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Kaufe 1 Karat Rubin Edelsteine

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1 Karat Rubin

About GemSelect's 1 Carat Red Ruby

Selections of 1 Carat or 'ct' Rubies are here now due to an increased volume of customers who prefer to shop by weight. Choose from top quality stones with the occasional opportunity to get our value prices lots and pairs too!

By purchasing 100% Natural Rubies from GemSelect, you will be choosing from the most exceptional selection of top-quality natural stones and paying the most affordable prices!

What are Some Great Reasons to Wear and Buy Ruby?

Ruby is an excellent stone and is the "King of Precious Stones." Ruby is also the Birthstone for July and has many Anniversaries in which it's the appropriate stone to give; expressly, the 15th, 40th, and 80th!

What Sizes and Shapes are Available?

We stock various shapes and sizes in our 1-Carat selections which include; Faceted Round, Pear, Oval, and Marquise Cut Gemstones. Feel free to browse by shape in the upper left-hand corner you will see a box which includes all of our current inventory!

What are The Properties of Ruby?

Rubies are Red, and the only variation in that will be the saturation of red found in individual stones. Because of this, you will see some gems which are lighter in color and others which are darker. Rubies durability is exceptional as its a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. Rubies natural harness makes it an excellent stone for daily wear and any jewelry application.

What designs are Good for 1 Carat Rubies?

GemSelect suggests our Ruby in the 1-carat range for Ruby rings, pendants, and necklaces. Pear Shapes are the most desirable for use as pendants but round stones can work too, and either looks truly stunning.

GemSelect Welcomes Your Questions and Suggestions.

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions directly at Thank you for choosing GemSelect!!

Geprüfte Kundenbewertungen
Gesamtbewertung -> 10 star ratings
If you want a gem that you can trust to not be treated, or if it is it’s disclosed this is the place! There’s something for everybody. I really like knowing that the picture of the item is the one I’m buying, not a sample or stock photo. If you make jewelry, buy gems here! You can even buy a gem and have it set by a jeweler. Again, they have an amazing inventory, and prices are more than fair. You won’t be disappointed! I just wish they sold uncut gems. Sometimes I just want a specimen in the crystal form. I’m surprised they had no quartz from Arkansas, but they have a great selection of anything I’ve ever looked for.
Geschrieben von Nita in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate
Gesamtbewertung -> 10 star ratings
I was looking for a tourmaline but although there were numerous beautiful stones to choose from, there was none that fit my need. Then I thought of some other beautiful stones I love and sunstone came to mind. I so thrilled when I was able to find the most gorgeous sunstone and with the exact specifications of my need. GemSelect makes it extremely easy to find the exact stone your looking for quickly and check out is just as easy to go through. I would (and have) definitely recommend GemSelect because of the large selection of stones, ease of use, and fast affordable shipping.
Geschrieben von Ngibson82 in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate
Gesamtbewertung -> 10 star ratings
It was easy to find the kind of stone I was looking for in the price range I preferred.
Geschrieben von S.S. in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate
Gesamtbewertung -> 10 star ratings
ease of going through site and making purchase. will update when item received
Geschrieben von CAT in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate
Gesamtbewertung -> 9 star ratings
The site it's self looks fairly plain and simple but the wide variety of stones with high quality photos and price ranges made finding a beautiful stone in my price range was extremely easy.
Geschrieben von Randy in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate
Gesamtbewertung -> 10 star ratings
I love collecting Gems and Gemselect is my go to place to get them. I have never been dissatisfied with any of my orders. I also love the information that they give for each gem.
Geschrieben von Pierre de la Fontaine in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate
Gesamtbewertung -> 10 star ratings
Easy to navigate website, excellent photos of gemstones, good information about the different gemstones
Geschrieben von Max in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate
Gesamtbewertung -> 8 star ratings
I was looking for gemstones to use for making jewelry for birthday gifts. It was east to find what i needed with the birthstone information and quick and easy to locate gems. Ive never bought gems from anywhere else. This is a good site
Geschrieben von Michavo in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate
Gesamtbewertung -> 10 star ratings
I fell in love with my beautiful blue turquoise stone. When I received the stone it is more beautiful than the picture showed. I can hardly wait to design my pendant!)
Geschrieben von Sonnyone in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate
Gesamtbewertung -> 9 star ratings
I was looking for a gemstone called Sphene/Titanite and found it on GemSelect. They had many gems to choose from and had good prices. I received my order a little later than expected but given that it's coming from overseas I wasn't too worried. The 2 gems I received are beautiful. I have to say that I have no gem knowledge- I am a novice and I ordered the Sphene for healing purposes, so I am hoping they are real. I have no way of confirming if that is true. But they are beautiful!
Geschrieben von Amy in July, 2021
Quelle: Bizrate


