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  : Green Amazonite
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ID: 4030981 pcs
thumb image of 16.4ct Oval Cabochon Blue-Green Amazonite (ID: 403098)
16.36 ct Amazonite
20 x 14.9 mm
$ 78.36
Item in Stock
ID: 3628381 pcs
thumb image of 19.1ct Fancy Cabochon Green Amazonite (ID: 362838)
19.12 ct Amazonite
22.2 x 14.2 mm
$ 38.24
Item in Stock
ID: 4032671 pcs
thumb image of 33.7ct Round Cabochon Blue-Green Amazonite (ID: 403267)
33.71 ct Amazonite
20 mm
$ 161.47
Item in Stock
ID: 3627591 pcs
thumb image of 15.2ct Fancy Cabochon Green Amazonite (ID: 362759)
15.22 ct Amazonite
18.3 x 14.3 mm
$ 30.44
Item in Stock
ID: 3628431 pcs
thumb image of 22.9ct Fancy Cabochon Green Amazonite (ID: 362843)
22.85 ct Amazonite
23.3 x 20.3 mm
$ 45.70
Item in Stock
Green Amazonite
As a gemstone variety of microcline, a feldspar mineral, named after the Amazon river in Brazil, though surprisingly no deposits have been found in that location. The lively green or blue-green color is extremely attractive. Fine quality amazonite can be mistaken for precious jade. Amazonite does not undergo any kind of treatment. Amazonite is gaining popularity but is still an affordable fine gem for its carat weight.

Amazonite is said to calm one's emotions and soothe nerves, and to enhance creativity and the ability to express oneself. Perhaps the strongest recommendation for its metaphysical power is that Amazonite is said to makes your married life happier.

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