘carnival’ is thought to mean ‘farewell to meat’ as for the 40 days of Lent no meat should be eaten.

These carnival celebrations take place all over the world with the festivities in Rio, New Orleans, Trinidad and Venice being, perhaps, the biggest and the best. Music, dance, food and drink are just part of the merrymaking that takes place during carnival but the most striking part of the ceremonies is surely the costumes and color.

There is nothing subtle about the colors of Carnival or Mardi Gras with vivid and bold hues on display before the 40 days and nights of dull and gray austerity arrive.

We have come up with a selection of gemstone to commemorate carnival. Bold and brash colors are a must and all of them can be found in sizes big enough to stand out amongst the flashy hats, feathers, masks, sequins and beads.

If you have been lucky enough to join in with the revelry in any of the big carnival events, I am sure you will remember a few familiar colors – purple, gold/yellow, green, orange and blue are found time and again in almost every spectacle.

Our gemstone picks will reflect these traditional Mardi Gras colors.


Amethyst is usually described as a violet gemstone but it looks pretty purple to me! Either way this vivid colored stone is the perfect carnival accessory, available in big eye-catching sizes in all sorts of attractive shapes and at great prices, too.

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Amethyst’s sister is the dazzling golden yellow citrine. Another crystal that can be found in striking sizes that will really capture the partying vibe of this celebration. Big gemstones with amazing clarity and sunny looks are readily available and easily affordable.

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Yellow Quartz

Yellow quartz will shine like the sun whether worn as a ring, earrings or a pendant and this gemstone is suitable for all these jewelry items. Sparkling and intensely colored, Yellow Quartz makes the ideal party stone and looks equally as good during the day or as you dance away the night.

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One look at this joyful grassy green gemstone and you will be itching to show it off on the streets or in the bars during carnival. An intense green with flashes of yellow make Peridot a perfect gemstone to wear to the party. Although not as common in big, big sizes as the previous three gemstones, its awesome color will make up for the smaller dimensions.

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Many of the most famous carnivals take place in sunny spots such as Rio, Tenerife, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Sydney. Topaz, especially the Swiss Blue version, evokes the blue skies and azure seas found in these exotic locations. Big sizes, excellent clarity and a dazzling fire make Topaz a perfect party stone

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Fire Opal

Although it is an opal, Fire Opal is unlike any opal you may have seen before. It does not have the shimmering rainbow of colors but does have an intense and fiery orange that seems to burst with color. This vibrant and confidence boosting gemstone will have you carousing all day and all night.

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Quick Guide to Carnival Gemstones

Gemstone Color


Vivid Purple


Golden Yellow

Yellow Quartz

Bright Yellow


Spring Green


Sky Blue

Fire Opal

Fiery Orange

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