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ID: 37054015 pcs
8.36ctw Pyrope Garnet
4.96mm x 4.94mm x 2.85mm
USD 41.80
Item in Stock
ID: 37068715 pcs
8.87ctw Pyrope Garnet
5.12mm x 4.95mm x 3.17mm
USD 44.35
Item in Stock
ID: 37053815 pcs
9.22ctw Pyrope Garnet
5.09mm x 5.02mm x 3.17mm
USD 46.10
Item in Stock
ID: 3790864 pcs
4.53ctw Pyrope Garnet
5.71mm x 5.69mm x 3.50mm
USD 22.65
Item in Stock
ID: 3726494 pcs
7.93ctw Pyrope Garnet
8.00mm x 7.99mm x 5.12mm
USD 55.51
Item in Stock
ID: 3803824 pcs
6.97ctw Pyrope Garnet
8.09mm x 7.87mm x 4.16mm
USD 48.79
Item in Stock
ID: 3802311 pcs
185.70ct Pyrope Garnet
38.91mm x 27.86mm x 22.98mm
USD 185.70
Item in Stock
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ID: 4197891 pcs
17.29ct Pyrope Garnet
17.28mm x 14.32mm x 8.05mm
USD 337.85
Item in Stock
Pyrope Garnet
Pyrope garnet is the most famous of the red garnets. Its dark, blood red color is distinct and attractive, often resembling the color of ruby. This gem is often found inclusion free. The amazing brilliance of pyrope garnets is caused by its high refraction of light. Pyrope is sometimes referred to as Bohemian Garnet from its historical source in former Czechoslovakia. Pyrope was the European fashion stone of the 18th and 19th centuries. The hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale explains why these gemstones are so excellent to wear. Pyrope is quite sturdy and resistant to everyday wear and tear, and uncomplicated to work into jewelry. Due to its hardness and composition pyrope garnet comes in a variety of cuts and shapes. The deep red stone looks superb in gold settings. Large carat sizes are available at attractive prices. In ancient times it was believed that garnets illuminated the night and prevented the wearer from evil.
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