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Gemstones for Meditation and Yoga

Gemstones for Meditation
Gemstones for Meditation

Yoga can trace its roots back perhaps as far as 5000 years but it was originally more a spiritual and mental exercise than what we see in studios or videos these days.

Yoga and meditation are inextricably linked and the breathing exercises, called ‘Pranayama’, during a yoga session and the relaxing ‘Savasana’ pose at the end show their common heritage.

Studies have clearly shown the health benefits, both mental and physical, of yoga and meditation and more and more people are turning to these ancient practices and away from the short term fixes of drugs and antibiotics.

What about the link to gemstones?

Cultures from all ages and from all corners of the world have recognized the power and energy produced by precious gemstones and used them in religious, medicinal and protective ways since civilization began.

We have selected a number of gemstones we feel are ideal to heighten the effects of your yoga or meditation session and allow you to reach your desired results.

There are a number of ways to use gemstones during yoga and meditation.

It can be as simple as placing one or more gemstones on your mat beside you or in your hand when meditating or doing breathing exercises. You can be a bit more ambitious and arrange the gemstones in a crystal grid around your mat (may be a bit awkward in a studio session!)

Wear a gemstone pendant around your neck or some mala beads on your right wrist, put some gemstones in your kit bag with your mat to infuse it with power or create a small crystal alter in the room where you usually meditate or do yoga.

How to meditate with Chakra gemstones. For meditation with a particular issue in mind you can place the gemstones on the relevant Chakra point on your body – you can easily meditate in almost any position.

See our article on Chakra Gemstones here

Let’s get to the gemstones!


Fluorite is known as the Genius Stone as it helps us reach a high state of mental achievement. It boosts thought, concentration and focus as well as balancing physical and mental energy. Fluorite is an ideal gemstone for both yoga and meditation – it calms a chaotic mind and removes random thoughts.

Fluorite Gemstones
Fluorite Gemstones


Hematite is a very grounding gemstone which balances the mind, body and spirit. It can help focus the mind but also strengthens the body which will help with the stamina needed for some of those more demanding yoga poses.

Hematite Gemstones
Hematite Gemstones


Both Citrine and Amethyst have been praised as aids for yoga and meditation but we can go one better by using Ametrine – a blend of the two gemstones. Its calming energy balances both the mind and spirit allowing for a more satisfying session.

Ametrine Gemstones
Ametrine Gemstones

Rutilated Quartz

This particular quartz produces a very high level of energy vibration which brings physical and mental balance. It is one of the most highly regarded gemstones for meditation as it can lead to a deeper connection to our innermost consciousness.

Rutilated Quartz Gemstones
Rutilated Quartz Gemstones


Labradorite raises consciousness and stimulates the intellect and is especially useful for deep meditation as it calms the mind and builds the imagination. It enhances will power and releases mental and spiritual blockages.

Labradorite Gemstones
Labradorite Gemstones


Prehnite will promote self acceptance and help overcome suppressed negative memories. Another excellent gemstone for deep meditation, it is often associated with visions and dreams.

Prehnite Gemstones
Prehnite Gemstones

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye delivers strength, power and concentration which will help both yoga and meditation exercises and its healing properties will help you recover more quickly from a tough yoga session.

Tiger’s Eye Gemstones
Tiger’s Eye Gemstones


Moonstone will help you control and master your emotions, leading to perfect balance. It brings the energy of the moon to your yoga or meditation area and aids intuition as well as helping to recall past lives.

Moonstone Gemstones
Moonstone Gemstones


Aquamarine is the Stone of Courage, inspiring tolerance and a non-judgmental attitude. This is a great gemstone to enable you to get in touch with your spiritual side and open up communication to higher planes. It provides a feeling of deep peace and serenity.

Aquamarine Gemstones
Aquamarine Gemstones


Carnelian is the Stone of Motivation, it will have you off the couch and in the Yoga studio before you know it! It increases endurance and is a marvelous gemstone for all forms of physical exercise. It can also manifest your dreams so is great for meditation, too.

Carnelian Gemstones
Carnelian Gemstones

Well that is 10 of what we think are excellent gemstones to help you get started or continue with your meditation or yoga endeavors.

The world of spiritual gemstones is wide and varied and each one has its own unique powers and personality, finding one that suits your own individual character or needs is exciting and engaging.

Gemstones for Meditation and Yoga - Summary

Gemstone Benefit




Calm and Strength



Rutilated Quartz

High Energy


Will Power



Tiger’s Eye








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Gems are always measured in Millimeter (mm)

Dimensions are given as;
length x width x depth,
except for round stones which are;
diameter x depth

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