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June Newsletter - The slowest year ever?

Is it just me or does this seem to be the longest year ever? Anyway, June is upon us, so pretty soon 2020 will be half over and for many it cannot end soon enough!

Business is slowly getting back to normal in many parts of the world, the local malls and shopping centers have opened recently as have outdoor restaurants but the beaches remain closed. My little boy has been off school since February and is not due back until July – he is not so little anymore and I’ll be surprised if he will remember how to spell his own name.

In the offices, the marketing department have been busy all month working on our epic ‘Gemstones by Birthdate‘ article. We managed to finally post it on our website last week.

All you have to do is type in a birthday and instantly you will be given the birthstone, zodiac, Chinese horoscope, weekday and hourly gemstones for that particular date. Very handy if you are not so keen on your birthstone or you are looking for an ideal gift for someone.

We are very proud of all the research, writing and photography that went into it and hope you will take a look.

Click here for our Gemstones by Birth Date article

Speaking of birthstones, June has a couple of crackers, Pearl and Moonstone, both gorgeous gemstones with a long history and formidable spiritual powers, especially linked to sacred femininity.

See our Moonstones and Pearls for sale here.

After the ‘lock down’ that has been in place for much of the world, many people are now being encouraged to go back to work, children are returning to school and everyone is attempting to restart their old lives.

This can be a scary prospect so I have a couple for gemstones for you if you are ‘getting back on the horse’.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstones
Lapis Lazuli Gemstones

Lapis Lazuli will be your encouraging friend as you re-enter society, giving you the confidence you need to face the world.

Kunzite Gemstones
Kunzite Gemstones

Kunzite can aid us overcome psychological upheaval and anguish and helps prevent panic attacks and apprehension.

Chrysocolla Gemstones
Chrysocolla Gemstones

Chrysocolla will help if you do not fancy getting out and about just yet, this gemstone will cushion and bolster your seclusion allowing you time for reflection and self-examination.

We recently sold a lovely Swiss Blue Topaz, pear shaped and just under 30 carats. Our discussions with the customer led to some fascinating information that I would like to share.

Naturally occurring blue gemstones are very rare, and deep blue faceted clear gemstones are rarer still, and are therefore very expensive – think of the prices of sapphires and tanzanites.

However blue is such a popular color, that jewelry makers were always looking for more and what they really needed was a regular supply of reasonably priced gemstones with a consistent blue color.

Up stepped the scientists, who were able to turn natural but dull colored topaz into dazzling blue gemstones through a combination of irradiation in a nuclear reactor followed by heat treatment.

Sky Blue Topaz takes about a week of treatment, Swiss Blue takes around 8 months while London Blue Topaz can take an incredible 3 – 4 years, yes years, before it is ready for cutting. All are perfectly safe when cut and polished for sale.

Blue Topaz Gemstones
Blue Topaz Gemstones

Signs of recovery.

The Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair and the JOGS Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show both appear to be on schedule to open in September this year. The one in Bangkok certainly looks as though they have introduced a number of preventative measures to insure the safety of all attendees. Let’s hope the powers that be will let us travel.

From all of us at GemSelect,

Be positive and be kind.

Customer Questions

Every month we answer questions of general interest from our customers. Please feel free to send your questions or suggestions to our support team at


Is Cordierite the same thing as Iolite?


Yes, Cordierite is one of the names used for the gemstone that we sell under the name of iolite. It is composed of magnesium aluminum silicate and has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Cordierite is the name most commonly used in mineralogy, while iolite is used in gemology. The name cordierite comes from the French geologist P. Cordier (1777-1861); while iolite derives its name from the Ancient Greek ion (violet) for its tendency to display violet pleochroism when lit from different angles. It was also known as 'Viking's Compass' for its use to view the direction of the sun on an overcast day.


What is an asparagus stone?


Asparagus stone is a name once used (and sometimes still used) to refer to the yellow-green to green color of the gemstone known as Apatite. The color does indeed look like green asparagus spears, so we can certainly see where the name comes from.

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Happy Gemstone Hunting!

Team GemSelect

  • First Published: June-01-2020
  • Last Updated: June-01-2020
  • © 2005-2021 all rights reserved. Reproduction (text or graphics) without the express written consent of (SETT Company Ltd.) is strictly prohibited.
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