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ID: 3858531 pcs
8.71ct Star Sapphire
12.96mm x 10.14mm x 5.70mm
USD 130.65
Item in Stock
ID: 3876871 pcs
4.01ct Star Sapphire
12.22mm x 8.34mm x 3.27mm
USD 80.20
Item in Stock
ID: 3906461 pcs
10.24ct Star Sapphire
13.09mm x 10.55mm x 6.39mm
USD 153.60
Item in Stock
ID: 3508911 pcs
27.29ct Star Sapphire
19.39mm x 16.50mm x 7.09mm
USD 743.93
Item in Stock
ID: 3506401 pcs
32.74ct Star Sapphire
19.42mm x 16.43mm x 8.30mm
USD 892.49
Item in Stock
ID: 3875341 pcs
6.57ct Star Sapphire
11.79mm x 8.72mm x 5.93mm
USD 131.40
Item in Stock
ID: 3862761 pcs
9.40ct Star Sapphire
13.43mm x 10.57mm x 6.01mm
USD 90.62
Item in Stock
ID: 3885381 pcs
6.32ct Star Sapphire
14.65mm x 11.58mm x 3.20mm
USD 150.54
Item in Stock
ID: 3858581 pcs
9.82ct Star Sapphire
12.09mm x 10.78mm x 6.37mm
USD 147.30
Item in Stock
ID: 3861021 pcs
9.74ct Star Sapphire
13.78mm x 10.16mm x 5.79mm
USD 93.89
Item in Stock
ID: 3885361 pcs
11.11ct Star Sapphire
15.71mm x 13.40mm x 4.75mm
USD 264.64
Item in Stock
ID: 2231741 pcs
30.49ct Star Sapphire
18.85mm x 17.41mm x 7.76mm
USD 533.57
Item in Stock
ID: 3883991 pcs
9.60ct Star Sapphire
13.18mm x 9.80mm x 6.50mm
USD 155.90
Item in Stock
ID: 3506421 pcs
32.66ct Star Sapphire
18.76mm x 14.98mm x 9.42mm
USD 890.31
Item in Stock
ID: 3875311 pcs
5.78ct Star Sapphire
11.50mm x 9.19mm x 4.77mm
USD 115.60
Item in Stock
ID: 3906501 pcs
9.89ct Star Sapphire
14.18mm x 11.91mm x 4.84mm
USD 148.35
Item in Stock
ID: 3506591 pcs
6.22ct Star Sapphire
12.64mm x 8.53mm x 5.14mm
USD 120.11
Item in Stock
ID: 3884511 pcs
7.43ct Star Sapphire
12.26mm x 9.86mm x 5.29mm
USD 120.66
Item in Stock
ID: 3506471 pcs
7.83ct Star Sapphire
13.77mm x 9.57mm x 5.11mm
USD 151.20
Item in Stock
ID: 3906471 pcs
8.37ct Star Sapphire
12.50mm x 10.23mm x 5.67mm
USD 125.55
Item in Stock
ID: 3861121 pcs
8.94ct Star Sapphire
12.48mm x 9.46mm x 6.48mm
USD 86.18
Item in Stock
Black Sapphire Gems
Black gemstones never go out of fashion and one of the most popular black gem types is sapphire. Black sapphire may be faceted or black star sapphire cabochons. Sapphire has a hardness level of 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes it one of the most durable gems of all time. Sapphire is a form of corundum that occurs in almost every color. Red corundum is known as ruby. The name corundum comes from the ancient Sanskrit "kuruvindam", while the name "sapphire" comes from the Persian word "safir". Sapphire is seen as the guardians of love. When given as a gift it enhances love and tunes your psyches to one another. Also, it has been used to banish envy and jealousy as well as promote fidelity in marriage. Shop for natural black sapphire gemstones from a range of sizes, shapes and cutting styles. The black sapphire gemstones in stock include huge black star sapphires and small black sapphire gems, in singles, lots and matched pairs. From this page, you can filter the results further by using the left-hand menu. For instance, you can shop by shape or cutting style. Using the check boxes at the top, results can be narrowed even further by faceted or cabochon gems. By using the top menu, you can search by origin, carat weight, size, price and other factors, to enable you to find the exact gemstone that you are looking for. All items are in stock and ready to ship.
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