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ID: 3695601 pcs
1.62ct Emerald
8.81mm x 6.34mm x 4.67mm
USD 889.54
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ID: 41382840 pcs
2.27ctw Emerald
2.17mm x 2.09mm x 1.44mm
USD 113.50
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ID: 41382740 pcs
3.00ctw Emerald
2.36mm x 2.31mm x 1.83mm
USD 150.00
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ID: 4119582 pcs
0.68ctw Emerald
6.08mm x 3.92mm x 2.25mm
USD 272.00
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ID: 4123341 pcs
0.77ct Emerald
7.12mm x 5.26mm x 3.19mm
USD 308.00
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ID: 4123351 pcs
0.72ct Emerald
7.11mm x 5.02mm x 3.19mm
USD 288.00
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ID: 4122151 pcs
0.59ct Emerald
7.12mm x 5.05mm x 2.63mm
USD 236.00
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ID: 4121311 pcs
1.96ct Emerald
8.82mm x 6.73mm x 4.96mm
USD 882.00
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ID: 4120151 pcs
1.21ct Emerald
7.63mm x 5.82mm x 4.40mm
USD 544.50
Item in Stock
ID: 4121275 pcs
1.70ctw Emerald
5.11mm x 3.99mm x 2.68mm
USD 680.00
Item in Stock
ID: 4124136 pcs
2.51ctw Emerald
3.98mm x 3.96mm x 2.91mm
USD 1004.00
Item in Stock
ID: 4120654 pcs
1.62ctw Emerald
5.96mm x 4.22mm x 2.41mm
USD 648.00
Item in Stock
ID: 40924830 pcs
1.82ctw Emerald
2.26mm x 2.18mm x 1.64mm
USD 69.96
Item in Stock
ID: 2992321 pcs
1.61ct Emerald
9.01mm x 6.92mm x 4.25mm
USD 1040.06
Item in Stock
ID: 4118842 pcs
0.86ctw Emerald
5.90mm x 4.16mm x 2.47mm
USD 344.00
Item in Stock
ID: 4123301 pcs
0.75ct Emerald
6.93mm x 5.02mm x 3.37mm
USD 300.00
Item in Stock
ID: 4123011 pcs
0.88ct Emerald
7.29mm x 5.16mm x 3.73mm
USD 352.00
Item in Stock
ID: 4120231 pcs
1.50ct Emerald
8.20mm x 6.13mm x 4.57mm
USD 675.00
Item in Stock
ID: 4120191 pcs
1.16ct Emerald
8.17mm x 5.96mm x 3.63mm
USD 522.00
Item in Stock
ID: 4180144 pcs
0.82ctw Emerald
4.96mm x 3.22mm x 2.16mm
USD 328.00
Item in Stock
ID: 4124307 pcs
2.85ctw Emerald
6.15mm x 4.09mm x 2.63mm
USD 1140.00
Item in Stock
Zambian Emerald Gems
The Republic of Zambia, located in Southern Africa, is a region rich in gemstone deposits, and most notably fine green emerald. Although Colombia has been the world's most important source for fine quality emerald for most of time, as of recently, many fine emeralds have been sourced from Zambia. Since the late 1970s, Zambia has been commercially producing emeralds on a large-scale, but it wasn't until decades later than Zambian emerald took off with great success. The color of emerald from Zambia tends to be a more saturated green than Colombian material, but what's most notable about Zambian emerald is its higher level of transparency and clarity. Zambia produces roughly 20 percent of the world's emerald supply and has earned itself a fine reputation as one of the most respected emerald sources. Some Zambian emeralds are dark-green, while some exhibit a bluish tone, especially when viewed under incandescent lighting. Many Zambian emeralds can easily rival the finest Colombian emeralds when it comes to color.

Emerald is considered to be the most precious stone in the beryl group, though bixbite (red beryl) is the rarest and most valuable. However, since bixbite is so rare, it is commercially unavailable for most gem seekers. By definition, emerald is a medium or dark-green beryl, often with a secondary bluish hue. The green color of emerald is derived from chromium or a combination of both vanadium and chromium. A slightly bluish-green with medium dark tone and strong to vivid saturation is considered top color, and while clarity is important, inclusions for the most part are well-tolerated. Independent gem labs even state that good quality emerald usually ranges from SI to I grade clarity. Emerald is rarely found eye-clean.

Emerald is routinely oiled to improve color and clarity, with some being lightly treated with colorless oil. Additionally, some emerald may be enhanced with the use of more viscous resin and colored dyes. Emerald is rarely ever brought from the mine to market untreated. For those who plan to own emerald, keep in mind that as the oil treatment fades, loss of color will occur and inclusions will become more evident over time. Emeralds will often require re-oiling after years of wear, in order to bring back their full beauty.
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