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By Reviewed By Thomas Dahlberg

Amethyst Buying Guide - What factors to look out for when shopping for this purple beauty

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Color is the major factor when buying amethyst gemstones but there are many other things to bear in mind. Size, clarity, durability, and more all play their part in getting the best value for money when shopping for this deep purple gem.

Brief Buying Guide to Amethyst


Amethyst is a type of quartz with a color range from lilac with pink undertones to delicate lavenders all the way up to deep plums and raspberries. Some can show hints of red and blue and there are even some rich brown versions. The deeper colors are the most valuable with strong reddish purple or deep purple with an even color throughout the stone being the most popular. If the color is too deep they can look black in dim lighting so this can diminish their value.

Remember, if it is not a purplish color it is not amethyst – there is no such thing as green or yellow amethyst!

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When used as a gemstone, only clear and clean amethyst should be considered. Gemstones of the highest clarity can be found in plentiful amounts so there is no need to spend money on stones with internal blemishes or cracks.

clarity scale
See our clarity scale here


Part of the amethyst’s popularity can be put down to its availability in large clear carat sizes at very reasonable prices. Gemstones of 5 and 10 carats abound and even 40 carats and more are not too difficult to find and at prices that will not break the bank. Unlike many gemstones the price per carat of amethyst does not leap dramatically as the size goes up – the price per carat remains the same no matter the size.

Gemstone Weight Scales

Cut / Shape

Amethysts are part of the quartz family so they are tough and durable gemstones that do not cause too many problems for a skilled cutter. They can be bought in every possible shape and cut from the familiar rounds, ovals and hearts to the more unusual fancy and flower cuts. Look out for some interesting cabochon cut amethysts for classic looking jewelry.

Do not underestimate the importance of the cut with amethyst. The big selling point this gemstone is its deep even color and its sparkle – both can be ruined by a poor cut.

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Amethysts have always been a much desired item of jewelry and were once as valuable as sapphires and rubies. Discoveries of large deposits around the world, and especially Brazil, have meant that the price has come down considerably.

The regular supplies, great colors and versatility of amethyst have made them very much favored by jewelers around the world. The steady supply of material also means getting matching stones in various sizes suitable for coordinating jewelry sets is easy.

The big sizes make them particularly good for eye-catching cocktail rings or pendants.

Amethyst Jewelry


Like nearly all gemstones, amethyst can be treated with heat to either lighten or darken a stone but as the results of heating can be erratic it is not very common. Some heated amethyst can be passed off as citrine if it turns orange or green amethyst if it turns green - NOT sold by us here at GemSelect.


Despite its long and illustrious history, stunning color and sparkle and powerful spiritual strength, amethyst is a VERY reasonably priced gemstone. Look out for the larger examples and you will be amazed at what great value they are.

Amethyst Price Examples

Weight Range Price Range / ct

1ct - 10ct

$6 - $10

10ct +

$10 - $30


Amethyst is the birthstone for February.

Wedding Gemstone

Amethyst is the traditional wedding gift for the 6th anniversary.


Amethyst is rated 7 on Mohs Hardness Scale


Amethyst is a much loved gemstone with a history stretching back thousands of years and a well-earned association with royalty, the rich, the famous and the holy. Its spiritual powers are legendary and are matched only by its striking good looks. For the price there is no better gemstone.

Quick Guide to Buying Amethyst


Violet / Purple



Carat Weight

Available in Large Weights / Sizes


All cuts




Not Common



Wedding Stone



All Types - Cocktail Rings, Pendants/Brooches especially effective


Rated 7 on Mohs Hardness Scale

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