Gesamtzahl der Artikel: 1792

Mehr Formen
  • Asscher Schliff
  • Baguette / Scheren Schliff
  • Baguette Cabochon
  • Baguette Schachbrett
  • Baguette-Kristall-Cluster
  • Baquette Schliff
  • Baguette Rosen-Schliff
  • Baquette Treppen-Schliff
  • Baguette-Zuckerhut-Cabochon
  • Ball Schliff
  • Barock
  • Fass
  • Fass / Schachbrett
  • Lauf / Vollrund
  • Fass Cabochon
  • Säulenförmiger Rosenschliff
  • Bärenschnitzei mit Loch
  • Vogelschnitzerien
  • Briolette
  • Briolette mit Loch
  • Schachbrett in Kugelform
  • Geschnitzt
  • Geschnitzter Vogel
  • Geschnitzte Kamee
  • Geschnitztes Kissen
  • Geschnitzter Elefant
  • Geschnitzte Phantasie
  • Geschnitzter Fisch
  • Geschnitzter Fisch mit Loch
  • Geschnitzte Blume
  • Geschnitzter Frosch
  • Geschnitzte Frucht
  • Geschnitztes halbes Herz
  • Geschnitztes Herz
  • Geschnitzter Herzcabochon
  • Geschnitztes Blatt
  • Geschnitzte Marquise
  • Geschnitzter Marquise Cabochon
  • Geschnitztes Achteck
  • Geschnitzter Oval
  • Geschnitzter ovaler Cabochon
  • Geschnitzte Birne
  • Geschnitzter Birnen-Cabochon
  • Geschnitzte Raute
  • Geschnitzte Rose
  • Geschnitzte Rose mit halbgebohrtem Loch
  • Rund Geschnitzt
  • Geschnitzter Rundstab
  • Geschnitzter runder Cabochon
  • Geschnitzte Muschel
  • Geschnitzter Platz
  • Geschnitzte Träne
  • Geschnitztes Dreieck
  • Geschnitzte Schildkröte
  • Bufftop-Kissenschliff
  • Kissen Cabochon
  • Geschnitzte Medusa-Kamee mit Kissenschliff
  • Kissen Schachbrett
  • Kissenschliff Schachbrett (beidseitig)
  • Kissen Konkavschliff
  • Kissen konkav Fantasy Cut
  • Kissen Kristall Cluster
  • Kissen gemischter Schnitt
  • Kissen Rosen-Schliff
  • Kissenform Zuckerhut Cabochon
  • Kissen Zuckerhut Cabochon
  • Kissenschliff
  • Diamanten-Schliff
  • Drilled Cube
  • Durchbohrte facettierte Kugel
  • Durchbohrte Kugel
  • Gebohrte quadratische Rondelle
  • Gebohrte quadratische Rondellescheibe
  • Fancy Bicone
  • Freiform-Cabochon Schliff
  • Ausgefallenes geschnitztes Kissen
  • Ausgefallenes geschnitztes Oval
  • Ausgefallene geschnitzte Birne
  • Ausgefallene geschnitzte Runde
  • Ausgefallene geschnitzte Billionen
  • Ausgefallene Schnitzereien
  • Freiform Kristall-Cluster
  • Fancy Cut
  • Fantasie-Schliff
  • Ausgefallene Fantasieschnitzerei
  • Freiform Scheiben
  • Freiform-Schliff
  • Fantasie geschnitzte Blume
  • Fantasie geschnitzter Blumenschnitt
  • Fantasiegeschnitztes Blatt
  • Blumenschnitzerei
  • Blumen-Schliff
  • Half Cylinder Cabochon
  • Halbes Herz Cabochon
  • Halbes Herz Facettenschliff
  • Halbmond Cabochon
  • Halbmond Facettenschliff
  • Halbmond facettiert
  • halbgebohrte Pendeloque
  • Half-Drilled Half Cylinder Cabochon
  • Half-Drilled Heart Checkerboard (double sided
  • Halbgebohrte Herzfacette
  • halbgebohrte Kugel
  • Herz Bufftop
  • Herz Cabochon
  • Herz-Schachbrett Schliff
