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Yellow Gemstones - A List of Natural Yellow Gems

Yellow Gemstones
Yellow Gemstones

Welcome to our guide to yellow gemstones. We have more than 20 different yellow gem types for sale on our product pages which can be used for jewelry, decoration, spiritual healing or for collections.

The colors of these gemstones cover the entire spectrum and they also vary in durability, transparency and value amongst other aspects. We have provided a brief description of each gemstone plus a guide to their main attributes.

Please click on the pictures to see the gemstones for sale or the link at the bottom of each summary to read further gemstone information.

The prestigious Pantone design company announced Yellow as one of the colors for 2021.

Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra which influences self-confidence and vitality and encourages you to take personal responsibility and follow your own life-path. Physically, this Chakra's central location means it has an important part to play in daily well-being.

Let's get to the gemstones - They are in no particular order, just the best looking ones on top.

Yellow Citrine

Yellow Citrine Gemstones
Shop Yellow Citrine Gemstones

Citrine is one of the most popular gemstones in the world right now and when you see one of these brightly colored beauties you can understand why.

Citrine can be found in just about any shape and any cut that is available and can be found in very large carat sizes at much better prices than you might imagine.

If you are looking for jewelry sets, you will find Citrine ideal, gemstones are at hand in matching colors and shapes to create rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and much, much more.

Hardness 7
Birthstone November
Meaning Chases away the negativity from our lives
Best Use Spirituality, all jewelry items
See our detailed Citrine gemstone information page here

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire Gemstones
Shop Yellow Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphires are usually thought of as blue but in fact come in just about every color of the rainbow - except red, then they are rubies! The yellow version is amongst the most attractive of these 'fancy sapphires' and make exceptional jewelry items.

The yellow sapphires share the prestige, spiritual power, durability and versatility of its famous blue brothers but can be bought for considerably less. There are also some extraordinary star sapphire examples found in yellow which not only look spectacular but are very spiritually powerful.

Hardness 9
Birthstone September
Meaning Yellow sapphire brings focus and determination
Best Use All jewelry items, spiritual power
See our detailed Sapphire gemstone information page here

Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl Gemstones
Shop Golden Beryl Gemstones

The beryl family contains such prestigious members as emerald and aquamarine but the lesser known golden beryl is a gorgeous and more affordable cousin. Great clarity, a real sparkle and a tough durability make this yellow stunner excellent for all types of jewelry.

Hardness 7.5 - 8
Birthstone Traditional Historic November
Meaning The stone of the sun that will boost drive and determination
Best Use All jewelry items
See our detailed Beryl gemstone information page here

Yellow Apatite

Yellow Apatite Gemstones
Shop Yellow Apatite Gemstones

Yellow apatite is a very striking gemstone with the yellow color ranging from vibrant to delicate yellow and often coming in impressive sized stones.

Apatite is a bit too soft to be used as jewelry unless in well protected settings or as earrings or pendants which will not be exposed to many knocks and bumps but its bright color is perhaps the most attractive in all yellow gemstones.

Hardness 5
Meaning A motivational gemstone which will get you up and going every day full of optimism and positivity
Best Use Protected jewelry items
See our detailed Apatite gemstone information page here

Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz Gemstones
Shop Yellow Quartz Gemstones

If any gemstone can encapsulate the rays of the sun, it is Yellow Quartz. Bright, bold colors and available in impressive sizes, this crystal will really catch the eye.

Its durability and availability in all sorts of cuts and shapes makes it ideal for any sort of jewelry and its relative low price means those who enjoy making their own jewelry can use yellow quartz to create individual and unique pieces without breaking the bank.

Hardness 7
Meaning The color yellow symbolizes wisdom, warmth, creativity and happiness
Best Use All jewelry items, jewelry hobbyists, spirituality
See our detailed Quartz gemstone information page here

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond Gemstones
Shop Yellow Diamond Gemstones

Diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones. Yellow diamonds are usually completely natural unlike the blue or pink diamonds that can be found at extraordinary prices across the world. This makes the sparkly yellow diamond possibly the best value diamond around.

Hardness 10
Birthstone April
Meaning Stone of Invincibility was known as the master healer and was worn by kings into battle
Best Use All jewelry items
See our detailed Diamond gemstone information page here

Yellow Agate

Yellow Agate Gemstones
Shop Yellow Agate Gemstones

Agate provides us with an attractive cabochon cut yellow gemstone that is fun and inexpensive. Ideal for use in a variety of ways including classic bezel rings, interesting pendants and eye-catching earrings or any number of experimental jewelry items.

Being readily available at such great prices, yellow agate make excellent gemstones for those interested in creating their own jewelry pieces - especially beginners.

