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Gemstones for Spring - choosing the right gemstone for each season

spring Gemstones
Gemstones for the Spring Season

There are a variety of reasons that certain gemstones can be linked to the seasons – age-old tradition, the color and tone or a special spiritual relationships to name but a few.

Let's begin with many people's favorite season, spring. With apologies to those living in the southern hemisphere, spring tends to came along during March, April and May when the blossoms arrive, the air feels a touch warmer and everything takes on a gorgeous green hue.

Taking our cues from the world of birthstones we have our first three spring gemstones:


Cool blue and green colors that exude class and sophistication with a sleek and shiny appearance that conjures up the crystal waters of a serene ocean in spring.

Aquamarine Gemstones
Aquamarine Gemstones


The winter fog and cloudy skies have given way to crisp clear mornings and cloudless sunlit days and nothing reflects this more than the shimmering classic diamond.

Diamond Gemstones
Diamond Gemstones


No gemstone captures the essence of spring more than the iconic green emerald. Representing new life, growth, fertility and abundance, the emerald has been connected with spring for millennia.

Emerald Gemstones
Emerald Gemstones

Our next gemstones recommended for springtime are based solely on their color which seem perfectly suited to this time of year.


This bright clear gemstone only comes in green and it could easily be described as 'spring green". Cheerful and sparkly, Peridot's lime green color is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Peridot Gemstones
Peridot Gemstones


This lovely pink to peach member of the beryl family expresses the bloom of spring more than any other gemstone as apple, cherry and peach blossoms seem to burst from this radiant crystal.

Morganite Gemstones
Morganite Gemstones


You know spring is well under way when the daffodils and tulips are flowering and this lesser known and underappreciated gemstone will remind you of the spring blooms no matter when you wear it.

Chrysoberyl Gemstones
Chrysoberyl Gemstones

Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings, clearing out the old baggage and starting life anew. Spring cleaning may have its origins in literally opening the doors and windows to let in the light and sweeping out the accumulated dust of the cold winter months but we can do the same spiritually with a couple of gemstones.

Green Aventurine

Aventurine is the "stone of Opportunity", bringing good fortune and prosperity and letting you leave your old bad habits in the past where they belong.

Aventurine Gemstones
Aventurine Gemstones


This lovely, delicate pink gemstone encourages love and fertility and what better time for these two qualities than spring.

Rhodochrosite Gemstones
Rhodochrosite Gemstones

Gemstones for Spring - Summary

Gemstone Attribute


Springtime Birthstone


Springtime Birthstone


Springtime Birthstone


Spring Green Color


Spring Green Color


Spring Green Color

Green Aventurine

Spiritual Stone of Opportunity


Spiritual Stone of love and fertility

  • First Published: July-08-2020
  • Last Updated: October-05-2020
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