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Gemstones to Improve Memory

Gemstones to Improve Memory
Gemstones to Improve Memory

Acquiring, storing and recalling information are the main aspects of our memory. Sometimes in life these processes can get messed up. Usually it is just a little lapse or momentary lack of concentration but sometimes it can be as serious as dementia, attention deficits and major memory impairment.

There are a few ways to maintain or improve your cognitive abilities. Get enough sleep, avoid too much alcohol, maintain a healthy weight, try to learn something every day to keep you mind active, play word games, meditate are just a few habits that can keep your memory in tip top condition.

Smart drugs are gaining in popularity in an attempt to boost studying performance and drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin are often prescribed (or just taken) to treat or improve mental function.

We would never suggest going against the advice of a medical practitioner but many of us prefer to avoid potentially harmful drugs and take a more natural and holistic approach. This is where crystals can come in to their own.

We have put together a small collection of gemstones to enhance memory and fight its deterioration.

These gemstones can be worn as jewelry, carried in a pocket or purse, placed on your desk at work or school or put on the bedside table so they can be a subtle but powerful influence throughout the day and night.


Carnelian is a 'stone of learning' and can help with study, focus and memory. It is very much connected to blood flow and studies have found that proper movement of blood to the brain is vital for cognitive issues.

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Carnelian is also an excellent gemstone for meditation as well as being highly energizing and motivational to help you get off the couch and into mentally stimulating activities.


Hematite is ''the stone of the mind'. It is wonderful for enhancing memory retention and for focusing easily distracted or absent-minded people.

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Hematite will help you organize your thoughts making work and study that much easier. It is also an excellent meditation stone - a practice which helps with all mental functions.


The 'stone of wisdom' or 'the student's stone', sodalite is a perfect gemstone to aid mental abilities. It clears confusion and brings clarity to the mind.

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Sodalite boosts cerebral analysis, insight and mindfulness. It will calm mental unrest and help memorize passages from study books for exams or prepare for reciting long speeches.


Fluorite sharpens the mind giving you the ability to make quick and precise decisions - especially during tense or chaotic circumstances. It brings wisdom and enhances memory, concentration and intellect.

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Its nickname is 'the stone of clarity' and it can help you balance the left and right side of the brain - making sure the creative does not overpower the analytical and vice versa.

Fluorite is also another excellent meditation gemstone.


Blue Chalcedony improves memory and mental flexibility. It can help you grasp new ideas when learning and to retain this new found knowledge. It is particularly good for learning new language skills which is an excellent way to keep the mind active and expanding.

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Blue chalcedony is also a well-known gemstone of communication. This includes communication between our physical, mental and spiritual facilities and helps us to retain and recall information stored in our minds.


Pyrite can help with memory in several ways. It has an age-old connection to reasoning, intellect and recollection.

It is an energy booster. You will probably have experienced times when you are mentally and physically drained and how difficult it can be to remember things when you are so exhausted. Pyrite's energizing qualities can help elicit thoughts and memories.

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Pyrite is also another gemstone known to encourage blood flow to the brain (as well as all other parts of the body) which has positive effects on memory.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as 'the master healer' for its wonderful beneficial attributes that can improve all parts of the body and mind.

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Clear Quartz's connection and influence to the Crown Chakra is its best feature as far as memory enhancement is concerned. The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and is associated with consciousness, wisdom, and mental well-being.

If the crown chakra is blocked or out of balance, some of the symptoms are confusion and disconnectedness. Clear Quartz clears and re-balances the crown chakra.

Quick Guide to Gemstones for Memory

Gemstone Influence


Blood flow to the brain


Memory Retention


Clears Confusion


Communication and Learning New Things


Boosts Energy

Clear Quartz

Crown Chakra


Disclaimer GemSelect has been buying and selling gemstones for many years now and in that time we have built up quite a relationship with our customers and suppliers. We are not experts in the meanings and health benefits of gemstones but we have been able to speak with and take advice from people who are.

We are based in Thailand where the belief in spiritual and physical benefits of gemstones, herbs, prayers, pilgrimages, amulets, colors and the stars is common and part of nearly everyone's daily life.

All of our employees have some experience with using gemstones or amulets in order to improve or maintain their physical or emotional health.

The powers of gemstones have been chronicled for 1000s of years and proven time and time again to be effective in improving people lives in many, many ways but we must stress that they are not a replacement for medical treatment.

If you feel unwell or are concerned about your mental health please contact qualified medical help as soon as you can.

In addition we try to research and verify information about the history and efficacy of each gemstone using the internet and various reputable books published by a number of sources.

  • First Published: February-24-2021
  • Last Updated: February-24-2021
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