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ID: 4058972 pcs
8.71ctw Mystic Topaz
11.10mm x 9.02mm x 6.06mm
USD 75.95
Item in Stock
ID: 4058122 pcs
7.59ctw Mystic Topaz
11.02mm x 9.05mm x 5.01mm
USD 66.18
Item in Stock
ID: 4028282 pcs
4.37ctw Mystic Topaz
7.99mm x 4.64mm
USD 38.41
Item in Stock
ID: 4027682 pcs
4.20ctw Mystic Topaz
8.04mm x 4.39mm
USD 36.92
Item in Stock
ID: 4073151 pcs
3.20ct Mystic Topaz
9.03mm x 8.92mm x 6.06mm
USD 30.46
Item in Stock
ID: 4073211 pcs
3.02ct Mystic Topaz
9.05mm x 8.93mm x 5.39mm
USD 28.75
Item in Stock
ID: 4076924 pcs
6.11ctw Mystic Topaz
7.09mm x 4.43mm
USD 52.12
Item in Stock
Mystic Topaz
A new high tech enhancement process developed by Azotic Coating Inc. applied to colorless stones such as topaz and quartz has created a new variety we call "mystic topaz". The enhancement changes the optical properties of the stone and provides a kaleidoscope of color. The applied treatment is durable, hard, and only a few microns in thickness. With care, the enhancement will last the life of the jewelry setting.

Mystic topaz displays a stunning rainbow effect that makes it all at once unique, fashionable and delightfully different.

The color, brilliance and clarity of the final product depends very much on the quality, cut and polish of the original gemstone. That's why we use only first quality topaz for our mystic topaz. Mystic topaz is a very affordable stone for its carat weight, so this gem is ideal for fun jewelry.

Topaz is the birthstone for those who are born in the month of November.
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