  • Herz-Schachbrett Schliff (beidseitig)
  • Herz facettiert
  • Herz-Rosenschliff
  • Hexagon-Schliff
  • Marquise Buff-Top
  • Marquise-Cabochon Schliff
  • Marquise Schachbrettschliff
  • Navette-Schachbrett (beidseitig)
  • Marquise Konkavschliff
  • Marquise Schliff
  • Marquise Mixed Cut
  • Navette-Scheibe
  • Marquise Zuckerhut Cabochon
  • Oktagon Scheren Schliff
  • Octagon Buff-Top
  • Oktagon Cabochon
  • Oktagon Schachbrett
  • Oktagon Konkavschliff
  • Oktagon facettiert
  • Octagon Stufenschliff
  • Oval Bar Cut
  • Oval Bufftop
  • Oval-Cabochon Schliff
  • Oval Cabochon mit Loch
  • Oval geschnitzte Kamee
  • Oval Schachbrett
  • Oval Schachbrett (beidseitig)
  • Oval Konkavschliff
  • Oval Kristall-Cluster
  • Oval Diamantschliff
  • Ovalschliff
  • Oval Freiform-Schliff
  • Ovaler Fantasy Concave Cut
  • Oval Mix-Schliff
  • Oval Portugiesischer Schliff
  • Oval Rosenschliff
  • Oval Rose-Cut (double sided)
  • Oval Scheibe
  • Birnen-Cabochon Schliff
  • Birnen Schachbrett
  • Birne Schachbrett mit Loch
  • Birnen Konkavschliff
  • Birne Concave Fantasy Cut
  • Tropfen Kristall-Cluster
  • Tropfen zweiseitiges Schachbrett
  • Birnen Schliff
  • Zuckerhut Cabochon in Birnenform
  • Tropfen Scheibe
  • Stift
  • Bleistiftschnitt
  • Prinzess-Schliff
  • Raute Cabochon
  • Raute Schachbrett
  • Rhomb Schachbrett (doppelseitig)
  • Raute Facettenschliff
  • Rondelleschliff
  • Rund Bufftop
  • Rund Cabochon
  • Rund geschnitzte Kamee
  • Rund Schachbrett
  • Rund Schachbrett (beidseitig)
  • Rund Konkavschliff
  • Runder konkaver Fantasieschliff
  • Rundes gebohrtes Schachbrett (doppelseitig)
  • Runde gebohrte Rondelle
  • Rundschliff
  • Runder Mixed-Cut
  • Rund Blütenschliff
  • Rund Rosenschliff
  • Rundrosen-Schnitt (doppelseitig)
  • Rund Scheibe
  • Haifischflosse Cabochon
  • Schildcabochon
  • Shield Faceted
  • Sphärisch
  • Caree-Scherenschliff
  • Caree-Bufftop
  • Quadrat Cabochon
  • Quadrat Schachbrett
  • Quadrat Konkaven-Schliff
  • Carréschliff / Quadrat
  • Quadratisch gemischter Schnitt
  • Quadrat Rosen-Schliff
  • Caree Stufenschliff
  • Quadratischer Zuckerhut Cabochon
  • Quadrat mit Loch
  • Star Facet
  • Konischer Baguetteschliff Cabochon
  • Tropfencabochon
  • Trapez
  • Trapez Cabochon
  • Dreieck
  • Trilliant facettiert
  • Trillion Buff-Oberteil
  • Trilliant-Cabochon Schliff
  • Trilliant Schachbrettschliff
  • Trilliant Konkavschliff
  • Trillion Kristall-Cluster
  • Trillantschliff
  • Trillion Rosenschliff
  • Zuckerhut-Cabochon in Billionenform
  • Ungebohrte Briolette-Träne
Beliebte Edelsteine
  • Saphir
  • Smaragd
  • Rubin
  • Aquamarin
  • Zirkon
  • Opal
  • Topas
  • Turmalin
  • Granat
  • Amethyst
  • Citrin
  • Tansanit
Alle Edelsteine (139)
  • Achat
  • Achat-Geode
  • Actinolite Cat's Eye
  • Almandin-Granat
  • Amazonit
  • Amethyst
  • Ametrin
  • Ammolith
