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0.77 ct Pink Malaya Garnet Gemstone, Malaya Garnet Gem in Oval Facet Shape for Sale.
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0.77 ct Pink Malaya Garnet Stone, Natural Malaya Garnet in Oval Facet Shape for Sale Malaya Garnet Gemstone in 6.2 x 4.3 mm Size for Sale, Malaya Garnet Stone in Light Pink Color

0.77 carat Pink Malaya Garnet Gemstone, Oval loose Malaya Garnet from Tanzania, Natural Untreated Gem, 6.2 x 4.3 mm

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Malaya Garnet Product ID: 509920
Type: Malaya Garnet
Malaya Garnet Weight: 0.77 ct Malaya Garnet 1 gem
Malaya Garnet Size: mm calibrated Malaya Garnet
Malaya Garnet Size: 6.2 x 4.3 x 3.4 mm Malaya Garnet
Malaya Garnet Exact Size: 6.18 x 4.30 x 3.44 mm
Length x Width x Depth
Malaya Garnet Shape: Oval Facet Malaya Garnet
Malaya Garnet Color: Light Pink Malaya Garnet
Malaya Garnet Clarity: VS Malaya Garnet
Malaya Garnet Treatment: Untreated
Malaya Garnet Origin: Tanzania Malaya Garnet
Content: 1 pc
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Product Description

The product is a natural oval facet Malaya Garnet in light-pink color with the exact size of 6.18 x 4.3 x 3.44 mm. This product is from Tanzania, it has a weight of 0.77ct. This Malaya Garnet comes in VS clarity. "VS" stands for "Very Slightly Included" and is considered eye-clean. This gemstone is untreated; no treatment at all has been applied. The item is sold as seen in the picture: 1 piece pink Malaya Garnet for the price listed.

Product Features

  • No treatment has been applied to this gemstone. This is a natural untreated gemstone.

Product Uses

  • Garnet is associated with the Year of the Rat in Chinese astrology.
  • Garnet gemstones are traditionally associated with the Aquarius zodiac sign.
  • This size is suitable for a center-stone in a ring design.

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Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

I am of the opinion that the company gem select cares about the product beautiful gems it sells and the cost of the gem I purchased was small i was treated as if it cost a lot of money and product was described in detail and i felt good about the little stones i had ordered.

Posted By Sparkle in March, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

They had a easy to navigate directory for all the currently available products. You could filter by almost any parameter you could think of. The checkout process was smooth and painless, and the shipping was quick and efficient. All-in-all, it was a very positive experience.

Posted By Brian in May, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

I have used GemSelect for several years and plan to shop more in the further. This is a good source of information on gemstones. I love looking at and learning about them. Lot more than I ever knew existed.

Posted By Bikerwalrus in October, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

I really enjoy browsing through GemSelect. The selection is always marvelous and I love how detailed everything is described. The only thing I noticed is that when browsing through my phone, the videos of the gems do not load. If there were more videos of the gems, that would be amazing, though I understand that is a lot of work on GemSelect's part! Checking out is also very fast and easy, and I love that the return policy is very good, though I hope I don't have to use it anytime soon.

Posted By ChiChi in January, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

It was easy to navigate and I hope that the gem is as nice as the picture

Posted By 1 in April, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 7 star ratings

I placed order#384714 based on the picture on your website and the stone came in much darker. I'm sure it's the same stone i ordered but your lighting made it seem a lighter blue. I was trying to match a stone for a customer and based on the picture it would have been close enough but the stone in person is a mile off.

Posted By Bobk in February, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Very detailed and great pictures

Posted By Alexandrite in November, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

Good interaction with site

Posted By Brick in September, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

The website is easy to navigate and the images are incredible.

Posted By Lindsy in October, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Everthing about researching and ordering from Gemselect was easy and uncomplicated. In the past I had payment problems, but your customer rep, Thomas, helped me get everything right. I will continue using Gemselet in the future for these reasons.

Posted By WildwillyfromArizona in August, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

i love this site, the gems are always of good quality, i've been buy gifts from the site for 10 years, love it

Posted By Jf in January, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

The gem stone always has a great selection of beautiful stones. The calibrated stone fit my ring perfectly. Thank you gem select !

Posted By Jen in August, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Perfect size I was looking for and great price

Posted By Izzy in September, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

I was in the market for birthstones for a lil gift project im doing. I'm no expert in gems or what not but the quality as far as i can tell seems to be spot on.

Posted By PixelComposer in January, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

I was looking for a source for affordable genuine gemstones for my grandson who is currently very interested in rocks and gems. I was quite surprised and pleased to find GemSelect and finding the right stones at the right price couldn't have been simpler.

Posted By Papa in December, 2023
Source: Bizrate
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