0.07 ct Blue Diamond Gemstone, Diamond Gem in Diamond-Cut Shape for Sale.
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0.07 ct Blue Diamond Stone, Natural Diamond in Diamond-Cut Shape for Sale Diamond Gemstone in 2.5 mm Size for Sale, Diamond Stone in Blue Color

0.07 ct Blue Diamond, 2.5 mm Diamond Cut From India

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Diamond Product ID: 692757
Type: Diamond
Diamond Weight: 0.07 ct Diamond 1 gem
Diamond Size: 2.5 mm calibrated Diamond
Diamond Size: 2.5 mm Diamond
Diamond Exact Size: 2.46 x 1.60 mm
Diameter x Depth
Diamond Shape: Diamond-Cut Diamond
Diamond Color: Blue Diamond
Diamond Clarity: VS Diamond
Diamond Treatment: Irradiated
Diamond Origin: India Diamond
Content: 1 pc
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Product Description

2.46 mm natural blue Diamond in diamond-cut shape. This product is from India, it has a weight of 0.07ct. The clarity of this Diamond is "VS" which stands for "Very Slightly Included" and is definitely eye-clean. This gemstone has been irradiated (very low levels) to produce its current color; this is an approved and safe treatment. The product is sold as pictured: 1pc round blue Diamond for the price listed.

Product Features

  • Diamond is one of the gemstones with high dispersion. It means it has excellent fire and brilliance.
  • This gemstone comes in Diamond-Cut which usually improves the brilliance compared to other round cut gemstones.
  • The gemstone comes in calibrated size of 2.5 mm which is preferred for standard-sized jewelry settings.

Product Uses

  • Diamonds have been called the Master Healer for their impressive powers.
  • It is believed that wearing Diamonds can restore confidence.
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Hello: You do have good website. Vast majority of folks would buy the Gems for its spiritual, physical / energy level, emotional level positive aspects. You have only very brief mention of this aspect of each Gem ..may be you can add little bit more about ways to leverage the beneificial effect of each gems i.e. some practical tips.ThanksRupen Patel

Posted By EarthDeep in February, 2024
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Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

over the experience was similar to other sites i have used. The only real note I have is the checkout experience was tedious and discriminatory, i wouldn't accept visa gift cards, which not only have guaranteed funds but help protect from misuse of personal information, but would not accept my visa b/c it is a prepaid card. I don't have bank account and I have been using the prepaid card for years without issue so this was disappointing to me. I feel safer using reputable gem sites rather than amazon or ebay (I have been sold fake gems with fake certs on both), but not being able to use my own valid legitimate funds and having to find a friend to buy for me b/c I use a non-bank card like 40% of the country is insulting.

Posted By Iggywiggly in January, 2024
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The selection is fantastic, both breadth of stones and selection within type. Check out was very easy.

Posted By LoriV in June, 2024
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I was looking for a source for affordable genuine gemstones for my grandson who is currently very interested in rocks and gems. I was quite surprised and pleased to find GemSelect and finding the right stones at the right price couldn't have been simpler.

Posted By Papa in December, 2023
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I have started a small gem brokerage. I find stones to meet clients needs. Gemselect has helped me find what people what.

Posted By Pirates Bounty in April, 2024
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too much I want to buy. I have been buying and collecting gems for a few years now all from you {gemselect}. great prices great selections. originally, I wanted to get a sample of each gemstone, but realized with all the different types I could never reach that goal. I love reading about all the gems you sell.

Posted By Steve13 in June, 2024
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The website is very easy to use. The search function, filter and sort functions are very helpful.

Posted By Sboro in August, 2023
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Easy to use website, made it very easy to buy. Will shop here again.

Posted By Bjorn in January, 2024
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Great selection and excellent website.

Posted By JBW in October, 2023
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Great selection of various gems, easy to navigate site

Posted By Josh in August, 2023
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Overall Rating -> 8 star ratings

Very easy to find the specific stone I was looking for. I am pleased by both the selection and the price of the stones that are available. The only "bad" thing that I have to say is that the interface of the site is outdated.

Posted By Nick in March, 2024
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Very excited and impressed with all your products. Keep up the good work....more different stones to choose from. I like Cabachons.

Posted By Meow in June, 2023
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I searched for the item by description and millimeter and had my choice come up and then made the best selection.

Posted By Tim in April, 2024
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The website design is a bit finicky for mobile, but Im sure its most likely just a mobile issue. Amazing selection of products, great prices.

Posted By Kuba in December, 2023
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

it was good

Posted By Bobk in January, 2024
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