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ID: 3790701 pcs
0.83ct Spinel
6.07mm x 5.02mm x 3.61mm
USD 58.47
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ID: 3653441 pcs
1.61ct Spinel
7.85mm x 6.58mm x 4.13mm
USD 107.29
Item in Stock
ID: 2834401 pcs
0.97ct Spinel
6.97mm x 5.15mm x 3.29mm
USD 72.75
Item in Stock
ID: 3494931 pcs
1.33ct Spinel
8.33mm x 5.98mm x 4.11mm
USD 99.75
Item in Stock
ID: 4004661 pcs
1.30ct Spinel
8.03mm x 6.00mm x 4.24mm
USD 110.86
Item in Stock
ID: 4006351 pcs
1.32ct Spinel
7.67mm x 5.29mm x 4.40mm
USD 112.57
Item in Stock
ID: 3124711 pcs
1.25ct Spinel
7.03mm x 5.39mm x 4.01mm
USD 46.25
Item in Stock
ID: 4019201 pcs
0.66ct Spinel
5.47mm x 4.45mm x 3.42mm
USD 56.42
Item in Stock
ID: 3494561 pcs
1.06ct Spinel
7.08mm x 5.25mm x 4.32mm
USD 79.50
Item in Stock
ID: 3110191 pcs
0.59ct Spinel
6.97mm x 3.72mm x 3.29mm
USD 44.25
Item in Stock
ID: 3654061 pcs
1.78ct Spinel
7.83mm x 6.24mm x 3.90mm
USD 118.62
Item in Stock
ID: 3702081 pcs
1.49ct Spinel
7.75mm x 6.09mm x 4.01mm
USD 96.84
Item in Stock
ID: 3493981 pcs
1.03ct Spinel
7.28mm x 5.97mm x 3.56mm
USD 77.25
Item in Stock
ID: 3702071 pcs
1.58ct Spinel
7.89mm x 6.14mm x 4.22mm
USD 102.68
Item in Stock
ID: 3494801 pcs
1.25ct Spinel
7.33mm x 6.08mm x 3.52mm
USD 93.75
Item in Stock
ID: 4005931 pcs
1.10ct Spinel
7.97mm x 5.79mm x 3.90mm
USD 93.81
Item in Stock
ID: 3653421 pcs
1.96ct Spinel
9.50mm x 5.62mm x 4.09mm
USD 130.61
Item in Stock
ID: 4017041 pcs
1.16ct Spinel
6.86mm x 5.61mm x 3.76mm
USD 99.16
Item in Stock
ID: 3505401 pcs
1.27ct Spinel
10.11mm x 5.19mm x 3.34mm
USD 95.25
Item in Stock
ID: 3702301 pcs
1.41ct Spinel
9.81mm x 4.71mm x 2.87mm
USD 91.64
Item in Stock
ID: 3600751 pcs
1.18ct Spinel
6.98mm x 5.59mm x 4.05mm
USD 86.54
Item in Stock
Pink Spinel Gems
All natural spinel gems are fairly rare and that is why they can be difficult to find in jewelry stores. It is also, paradoxically, why the prices for spinel are still reasonable. When many people think of spinel, they usually think of synthetic spinel material used in low-end jewelry, such as triplets, gemstone class rings and birthstone jewelry. However, the natural gemstone known as spinel is actually a very fine gemstone with many characteristics equal to that of ruby and sapphire. Spinel is composed of magnesium aluminates typically colored by chromium and iron. Spinel is found in a wide range of pastel shades, which include many pink variations, including, grayish-pink silver-pink to coral-pink and rose-pink. Red and pink spinel gems are the most valuable and highly sought-after. Pink spinel is very rare, especially vivid red-pink spinel. Most pink spinel is pale, but there are many fine deep-pink and purplish-pink spinel gems available. The beauty of spinel color intensity and purity of is mostly owed to the fact that spinel is singly refractive, like garnet and diamond (most gemstones are doubly refractive).

Pink spinel has a hardness of 8 on Mohs scale and it has an excellent overall durability rating owed to its poor cleavage, unlike diamond which can be split by a single blow due to perfect cleavage. Spinel also has very good fire and dispersion. Spinel is difficult to find in large sizes, so any gems weighing over two carats is quite rare. Spinel over three carats is extremely rare. Due to the extreme density of spinel, a 2 carat spinel will appear much smaller than another gem type of the same weight, sometimes even equivalent to that of just a single carat gemstone of another type. Today, most pink spinel is mined from Myanmar (Burma), Tanzania and Sri Lanka (Ceylon), with Burmese material generally recognized as the most valuable and superior spinel source. However, the supply for natural spinel is very limited in Burma; in fact, because there is not enough spinel available to be mined for sufficient commercial quantity, retail jewelry trade, including jewelers and jewelry stores, normally do not carry spinel in their stores and shelves. This is why most spinel gem seekers will have to look towards online gemstone dealers when shopping for spinel gemstones, and as a result of the lack of marketing and retail exposure, spinel remains mostly unheard of by the general public.

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