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12.33 ct Multicolor Ammolite Gemstone, Ammolite Gem in Trillion Cabochon Shape for Sale.
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12.33 ct Multicolor Ammolite Stone, Natural Ammolite in Trillion Cabochon Shape for Sale Ammolite Gemstone in 18.3 x 18 mm Size for Sale, Ammolite Stone in Multicolor Color

12.33 carat Trillion Ammolite Gemstone, loose Certified Ammolite from Canada, Natural Gem, 18.3 x 18 mm

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Ammolite Product ID: 377517
Type: Ammolite
Ammolite Weight: 12.33 ct Ammolite 1 gem
Ammolite Size: 18 X 18 mm calibrated Ammolite
Ammolite Size: 18.3 x 18 x 3.9 mm Ammolite
Ammolite Exact Size: 18.29 x 18.03 x 3.91 mm
Length x Width x Depth
Ammolite Shape: Trillion Cabochon Ammolite
Ammolite Color: Multicolor Ammolite
Ammolite Clarity: Opaque Ammolite
Ammolite Treatment: Assembled
Ammolite Origin: Canada Ammolite
Content: 1 pc
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Product Description

This is a natural multicolor Ammolite in the exact size of 18.29 x 18.03 x 3.91 mm, its shape is trillion cabochon. The gemstone was mined in Canada and has a finished weight of 12.33ct. The clarity of this multicolor Ammolite is Opaque. This trillion Ammolite has been assembled; it means it is made of multiple layers. The item is sold as seen in the picture: 1 piece multicolor Ammolite for the price listed.

Product Features

  • The gemstone comes in calibrated size of 18 X 18 mm which is preferred for standard-sized jewelry settings.
  • This gemstone produces iridescence. This is one of the most mesmerising optical effects seen in gemstones.

Product Uses

  • This gemstones is suitable for a center-stone in a pendant.

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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

the searching format was easy to find what i needed. It helped to be able to sort Lowest price to Highest because i wasnt looking to spend too much but i did want an actual stone and not imitation.

Posted By PixelComposer in January, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Love the variety of stones, sizes and the prices

Posted By Dorita in March, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

Never bought anything on this website before, but it probably won't be my last purchase. Definitely one of the easiest to use and most informative sites I've ever been to.

Posted By Bob in November, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 7 star ratings

I placed order#384714 based on the picture on your website and the stone came in much darker. I'm sure it's the same stone i ordered but your lighting made it seem a lighter blue. I was trying to match a stone for a customer and based on the picture it would have been close enough but the stone in person is a mile off.

Posted By Bobk in February, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

very good

Posted By Trevi in August, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

GemSelect has the Best gems. Clear photos and detailed description helps me make the best choice. I have Never been disappointed by thier quality items.

Posted By Rock Hound in July, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings


Posted By APPS in April, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

I loved the range of selections offered.

Posted By Riirii in May, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 7 star ratings

I feel pretty good so far, pending the delivery of the item ordered.

Posted By Steve in November, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

I really enjoy browsing through GemSelect. The selection is always marvelous and I love how detailed everything is described. The only thing I noticed is that when browsing through my phone, the videos of the gems do not load. If there were more videos of the gems, that would be amazing, though I understand that is a lot of work on GemSelect's part! Checking out is also very fast and easy, and I love that the return policy is very good, though I hope I don't have to use it anytime soon.

Posted By ChiChi in January, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

The selection is fantastic, both breadth of stones and selection within type. Check out was very easy.

Posted By LoriV in June, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Had a problem ordering first time. Someone from Gem Select reached out to me and cleared problem and I made purchase.

Posted By Myrtle in February, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

Gemselect is a good website with a great selection of loose gems for sale. The prices are fairly decent, with the only negative being the cut quality of the gems. This is my go to retailer for gemstones and will continue to be, given that the packages arrive in a timely manner.

Posted By Lunchies in April, 2024
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Very good customer service. I had an issue on my end with shipping and I received a response the next day!

Posted By Orphanboy in December, 2023
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

over the experience was similar to other sites i have used. The only real note I have is the checkout experience was tedious and discriminatory, i wouldn't accept visa gift cards, which not only have guaranteed funds but help protect from misuse of personal information, but would not accept my visa b/c it is a prepaid card. I don't have bank account and I have been using the prepaid card for years without issue so this was disappointing to me. I feel safer using reputable gem sites rather than amazon or ebay (I have been sold fake gems with fake certs on both), but not being able to use my own valid legitimate funds and having to find a friend to buy for me b/c I use a non-bank card like 40% of the country is insulting.

Posted By Iggywiggly in January, 2024
Source: Bizrate
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