  • Andalusit
  • Andesin Labradorit
  • Apatit
  • Aquamarin
  • Aventurin
  • Azurit-Druse
  • Beryll
  • Blutstein
  • Boulder-Opal
  • Cat's Eye Apatite
  • Cat's Eye Aquamarine
  • Cat's Eye Gemstones
  • Cat's Eye Moonstone
  • Cat's Eye Opal
  • Cat's Eye Scapolite
  • Chalcedon
  • Charoit
  • Chromdiopsid
  • Chrysoberyll
  • Chrysokoll
  • Chrysopras
  • Citrin
  • Citrin mit Asterismus
  • Demantoid-Granat
  • Dendritischer-Achat
  • Diamant
  • Druzy Amethyst
  • Enstatit
  • Erdbeerquarz
  • Farbwechselnde Edelsteine
  • Farbwechselnder Diaspor
  • Farbwechselnder Fluorit
  • Farbwechselnder Granat
  • Farbwechselnder Saphir
  • Feuerachat
  • Feueropal
  • Fluorit
  • Goldener Beryll
  • Granat
  • Grandidierit
  • Grossular Granat
  • Hawk's Eye
  • Hemimorphit-Druse
  • Hessonit-Granat
  • Howlith
  • Hyalit Opal
  • Hämatit
  • Idokras
  • Imperial Topas
  • Iolith
  • Jade
  • Jade-Schmucksteine
  • Jaspis
  • Karneol
  • Koralle
  • Korallen-Fossil
  • Kornerupin
  • Kunzit
  • Kyanit
  • Labradorit
  • Lapislazuli
  • Larimar
  • Malachit
  • Malaya-Granat
  • Mali-Granat
  • Mawsitsit
  • Mondstein
  • Morganit
  • Mystik Topas
  • Nuummit
  • Obsidian
  • Onyx
  • Opal
  • Opal in Matrix
  • Opal-Dublette
  • Peridot
  • Perle
  • Perlmutt
  • Pietersite
  • Prehnit
  • Pyrit
  • Pyrop-Granat
  • Quartz Cat's Eye
  • Quarz
  • Quarz mit Markasit
  • Rauchquarz
  • Regenbogen-Mondstein
  • Regenbogen-Pyrit
  • Rhodochrosit
  • Rhodolit-Granat
  • Rosenquarz
  • Rubellit-Turmalin
  • Rubin
  • Rubin in Fuchsit
  • Rubin-Zoisit
  • Rutilquarz
  • Saphir
  • Schneeflockenobsidian
  • Schokoladen Opal
  • Schwarzer Opal
  • Scolecit
  • Seraphinite
  • Serpentin
  • Sillimanit
  • Sillimanite Cat's Eye
  • Skapolith
  • Smaragd
  • Smithsonit
  • Sodalith
  • Sonnenstein
  • Spektrolith
  • Spessartin-Granat
  • Sphalerit
  • Sphen
  • Spinell
  • Stern-Edelsteine
  • Sterndiopsid
  • Sterngranat
  • Sternmondstein
  • Sternrosenquarz
  • Sternrubin
  • Sternsaphir
  • Tansanit
  • Tiger's Eye
  • Tiger's Eye Matrix
  • Topas
  • Tsavorit-Granat
  • Turmalin
  • Türkis
  • Variscit
  • Zirkon
  • Neuheiten
  • Schmucksteine Sets
  • Kalibrierte Edelsteine
  • Edelsteine Stückweise
  • Erstklassige Edelsteine
  • Passende Paare
  • Cabochon Edelsteine
  • Gebohrte Edelsteine, Briolettes und Perlen
  • Geburtssteine
  • Schmuckstein-Schnitzereien
  • Fantasie Edelsteine
  • Stern-Edelsteine
  • Unbehandelte Saphire
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Gems are always measured in Millimeter (mm)

Dimensions are given as;
length x width x depth,
except for round stones which are;
diameter x depth

Select gems by size, not by weight!
Gem varieties vary in density, so carat weight is not a good indication of size

Note: 1ct = 0.2g

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