Hardness 6.5 - 7
Birthstone Traditional Secondary May Birthstone
Meaning Increases willpower, concentration, memory and logic
Best Use All jewelry items, jewelry hobbyists
See our detailed Agate gemstone information page here

Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow Tourmaline Gemstones
Shop Yellow Tourmaline Gemstones

Tourmalines are possibly the most colorful gemstone variety on earth and that includes a delightful yellow version. They are a durable gemstone that can be cut and polished into almost any shape and are very suitable for all types of jewelry although they are often just around a carat or so in size.

Tourmalines can be found in prices that range from astronomical to very affordable and luckily in the case of the yellow gemstone these are reasonably priced for what is a very beautiful gemstone.

Hardness 7 - 7.5
Birthstone October
Meaning Encourages inventiveness and creativity
Best Use All jewelry items
See our detailed Tourmaline gemstone information page here

Yellow Sphene

Yellow Sphene Gemstones
Shop Yellow Sphene Gemstones

Sphene gemstones can be identified by their intense fire and high luster, both of which are greater than that of a diamond. The deep yellow or green colors can appear to have orange or red flashes as they turn from one angle to another.

They are a quite soft gemstone so are not often seen in jewelry but with imaginative and protective settings would look quite wonderful and very unique.

Some cabochon sphene gemstones are available in impressive sizes with interesting inclusions that would make fascinating and unique jewelry or decorations.

Hardness 5 - 5.5
Meaning A calming and soothing stone that protects its wearer from negative energy
Best Use Pendants and brooches, rings may need protective settings
See our detailed Sphene gemstone information page here

Yellow Grossularite Garnet

Yellow Grossularite Garnet Gemstones
Shop Yellow Grossularite Garnet Gemstones

Grossular is a member of the versatile garnet family. Yellow grossular garnet shares the same chemical make-up as the the bright green Tsavorite.

Like most garnets, grossular has an excellent brilliance and great fire - which shows up even better with the lighter colored yellow version.

Yellow grossular garnets can be created in almost any shape and cut and are almost always untreated. Examples over a carat in size are particularly hard to find with this gemstone.

Hardness 6.5 - 7.5
Birthstone January
Meaning It is believed to boost positive energy, self-confidence, and bring business success
Best Use All jewelry items
See our detailed Grossularite Garnet gemstone information page here

Star Lemon Quartz

Star Lemon Quartz Gemstones
Shop Star Lemon Quartz Gemstones

Lemon quartz is a transparent yellow quartz that has usually been treated with a special process to create the unique lemony color. On very rare occasions this gemstone will then display a star affect that can have 4 or 6 rays on the surface of the stone.

This quartz can be found in large carat sizes.

Hardness 7
Meaning Yellow gemstones bring energy, enthusiasm and excitement to life
Best Use All jewelry items, spiritual power
See our detailed Star Lemon Quartz gemstone information page here

Yellow Mali Garnet

Yellow Mali Garnet Gemstones
Shop Yellow Mali Garnet Gemstones

This gemstone is a mix of grossular and andradite garnet which can produce some exquisite orange and yellow examples. They can only be found in the West African country of Mali (hence the name)and they are famous for their fire and brilliance.

Hardness 6.5 - 7.5
Birthstone January
Meaning Garnets encourages romance, love and passion
Best Use All jewelry items
See our detailed Mali Garnet gemstone information page here

Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite Gemstones
Shop Yellow Calcite Gemstones

Calcite is a very attractive stone when found in translucent or transparent examples with popular colors including yellow and orange. It polishes up well but its relative softness means it is not often used in jewelry except perhaps for pendants or earrings.

Hardness 3
Meaning Grounding and protective
Best Use Collection, spirituality, limited use for pendant jewelry
See our detailed Calcite gemstone information page here

Yellow Cat's Eye Opal

Yellow Cat's Eye Opal Gemstones
Shop Yellow Cat's Eye Opal Gemstones

A very unusual form of opal which does not display the play-of-color of most opals but instead, with the correct cabochon cut, exhibits a chatoyance or cat's eye effect where a bright line of light floats across the surface of the gemstone.

Hardness 5.5 - 6.5
Birthstone October
Meaning Cat's eye gemstones are believed to ward off evil
Best Use Spirituality, collection, jewelry items (protected settings)
See our detailed Cat's Eye Opal article here

Yellow Cat's Eye Apatite

Yellow Cat's Eye Apatite Gemstones
Shop Yellow Cat's Eye Apatite Gemstones

A gemstone that displays a cat's eye that seems to glide across the surface of the stone. The strong yellow color gives the stone an exotic look which seems to perfectly capture the feline's eye.

This gemstone is one of the few cat's eyes that are available in dramatic and eye-catching large carat sizes for a reasonable price. A little bit too soft to use in rings, cat's eye apatite can make attractive brooches or pendants.

Hardness 5
Meaning A stone of learning and inspiration.
Best Use Spirituality, collection, limited use for pendant jewelry
See our detailed Cat's Eye Apatite gemstone information page here

Yellow Moss Opal

Yellow Moss Opal Gemstones
Shop Yellow Moss Opal Gemstones

Like common opal and cat's eye opal, Moss Opal does not display the dazzling play-of-color on its surface like many other types of opal. Instead the milky opaque gemstone has inclusions that resemble moss or leaves.

