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By Reviewed By Andreas Zabczyk

Maw-Sit-Sit Gemstone Information

Maw-Sit-Sit Gemstones from GemSelect - Large Image
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About Maw-Sit-Sit - History and Introduction

Maw-sit-sit is a green gemstone that was named "maw-sit-sit" after the village where it was found in Northern Burma. Maw-sit-sit was discovered in 1963 by a Swiss gemologist called Dr Edward Gubelin. Since it is made of kosmochlor, chromian jadeite, chromian eckermannite, chromian albite, and other materials, maw-sit-sit is considered to be a rock, rather than a mineral. It is sometimes referred to as a variety of jadeite, but strictly speaking, maw-sit-sit is not jadeite, though it contains jadeite and is mined in the same area as imperial jadeite. Jadeite is a mineral, whereas maw-sit-sit is a rock. The dominant mineral of maw-sit-sit is kosmochlor and this sets it apart from jadeite, which is sodium aluminum silicate. Therefore, maw-sit-sit is best considered to be related to jadeite. The kosmochlor component of maw-sit-sit is what gives it a beautiful emerald-green color with blackish-green patches.

Maw-sit-sit is also sometimes referred to as "chloromelanite" or "jade albite", which are names given to rock composed of varying amounts of jadeite, albite feldspar and other minerals.

Maw-sit-sit Gemstone

Identifying Maw-Sit-Sit

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Maw-sit-sit can be identified by its bright, emerald-green color and distinctive white or dark-green to blackish patches or veins.

Maw-Sit-Sit; Origin and Gemstone Sources

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So far, maw-sit-sit has only been found in the jade mining region of Northern Burma (Myanmar) known as Tawmaw. Therefore, it is a rare rock and high quality materials command high prices.

Buying Maw-Sit-Sit and Determining Maw-Sit-Sit Gemstone Value Back to Top

Maw-Sit-Sit Color

Maw-sit-sit is a vivid emerald-green to dark-green color, usually with dark-green patches or veins. The patches can appear so dark that they look black. Sometimes the patches are white. The best quality material has an emerald-green hue.

Maw-Sit-Sit Clarity and Luster

Maw-sit-sit is an opaque gemstone with a vitreous (glassy) to oily (greasy) luster. In thin slices it can exhibit slight translucency.

Maw-Sit-Sit Cut and Shape

Maw-sit-sit is usually cut en cabochon or carved due to its opacity. It is not usually faceted. This is because the luster of maw-sit-sit is displayed to its best advantage when it is not faceted. It is also drilled to make beads and pendants. Maw-sit-sit can also be carved into exquisite ornaments.

Maw-Sit-Sit Treatment

Maw-sit-sit is not currently known to be enhanced or treated in any way.

Maw-Sit-Sit Gemological Properties:

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Chemical Formula: NaCr(Si2O6)+Fe,Mg
Crystal Structure: Monoclinic, prismatic
Color: Bright to dark-green with white or dark-green to blackish spots or veins
Hardness: 6 - 7 on the Mohs scale
Refractive Index: 1.52 - 1.74
Density: 2.5 - 3.5
Cleavage: Good
Transparency: Usually opaque, sometimes translucent in small slices
Double Refraction or Birefringence: 0.0150 - 0.020
Luster: Vitreous to oily

Please refer to our Gemstone Glossary for details of gemology-related terms.

Maw-Sit-Sit: Related or Similar Gemstones

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Jadeite Gem

Maw-sit-sit is sometimes mistaken for nephrite jade or jadeite jade. Since it contains jadeite, maw-sit-sit is related to jade and omphacite. Maw-sit-sit can appear similar to nephrite jade or jadeite jade, but its chemical composition is different.

Maw-Sit-Sit Gemstone Mythology, Metaphysical and Alternative Crystal Healing Powers Back to Top

Maw-sit-sit has been attributed with the ability to help its wearer to ward of depression, feel energized, and find happiness in life. Since maw-sit-sit is a relatively recent discovery, not a great deal is known about its metaphysical properties.

Disclaimer: Metaphysical and Alternative Crystal Healing Powers and Properties are not to be taken as confirmed advice. Traditional, Ceremonial and Mythological Gemstone Lore is collected from various resources and does not represent the sole opinion of SETT Co., Ltd. This information is not to replace the advice of your doctor. Should you have any medical conditions, please see a licensed medical practitioner. GemSelect does not guarantee any claims or statements of healing or astrological birthstone powers and cannot be held liable under any circumstances.

Maw-Sit-Sit Gemstone and Jewelry Design Ideas

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Maw-sit-sit's vivid hue makes it an eye-catching jewelry gem. Its bold color makes it suitable for both women's and men's jewelry and when cut en cabochon, it can be used to make pendants, earrings or rings. When polished, maw-sit-sit has an attractive shine and it looks good with gold and silver settings alike. Maw-sit-sit is versatile and can be carved into intricate forms. It is sometimes carved into bangles as jade is.

Note: Buy colored gemstones by size and not by carat weight. Colored stones vary in size-to-weight ratio. Some stones are larger and others are smaller than diamonds by weight in comparison.

Maw-Sit-Sit Gemstone Jewelry Care and Cleaning

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Maw-sit-sit is quite a tough substance that is suitable for everyday wear, but in order to maintain its luster and color, it should be cared for properly. To clean your maw-sit-sit, simply use soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse well to remove soapy residue. As with most gemstones, ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are not recommended. Always remove any jewelry or gemstones before exercising, cleaning or engaging in harsh physical activities such as sports. Store maw-sit-sit away from other gemstones to avoid scratches. It is best to wrap gemstones in soft cloth or place them inside a fabric-lined jewelry box.

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