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ID: 4274861 pcs
20.72ct Scapolite
22.70 x 11.96 x 7.70mm
USD 62.16
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ID: 4139481 pcs
26.29ct Scapolite
18.69 x 17.64 x 11.53mm
USD 105.16
Item in Stock
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ID: 4274871 pcs
24.79ct Scapolite
19.39 x 15.89 x 10.54mm
USD 74.37
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ID: 4139471 pcs
35.22ct Scapolite
28.65 x 16.30 x 9.53mm
USD 140.88
Item in Stock
ID: 4139501 pcs
23.27ct Scapolite
25.07 x 12.11 x 9.50mm
USD 93.08
Item in Stock
Scapolite is a sodium calcium aluminum silicate with a hardness of 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. It is named from the Greek for "stick", since its tetragonal crystals grow in columns. As a gemstone scapolite is not well known, but it can be a very attractive stone. Its color, which is usually a vibrant yellow to orange, pink or violet, is its best feature. Deposits are found in Burma, Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, Namibia and Tanzania.
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