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Gemstones for Pride

Gemstones for Pride / LGBTQ+
Gemstones for Pride / LGBTQ+

The Pride rainbow flag has gone through a few incarnations but the now established 6 color version can be seen across the world celebrating LGBTQ+ communities and their struggle for social justice.

From being waved at marches in major cities to lighting up iconic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and The White House this flag has grown from obscurity to prominence in a few short years.

Each of the six colors has a meaning and I have matched the colors and meanings to perfect gemstones to symbolize them both spiritually and physically.

Red Garnet

At the top of the flag we have Red, symbolizing Life, and what better gemstone to represent this color than Red Garnet, the 'Stone of Health'? Physically, garnet aids everything to do with the cardiovascular system and emotionally, it is reassuring and offers protective support. It is linked to the Root Chakra which deals with security, survival and vitality.

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Next is Orange which represents Healing. Carnelian has been known to us for 1000s of years and has a great reputation as a stone of health and protection. Warriors would wear them to battle for courage and strength. Carnelian has links to the Sacral Chakra which influences creativity, sexuality and emotional well-being.

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The Yellow stripe represents life-giving Sunlight and I feel Citrine encapsulates this uplifting color to perfection. Citrine brings happiness and optimism, making you feel that you can achieve anything. It is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra which controls self-respect and confidence.

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Tsavorite Garnet

Now we come to the Green band, representing Nature. Most green gemstones will conjure up images of grassy fields and leafy forests but I think Tsavorite is the ideal gemstone. Not only is it stunningly beautiful with a great sparkle but it got its name from the great Tsavo National Park in Kenya with its iconic images of plains, mountains and savannah populated by Africa's great wildlife including lions, elephants and zebras.

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Blue Topaz

Then we have Blue, which represents serenity and harmony. There are a number of outstanding blue gemstones but I finally settled on Blue Topaz, a historic gemstone which brings peaceful reflection and a soothing calmness in volatile times. It will help us both physically and emotionally by dramatically reducing our levels of stress.

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Finally we get to Purple which in this case stands for Spirit and cannot be better symbolized than by the illustrious Amethyst. This protective gemstone has enhanced our feelings of intuition, spirituality and reflection since the dawn of civilization and its connection to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras reveals its mystical importance.

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The original pride flag had 8 stripes and included the colors, pink and turquoise but these were difficult and more expensive to produce so were dropped in favor of the present 6 striped version. If you would like to honor either of these two early colors then I would suggest Mystic Topaz or Kunzite for pink and Larimar or, of course, Turquoise for turquoise.

Our Quick Guide to Gemstones for Pride

Color Meaning Gemstone



















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