Hardness 5.5 - 6.5
Birthstone October
Meaning Opal can help relieve depression and to aid its wearer find true love
Best Use Protected jewelry items, spiritual power, decoration
See our detailed Moss Opal gemstone information page here

Yellow Chrysoberyl

Yellow Chrysoberyl Gemstones
Shop Yellow Chrysoberyl Gemstones

Chrysoberyl is a gorgeous durable gemstone which can be cut into every shape imaginable although brilliant or step cuts really show off its sparkle and polish.

Chrysoberyl is a completely natural stone that is not often treated in any way to enhance its appearance. Considering its strength, versatility and bright luster it is a very modestly priced gemstone available is all sorts of shapes and is ideal for any jewelry items.

Hardness 8.5
Meaning Increases self-confidence and brings peace of mind
Best Use All jewelry items
See our detailed Chrysoberyl gemstone information page here

Yellow Color-Change Diaspore

Yellow Color Change Diaspore Gemstones
Shop Yellow Diaspore Gemstones

Diaspore is a lovely yellow gemstone in the daylight but deepens to a peachy orange when under incandescent light. This dramatic phenomenon only occurs in a small number of gemstone types - most famously and expensively in Alexandrite.

Color change Diaspore is a high quality gemstone with excellent clarity and is usually untreated yet it is not out of the reach of most bank balances even with some of the large carat sizes that can be obtained.

Hardness 6.5 - 7
Meaning Diaspore is known to help with age related memory problems
Best Use All jewelry items, collector gemstone
See our detailed Color Change Diaspore information page here

Yellow Pearl

Yellow Pearl Gemstones
Shop Yellow Pearl Gemstones

Pearls have been used as adornment and jewelry since at least 5000BC and are what we call an organic gemstone like ammonite, coral and amber as they have biological origins. Pearls are formed by the nacre secreted by various shelled mollusks to cover an irritant (like a grain of sand) that has entered the shell.

Natural pearls are incredibly rare (and hard to collect) so people around the world have developed a number of methods to culture them in more economic and organized ways. Pearl necklaces and drop earrings are an iconic type of jewelry that has never gone out of style.

Hardness 2.5 - 4.5
Birthstone June
Meaning Pearls represent purity, integrity and loyalty
Best Use Necklaces, brooches and earrings
See our detailed Pearl gemstone information page here

Yellow Rutile Quartz

Yellow Rutile Quartz Gemstones
Shop Yellow Rutile Quartz Gemstones

Rutile Quartz is a transparent quartz with fibrous or hair-like inclusions of titanium dioxide (that's the 'Rutile' bit) in colors such as yellow, red or brown. These inclusions can be thin, thick, criss-crossed or parallel, wispy or fat and add a great deal of character and charm to the clear quartz.

When the hair-like inclusions are a yellow or fair color they are often referred to as Angel Hair or Venus Hair as they resemble the bright golden hair of the goddesses.

Rutile quartz gemstones can be found in very large sizes and, as the cutter will try to capture the best of the rutile inclusions, they can often be found in odd shapes - ideal for interesting one off jewelry items.

Hardness 7
Meaning Rutile Quartz is an energizing gemstone, giving you strength to tackle new projects
Best Use Pendants, brooches and spirituality
See our detailed Rutile Quartz gemstone information page here

Yellow Sillimanite

Yellow Sillimanite Gemstones
Shop Yellow Sillimanite Gemstones

Sillimanite may have a strange name but it is a beautiful gemstone which really should be more well-known. It shares the same chemical composition as kyanite and andalusite but is found in much lighter yellow and golden tones.

With its hardness similar to that of quartz and possessing a nice brightness and polish it is quite surprising that it is almost never found in jewelry stores.

There are also a few yellow cat's eye sillimanite gemstones to be found although the yellow is very subtle.

Hardness 6.5 - 7.5
Meaning Influences the solar plexus chakra which deals with personal power, self-esteem, and confidence
Best Use Most jewelry items though rings may need protective settings
See our detailed Sillimanite gemstone information page here

So there is our selection of the best yellow gemstones on the market today - I hope you enjoyed discovering them as much as I did writing about them.

Quick Guide to Yellow Gemstones

Gemstone Color Rating Hardness




Yellow Sapphire



Golden Beryl


7.5 - 8

Yellow Apatite



Yellow Quartz






Yellow Agate


6.5 - 7



7 - 7.5



5 - 5.5

Grossularite Garnet


6.5 - 7.5

Star Lemon Quartz



Mali Garnet


6.5 - 7.5




Cat's Eye Opal


5.5 - 6.5

Cat's Eye Apatite



Moss Opal


5.5 - 6.5




Color Change Diaspore


6.5 - 7



2.5 - 4.5

Rutile Quartz





6.5 - 7.5

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