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ID: 4107855 pcs
5 carat Peach Orange Round Cabochon Moonstone 6 mm
4.73ctw Moonstone
6.00mm x 3.53mm
USD 9.46
Item in Stock
ID: 3516336 pcs
2 ct VVS-VS Pear Facet Morganite 6mm x 4
2ctw Morganite
5.83mm x 3.92mm x 2.76mm
USD 42.00
Item in Stock
ID: 3527236 pcs
5 mm Morganite 3ct Round Facet in Salmon Pink
3.2ctw Morganite
5.05mm x 3.47mm
USD 67.20
Item in Stock
ID: 35381310 pcs
3 ct VVS-VS Heart Facet Rhodolite Garnet 4mm x 4
3.13ctw Rhodolite Garnet
4.11mm x 3.94mm x 2.66mm
USD 25.04
Item in Stock
ID: 32357910 pcs
4 carat Orangey Brownish Oval Facet Andalusite 6mm x 4mm
4.29ctw Andalusite
5.90mm x 3.97mm x 2.62mm
USD 214.50
Item in Stock
ID: 3998127 pcs
5x3mm Sapphire 1.5ct Oval Facet in Purple
1.62ctw Sapphire
4.83mm x 2.97mm x 1.85mm
USD 103.45
Item in Stock
ID: 3395704 pcs
5mm x 5 Rainbow Moonstone 1ct Pear Facet in Blue White
1.09ctw Rainbow Moonstone
5.21mm x 5.17mm x 2.21mm
USD 18.53
Item in Stock
ID: 3549036 pcs
4.5mm Diamond-Cut Zircon 3ct
3.03ctw Zircon
4.57mm x 2.86mm
USD 30.30
Item in Stock
ID: 3247826 pcs
1.5 carat Red Orange Pear Facet Sapphire 4.5mm x 3.5mm
1.71ctw Sapphire
4.51mm x 3.59mm x 2.09mm
USD 80.80
Item in Stock
ID: 3707816 pcs
10mm x 5 Amethyst 5ct Marquise Facet in Violet
4.99ctw Amethyst
9.90mm x 4.95mm x 3.13mm
USD 29.94
Item in Stock
ID: 3559935 pcs
6mm x 6 Amethyst 4ct Cushion-Cut in Violet
4.12ctw Amethyst
6.14mm x 6.08mm x 4.09mm
USD 20.81
Item in Stock
ID: 3866594 pcs
8mm x 6mm Citrine 5ct Octagon Facet in Yellow Golden
5ctw Citrine
8.04mm x 6.09mm x 4.07mm
USD 25.00
Item in Stock
ID: 40199220 pcs
2.5 carat Pink Red Diamond-Cut Ruby 3mm
2.38ctw Ruby
2.91mm x 1.72mm
USD 330.58
Item in Stock
ID: 3724164 pcs
8x6 Octagon Facet Topaz 8ct
8.19ctw Topaz
8.01mm x 6.04mm x 4.20mm
USD 57.33
Item in Stock
ID: 38774910 pcs
5 mm Larimar 7ct Round Cabochon in Blue
6.86ctw Larimar
5.19mm x 3.14mm
USD 20.58
Item in Stock
ID: 3825184 pcs
6 ct VVS-VS Oval Facet Rhodolite Garnet 7.5x5.5
5.75ctw Rhodolite Garnet
7.36mm x 5.45mm x 3.97mm
USD 110.86
Item in Stock
ID: 2973864 pcs
1.5 carat Multicolor Round Facet Sapphire 4mm
1.31ctw Sapphire
4.01mm x 2.67mm
USD 119.67
Item in Stock
ID: 34447530 pcs
3 carat Blue Princess-Cut Sapphire 2.5mm x 2.5mm
3.3ctw Sapphire
2.51mm x 2.51mm
USD 198.00
Item in Stock
ID: 35980810 pcs
4 ct VVS-VS Diamond-Cut Zircon 4 mm
3.91ctw Zircon
4.10mm x 2.73mm
USD 23.93
Item in Stock
ID: 38064716 pcs
3.5 mm Diamond-Cut Tsavorite Garnet 3ct
3.39ctw Tsavorite Garnet
3.70mm x 2.41mm
USD 311.30
Item in Stock
ID: 36035310 pcs
8 ct VVS-VS Oval Facet Zircon 6mmx4mm
8.29ctw Zircon
6.05mm x 4.09mm x 3.26mm
USD 46.09
Item in Stock
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